• Make data-driven decisions and grow your music audience

    Find out which songs are played the most, what are your top selling tracks and most popular albums, and get valuable insights to make more informed decisions. Get started

  • Add Customizable COVID-19 Badges to Your Site

    Update visitors about your business with a COVID-19 badge. Add Site Badges and share that you’re open for business, available online, taking orders and more.
  • Wix Music: Additional Audio Files Now Supported

    You can now upload Mono and M4A files, and upload any sample rate you like to your site. Learn more
  • Wix Music: Wix Audio Player: New Features

    Customize your site’s audio player to suit your needs. Set your player to loop a track, edit the artist or track name and easily add your favorite tune by using an external link. Learn more
  • Wix Music: New Audio Player Design Customization

    You can now customize your audio player to suit your site’s look and feel.
    Here’s how: Go to Add > Audio Players > Add Music > Click on Design or Layout
  • Wix Music: Square Is Now Available

    You can now use Square to accept online payments. See how to set it up
  • Wix Music: Get Music Insights

    In the "Music Manager" under the "Insights" tab, you can view detailed statistics about how visitors respond to the music on your site. View your most popular songs & albums, track your earnings and more. Learn More
  • Wix Music: New SoundCloud App

    You can now add the SoundCloud App to share your favorite music on your site. This stunning player makes it easier than ever to add tracks or playlists to your website. Just paste a URL or embed a code from SoundCloud, and connect it in a click. Learn More
  • Wix Music: New List Layout

    The New List Layout from Wix Music is a great way to showcase a playlist. You can customize the layout to suit your needs - choose to display the player in full width; change the play button design; hide album info and more.
  • Wix Music: Create Your Own Playlist or Single

    Upload your own single or playlist with up to 500 tracks! Head over to the Wix Music dashboard to create yours today.