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How to Set up an Online Shop the Easy Way

How to Set up an Online Shop the Easy Way

Building an eCommerce website may sound like a difficult task, but it can actually be quite simple and intuitive. If you have the right tools, you can have your online shop up and running in no time! And Wix has all the tools you need for the job.

Here’s a simple guide on how to create an eCommerce website, the easy way.

Step #1: Research

Before you launch your online shop, make sure you look around on the net and see what kind of competition you’re dealing with. What are similar stores doing right and what are they doing wrong? It will help you understand how your business can stand out, what are your competitors’ weak spots and what are their advantages.

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Step #2: Choosing a Template

Wix has many eCommerce templates for you to choose from – both in HTML5 or Flash. When you look for the perfect template for your website, consider these points:

  • Style: Are you looking for a vintage look? A minimalist design to match your products? A professional cut maybe? Choose the template that has the closest style to what you have in mind.

  • Colors: If your brand already has distinct colors, go with a template that matches or compliments these colors.

  • Layout: Which template can display your products in the most appealing way? Would you like the homepage to be the store itself? Do you need a layout that has space for deals and discounts? How do you want the navigation menu to look like? Different templates have different layouts and you can choose the best one for you!

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Step #3: Editing & Customizing

The best part about working with a Wix eCommerce template is that it is so easy to customize. Simply click on all elements in the Wix editor to edit them. You can change the texts, background image, fonts, contact information and more.

Of course, the most important part is customizing the store itself. As store manager you can:

  • Add several images for each product

  • Set displayed currency and weight units

  • Add a choice of colors and sizes

  • Write a full product description (overview and details)

  • Manage inventory and available stock

  • Add ribbons and badges for special announcements (sale, new, out of stock)

  • Split your products into different categories

  • And plenty more!

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Step #4: Using the Right Images

One of the most important elements of building a great online shop is choosing the right photos. Clients buy first and foremost with their eyes, and if you don’t have appropriate images to do the job, your sales rate just won’t reach full potential.

Here are some valuable guidelines for choosing the right images:

  • Use only high-quality images. No pixelated or blurry ones

  • At least medium-sized if not larger

  • Wix lets you upload multiple images for each product – do it.

  • For static images of your products, a simple white background is best

  • If possible, use also photos that show your product “in use”

  • Don’t hesitate to get a professional for a shooting session—it will pay off.

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Step #5: SEO

Your eCommerce website is competing with other sites for precious positions on Google. If you want to stay in the game, you need to work on your website’s SEO. Online shops are great for SEO because you have a lot of space to use keywords (product description, customer reviews, FAQ, etc.).

Make sure you take the time and effort to tweak your site’s SEO on a regular basis. If you need any tips, there are plenty of helpful articles about SEO on the Wix Blog. You can monitor improvement with Wix SEO Wiz.

Step #6: Promote

Your online shop is live and working just right? Great, now’s the time to start using social media to promote it across the web. Use your business Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account (or any other social network that works for your target market!) to share updates about sales, new products, new features and more. Don’t forget to connect your eCommerce site to your social channels, and find out more about using  Twitter for your business as well as Facebook marketing tools.

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Ready to start selling online? Create your online store today.

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