• Wix Mobile App: Manage Your Forum Categories

    Go to the Wix mobile app to manage your forum categories right from your phone. Find out more
  • Wix Forum: Sort Forum Posts

    Now you can sort your forum posts by:
    - Recent activity
    - Newest
    - Most comments
    - Most viewed
    - Most liked
  • Choose to Display All Your Forum's Posts or Categories

    Decide what to show in your forum: a list of all your posts or categories.

    Does your forum have a lot of different categories? Display them all so visitors can easily find the topic that's interesting to them.

    Here's how:
    1. Double click on your forum
    2. Go to Settings 
    3. Choose your forum structure
  • Wix Forum: Compact Layout Is Available for Your Posts' Page

    Choose the Compact layout to display more content with less scrolling.

    Here's how:
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Click Layout and Posts page
    3. Choose the compact layout
  • Wix Forum: Now Comes with One Default Category

    Now when you add Wix Forum, you'll automatically get only one default category. Feel free to add as many categories as you want to get the conversation started.
  • Wix Forum: Reply Directly to a Comment

    Now, with Wix Forum, you and your members can reply directly to a comment on a post.
  • Wix Forum: Member Cards Are Now Available

    Your forum members can now easily follow and find out more about other members. All they have to do is hover over a profile image in the forum. A card will pop up with more info about the member and a link to start following them.
  • Wix Forum: Members Now Have Stats in Their Profiles

    Have a Members area for your forum? Now all your members have stats for the number of Likes, Comments and Top Comments they've received.
  • Wix Forum: Mention Other Members in Your Posts

    Forum members can now mention other members in their posts. Simply use @username.
  • Wix Forum: Customize the Rich Content Editor

    As the forum admin, you can now give your members the option to create richer posts. Decide if you want them to be able to add images, galleries, videos, dividers, HTML and emojis.

    Here's how:
    1. Go to Wix Forum
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Customize Post Toolbar