• Wix ADI: Enhance Low-Resolution Images

    When creating your website with Wix ADI, you can now enhance any low-resolution images you use.   
  • Wix ADI Is Now Available in Russian

    Exciting news for all our Russian speakers! You can now use Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to create your website. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and you'll automatically get a website designed just for you in minutes.
  • Wix ADI: Image Opacity

    Creating your website with Wix ADI? Now you can control the opacity of your background, strip and column images.

    Here's how:
    Hover over the image and select Customize. Under Media Layout, you'll see the Image Opacity toggle.
  • Wix ADI: Change Your Business Name's Font Size

    Simply click on your business name to choose from 4 different font sizes. 
  • Add Your Instagram Feed to the Site You Created with Wix ADI

    Showcase all your Instagram photos & videos on your website. Find out how
  • The New Wix Blog Is Available for Wix ADI

    You can now add the new Wix Blog to the website you created with Wix ADI. Find out more
  • Choose from 3 Design Options When Creating Your Website with Wix ADI

    Now, when you go to create a website with Wix ADI, you'll get three layouts to choose from. Pick your favorite design and customize anything you want.
  • Wix ADI: More Layout Options Are Available

    When creating your website with Wix ADI, you now have more layout options to display a full-width image.

    Here's how:
    1. Go to your site
    2. Pick the section you want
    3. Click Design and select a layout
  • Add Google AdSense Ads to Your Blog Posts

    Monetize your blog by displaying ads on your blog posts. Find out how
  • Automatically Get Chat on New Websites Created with Wix ADI

    Wix Chat is now automatically added to every new website created with Wix ADI.

    Here's how to delete Wix Chat