The 30 Best Websites of 2022

This post was last updated on January 6, 2022.

Website design has come a long way since the dawn of the internet. With the development of technology, and the online opportunities that follow, there comes a wave of innovative websites that give us a whole new standard for what web design means.

We’re always on the lookout for great examples, and to celebrate the spirit of this burgeoning creativity, we’ve compiled a list of the 30 best websites of 2022.

30 best websites

From small business and portfolio websites, to personal blogs, these sites stand out for their creativity, masterful use of web design features, and effective user experience.

Going through our curated list, we’ll point out one winning feature for each website—this way, you can accumulate inspiration and learn how to design a website of your own.

01. Dopple Press: Best User Experience

While all of the Wix websites we show you today provide an A+ user experience, Liv White’s design is the leading contender in this category. The website for her risograph printing studio Dopple Press has earned her the winning spot for The Wix Awards 2021, on top of building a strong online presence for the small business.

The site’s clean and spacious layout, paired with a bright color scheme, makes it visually attractive and easy to read. White also worked with Velo to implement creative animations on each page, encouraging visitors to interact with her content.

best website with user experience by dopple press screenshot of homepage

02. Sharon Radisch: Best use of asymmetry

One the principles of design is to create balance within a composition. While many of the best websites tend to achieve this using symmetrical layouts, Sharon Radisch approaches balance in an asymmetrical fashion.

Utilizing her homepage’s white space to balance the irregular grid of featured images, Sharon’s intriguing web design offers a winning experience of harmony and movement.

best website example by Sharon radisch

03. In Gold We Trust: Best online store

We chose In Gold We Trust for our best online store because they prove how a beautiful website design can facilitate an ideal shopping experience for users.

Together, the cohesive vintage design, extensive image galleries, and distinct navigation menu, provide an aesthetic experience that drives visitors to In Gold We Trust’s shop. Using a lightbox, the website encourages sign-ups and is able to build its email list by offering a 10% coupon.

best websites example by in gold we trust

04. OK Drugs: Best homepage design

Exciting visuals, check. Diverse typography, check. Unique color scheme, check. OK Drugs has our vote for one of the best websites thanks to its special home page design.

The CBD edibles shop offers visitors a plethora of information in a digestible way (pun intended), incorporating infographics, using concise text and adding strong CTAs to guide users.

best websites example by ok drugs

05. Yantra: Best restaurant website

Visitors to Yantra’s restaurant website can make reservations and order delivery in no-time. But that’s not the only reason why we consider it one of the best website designs.

Yantra’s site is elegant and minimal, allowing us to hone in on high quality photographs of their dishes and the restaurant’s interior. After browsing through the site, visitors will know exactly what to expect in terms of food, atmosphere, and quality.

best websites example by yantra restaurant

06. Bhroovi: Best About Us page

When looking out for the best About Us page on our list, we wanted to find one with personality. Enter Bhroovi, a young graphic designer with a passion for technology and motion design.

On top of the stellar and consistent aesthetic, Bhroovi’s About page presents a friendly headshot, familiar welcome note, and a succinct text describing her professional background and interests.

best websites example by bhroovi

07. Pei Jung: Best Website Menu

Many of the best websites rely on a standard navigation menu to help users get from point A to point Z.

In the case of Pei Jung, she opts for a different type of navigation: a hamburger menu. The designer’s tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the hamburger icon highlights her creative genius, amplifying the message of her clever professional slogan: “An Appetite For Design.”

best websites example by Pei Jung

08. HERoines: Best nonprofit website

We chose HERoines as our best website in the nonprofit category, not only because we’re inspired by their programs for women, but also by the informative and encouraging character accomplished with their site’s design.

The feminine color scheme and empowering imagery seen throughout Heroine’s site creates a cohesive brand image for the organization. Heroines draws in support using their story and mission, as well asclear CTAs that encourage visitors to join, donate. and support their cause.

best websites example by HERoines Inc.

09. Ducknology: Best Favicon

Charming visitors and sealing its brand identity online, Ducknology’s favicon is a prominent detail that qualifies it for our best websites list.

A favicon, short for “favorite icon” is a small, (16x16 pixel) image used on a browsers’ tab to represent a website or a web page. With that small, yet mighty, duck favicon representing the online jewelry store, there’s no way visitors will lose Ducknology’s site among a sea of open tabs.

best websites example by ducknology

10. Roshini Kumar: Best website color scheme

Web design trends come and go, and this year we’re seeing extremes in both minimalist and maximalist directions. Roshini Kumar perfects the latter, earning her place among the best websites with this retro color scheme.

Not everyone can pull off such a daring design, but Kumar’s use of color proves her status as an out-of-the-box creative. Capturing the attention of visitors with a hot pink, yellow and blue website color scheme, the designer expertly balances this bright palette with dark areas of black.

best websites example by Roshini Kumar

11. Daniel Aristizabal: Best graphic design website

The second you arrive at this attractive graphic design website, you’ve got to admit: this guy’s got skill. Using animated features such as parallax scrolling, video box, and in-and-out zooming, Aristizable creates a highly interactive experience for visitors.

Most importantly, Aristizable uses his online portfolio to showcase his latest projects and capture leads. An organized full-page layout gives us an overview of his work, and buttons placed at each of the four corners invite visitors to connect by providing a contact page, and links to his Instagram and Behance profiles.

best websites example graphic design website

12. Noni Ceramica: Best mobile website

With mobile devices accounting for 52% of global internet traffic, we’ve got to include a site that provides a great experience for smartphone users on our best websites list.

Noni Cermica’s mobile website stands out because it fits everything a user needs into the palm of their hand: a condensed menu for easy browsing, a prominent shop button for access to their cart, and a chat feature for on-the-go customer service.

best websites example by noni ceramica

13. Dennis Krawec: Best use of imagery

From video boxes to vector illustrations - and every bit of imagery in between - Dennis Krawec has a unique visual language that completely enhances his artist website.

Krawec’s use of imagery strengthens his message as a professional designer, demonstrating his artistic talent and defining his bold approach to art and design. The playful visuals grab the attention of visitors, engaging them as they continue to browse.

best websites example by Dennis Krawec

14. Donnas Running Club: Best fitness website

Donna Gavriel’s fitness website not only motivates visitors to exercise, it makes it easy for them to start.

The personal trainer shapes a positive mood on her website design, using a bright color scheme and athletic images to inspire visitors. Most importantly, clear calls-to-action and informative booking pages make it possible to schedule their first fitness session online.

best websites example by donnas running club

15. Tiffany Cruz: Best use of typography

A model design on our best websites list, Tiffany Cruz’s use of typography enhances what we already consider to be an outstanding site.

The unique serif font consistently used throughout Tiffany’s homepage creates an exciting juxtaposition to the otherwise modern website design. This is paired with a clean, sans serif font wherever we see larger areas of text - providing a satisfying visual balance, and making her content arguably easier to read.

best websites example by tiffany cruz

16. Bod Drinks: Best product photography

When it comes to the best eCommerce websites, good product photography is essential.

The folks behind Bod Drinks win this round, using high-quality imagery to represent their Kombucha beverages - and not to mention, show off an attractive packaging. Photos of their products are accompanied by images of natural ingredients, an aesthetic decision that elevates Bod Drinks’ healthy brand image.

best websites example by bod drinks

17. The Tea Story: Best testimonials page

Based in Singapore, this tea shop has one of the most delightful websites around.

Tea Story incorporates testimonials into a slider on its homepage. The decorative floral design makes us want to hang around for tea time, and with each positive review, visitors will become more intrigued by the vibrant experience Tea Story’s artisanal flavors have to offer.

best websites example by the tea story

18. Mikaela Reuben: Best website header

Mikaela Rueben’s subtle website header reflects her approach to a holistic lifestyle.

With a touch of parallax scrolling, the no-frills header design puts the site’s visual content in the limelight, while providing a clear and concise navigation menu for visitors. A search bar further enhances the user experience, providing easy access to the wealth of information contained in Mikaela’s blog, recipes and video content.

best websites example

19. Ivy Chen: Best parallax scrolling

It is Ivy Chen’s original use of parallax scrolling that gets her design on our best websites list.

Creating a balance between simplicity and sophistication, this trendy scrolling feature allows the designer’s simple website layout to unravel continuous layers of content. The three dimensional qualities of parallax scrolling make visitors feel as if they are creating with Ivy as they scroll, providing an engaging experience from start to finish.

best websites example by ivy chen

20. Meria Ogawa: Best contact page

What better way to boost collaboration than with the slogan “Better Together?” Meria Ogawa’s inviting tone is part of what makes this the best website contact page on our list.

In addition to a message encouraging visitors to get in touch, Ogawa provides a well designed contact form directly on her site. Writing with a consistent colloquial cheekiness, she provides additional contact information, welcoming visitors to interact across her social channels - and even at her favorite ice cream shop.

best websites example contact page

21. Cami Ferreol: Best website footer

Just because a footer's the last thing people we see on the best websites, doesn’t mean it deserves the least amount of attention.

Cami Ferreol proves just how strong an impression a great website footer can make. Signing off with a postcard-like design, the creative strategist thanks website visitors, leaving her contact details and a recommended music playlist. Finally, Ferreol stamps the end of her site with a headshot and logo, earning her major points for personal branding.

best websites example of best footer

22. Ellen Von Wiegand: Best lightbox

Even the best websites need a well-designed lightbox, like the one seen in this example by artist Ellen Von Wiegand.

Her lightbox design does not distract or frustrate visitors when popping on screen. Consistent with the rest of her website’s design, the sign-up form’s background is an image of her artwork. Using friendly marketing language, Von Wiegand doesn’t just ask us to sign up for her email list, but invites us to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at her studio life.

best websites example

23. Nathalie Lete: Best splash page

Nathalie Lete’s splash page, also known as an introduction page, has won her a spot on our best websites list.

Using the extra website real estate to greet visitors and showcase her illustrations, Lete’s splash page provides an intriguing preview of her talents. As an artist, she’s nailed her site’s personal branding, incorporating a sketchbook page into the background to bolster her professional identity.

best websites exampel

24. Hillary K: Best website layout

Incorporating imagery, shapes, animation and design, Hillary K proves how each of these elements can work together to form one of the best website layouts.

Each page on the photographer’s site exhibits balance, with a careful attention to hierarchy when it comes to the arrangement of fonts and images. That’s not to say Hillary K. plays by the rules; the variety of styles incorporated harmoniously into her design make this one of the most exciting websites to browse through.

best websites example

25. Scarf Aid: Best blog design

This year, we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge Scarf Aid’s blog design among our best websites.

Providing creative relief from the stress of the coronavirus pandemic, “Busy Bee Blogger” features a new silk scarf with each post, providing a poetic context for her daily journal entries. The simple blog layout features the most recently published first, while providing links to each series in the navigation menu.

best websites example by scarf aid

26. Sketch Haven: Best use of animation

Using animation on a website is tricky territory - it can be applied in a variety of shapes and forms, and often makes or breaks the experience of users.

As we can see from designer and illustrator Tata Resko’s website, implementing animation in small doses can create a visual flow for visitors that’s anything from static and boring. Each moving element seems to have a purpose - from the scrolling banner messages to the rotating buttons - guiding users’ micro-interactions with Resko’s content.

best websites example by sketch haven

27. Defne Kaynak: Best website background

The best website backgrounds set the perfect tone for the rest of the site’s design.

In Defne Kaynak’s case, that tone is calm, tasteful and out of the ordinary, providing an ideal setting for her online portfolio’s creative design. The colorful nebulous in her website’s background compliments the large text, solid hues and sharp shapes that make up her homepage’s content.

best websites example

28. Fei Luo: Best photography website

When your photographs are this good, there’s no better way to show them off than with a fullscreen slideshow.

Shanghai-based photographer Fei Luo does just that, putting her best works front and center on the homepage of her photography website. This helps instantly draw the attention of potential clients or employers to her skills and areas of expertise.

best websites example

29. Best FAQ Page: In Print Art Book Fair

In Print Art Book Fair has one of the best websites on this list, with an exemplary FAQ page. Providing visitors with answers to common questions, their FAQ page reveals important details about applying and participating in their annual event.

The Jerusalem-based fair for artists, book publishers and printmakers also does a great job at localizing content, splitting the FAQ page between two languages. A spacious footer and prominent menu give visitors easy access to more information from In Print Art Book Fair, such as an open call application, social media profiles and archives from past events.

best website best faq page by in print art book fair

30. Best one page website: Frankie Ratford

Frankie Ratford’s design is on our list of the best websites because of the sheer amount of personality she manages to fit on just one page.

Using bright colors to divide the one page website layout, visitors only need to scroll down to view the multi-talented design advisor’s biography, resume and images. A gallery at the bottom of the site links to Frankie’s professional projects, showcasing a taste of her passion for quality work.

best website best on page website by frankie ratford with bright yellow background

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