Get Inspired: 30 Business Card Ideas (+ How to Create Your Own)

Get Inspired: 30 Business Card Ideas [+ How to Create Your Own]

Some may say that business cards are a thing of the past, but unlike phone books and fax machines they are here to stay. Not only are they still relevant, they’re an important part of your branding efforts. A business card is an opportunity—a tangible piece of paper that preserves all your essential information, while also highlighting what your business is all about.

This small memento that neatly organizes all your particulars (name, job title, website, social handles, brand logo etc.) in one place is a powerful networking tool, a great way to add an authentic personal touch and leave a lasting impression.

Looking for a little inspiration? Whether you plan to work with a designer, or create your own using a business card maker, we’ve compiled some business card ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Strikingly bold business cards

Medellin-based urban clothing brand TRUE is all about community, diversity and the impact that small actions can have on the world. Just like their brand identity, TRUE’s business card is powerful and perfectly captures their freedom of spirit. Using bright bold colors and graffiti-style typography on one side, juxtaposed with black on the other, this business card gets your attention, and piques your curiosity to know more.

Colorful and fun business cards

As the saying goes—” A picture is worth a thousand words”, and when it comes to business cards you’ve got a chance to tell a story from just one look. Bright, fun and living out loud, these video production agency business cards perfectly embody the movement and color of the industry. They are playful, engaging and look good enough to be put in a frame on your wall.

Sleek and black business cards

Minimalist yet powerful, the color black never goes out of style. These vertical black business cards for Fit Social are paired with a clean white logo and minimalist typography.

Using black card stock is a great business card idea, but you need to pay attention to the details in order for them to stand out. For example, if you want your business cards to look sophisticated, printing on a thicker card stock will really make the black background appear richer. Additionally, black card stock is also ideal for business cards that are embossed, foil stamped or use metallic ink.

Functional and fashionable (and French) business cards

These business cards designed for Parisian boulangerie and café French Bastards are not only charming and refined, they are practical. The bakery’s philosophy is based on handmade craftsmanship which is echoed in the look and feel of the business cards that incorporate the brand colors, using brightly colored edge finishes.

These stunning cards double as a customer loyalty card, where repeat customers receive a stamp for each visit. This is a great business card idea to build and maintain customer loyalty, build brand trust and keep them coming back for more (of course, having delicious chocolate éclairs and baguettes doesn't hurt either).

Lighthearted and playful business cards

Designed for Logical Toys and Gifts, an educational toy company in New Zealand, these business cards are playful and inviting, capturing the essence of childhood through color and typography. The thoughtful logo design uses lettering that emulates the soft glow and reflecting colors of a light table, a common staple in preschool classrooms around the world. The card’s lettering is also slightly imperfect and whimsical, wonderfully on-brand for the child-centric company.

Photographed in black and white business cards

Captivating and classic, these business cards were created with the concept of “back to basic” and a focus on natural elements. They simply let the photographs do all the talking, while giving all the necessary contact info.

Using photography is a creative business card idea that makes your cards more memorable and allows you to showcase your work. Additionally, sticking to a contrasting black and white color palette is timeless and professional. This design concept is simple, memorable and beautiful to look at, what more could you ask for in a business card?

Green and grassy business cards

Using a color palette that works synchronously with the company and their brand image, this business card example is uncomplicated and stylish. When it comes to branding it is always important to consider color psychology and the impact it can have. In this case, green which is associated with nature, harmony, freshness and growth also expertly conveys what the company is all about.

Created for a cannabis-friendly apartment rental service that pairs tenants with owners, the business card effectively communicates the brand in just one glance.

The power of white space in business cards

When looking for business card ideas, sometimes less is more. Be sure not to overcrowd or clutter your card with too many elements, or too much text. This ride-share business card tastefully uses the concept of white space on one side of the card, highlighting the brand logo and a catchy question (need a ride?) to get their reader’s attention and highlight just the essential details. However, the other side of the card is the opposite, using punchy color and cute icon-style imagery of different cars to tie the design together.

Round edges on business cards

Besides looking professional and sophisticated, round corners make business cards more durable since you don’t have to worry about the edges looking worn out after time. Beyond that, this subtle feature shows that you pay attention to detail, and can make your business card more memorable compared to others. The beauty in these business cards for Black Mari is in the stylish and minimalist details.

Luxurious and refined business cards

Branding is all about evoking emotion and when you give out your business card, there is no exception. You want the receiver to immediately make a connection to your product or service, and give them a sense or a feeling of your brand.

This sophisticated and elegantly designed business card for Art de Vivre Studio, an interior design boutique, mimics marble by combining exquisite silver foil with a natural liquid pattern. Pairing these two elements successfully highlights the unique region of the South of France where the business operates, as well as the aesthetic of their interior design style.

Humorous and fun business cards

Pet Plate, a pet food delivery system, is all about serving canine friends chef-crafted dog food that is good enough for their human owners to eat. Pet Plate’s entire brand voice is fresh, humorous and fun, so it is no wonder that their visual brand identity incorporates the same lightheartedness.

Creative agency &Walsh used bold and cheerful typefaces paired with a blue and white color palette (inspired by traditional style plates), and playful copywriting, to create a cohesive brand style guide which is easy to recognize.

It’s hip to be square

These gentle and muted business cards use a perfectly balanced shape (square vs standard size) along with a thoughtfully curated design which showcases a logo on the top right and a block of text on the bottom left to convey the identity of the business. Using a square business card instantly differentiates your card and still conveniently fits into wallets (or pockets) of prospective clients.

Designed for Ima Doula, a doula/massage therapist/yoga teacher, these business cards use a warm and neutral color palette which is immediately comforting and inviting - just like the business owner.

Engaging illustrations

Regardless of your industry, a business card is an extension of your brand, and besides sharing your contact info, you want it to highlight what you do in an intriguing way. Using illustrations can help to showcase what service you offer or what your business is, without needing any words.

This creatively designed business card for Power in your Curl uses a delicate and stunning visual drawing to highlight the services of Kenya, The Curl Coach™, an expert natural hair educator. Additionally, the card design makes perfect use of color, connecting the brand colors through the typography and the illustration on both sides of the card.

Soft-hued pastels

Whether you’re a consultant, a DJ, a lawyer or a makeup artist, it is important to use color effectively, in order to communicate right off the bat what you’re all about. This dreamy business card design for event planner BY.ELO uses a winning combination of soft pink and gold foil typography.

Since pastel colors are less saturated, they instantly feel soft, calm and light, which can be effective in evoking a certain mood in your prospective customers. Pairing a gold typeface with these gentle hues creates delicate sophistication which emulates the same vibe of the events put on by the company.

Creative and cool business cards

Letting your personality show through your business cards is one of the best ways to communicate to potential clients not only what you offer, but give them a taste of who you are. These fun business cards designed for musician Yael Feldginer are based on tarot cards, and were created in unison with her album covers to maintain a cohesive brand identity that genuinely represents her style.

Be a boss with your business card

Here’s a business card idea that instantly makes your cards pop: embossing. Also known as debossing, this technique creates a raised or recessed image directly onto the paper. These luxurious cards for Delicious Smoke use an embossed pattern of the brand logo on rich black card stock. In this case, the branding style of the logo and the embossed technique mimics a meat stamp, which cleverly ties the brand and business concept together.

Clean and simple business cards

Specific industries tend to stick to distinct color palettes, and for good reason. The Health Movement’s card is a great example of this, as part of the health and wellness industry, it evokes healing, tranquility and understanding. This business card design effectively uses a light blue color palette to convey trust. A no muss, no fuss layout that clearly represents the brand persona is always a great business card idea.

Artistic and authentic business cards

Besides being gorgeous, these business cards designed for SJLA jewelry perfectly embody the brand. A jewelry line created to tackle the issue of fast fashion, each piece is designed to empower and inspire whoever wears them, while bringing awareness to social and environmental issues surrounding conscious consumerism.

The captivating illustration on the business cards highlights the jewelry pieces while also communicating the brand’s persona which is used across their social media and branding assets.

Serene and elegant business cards

These tranquil business cards for Holism, a comprehensive wellness retreat, flawlessly create an instant feeling of relaxation. Their brand image is rooted in interconnectedness, which is echoed throughout the visual design of their branding assets. Using an earthy color scheme, rich texture and utter simplicity in the visual design, there is no mistaking the feeling of harmony of the wellness retreat.

Creative shapes

If you're looking for a business card idea that is a guaranteed showstopper, why not try using a creative shape? While most of us think of business cards as the quintessential wallet-size rectangle, there are no hard and fast rules that say you can’t think outside the box—literally.

These gorgeous business cards for Argentinian restaurant R40 play a part of the restaurant’s overall brand identity. Named for National Route 40 that stretches across Argentina, every detail of their branding from the menu to their coasters highlights a traditional Argentinian vibe with a contemporary style.

Cheerful and cheeky business cards

Another great example of a square business card, this paw-some card for A Bark Idea puts the logo front and center, instantly letting you know what the company is all about. Printed on thick card stock (slightly thicker than a credit card) with bright yellow painted edges, these cards are warm and welcoming, and perfect for the furry friends that the business works with.

QR codes

Since business cards are all about sharing your essential information efficiently, adding QR codes (quick response) make it even easier. These computer-generated barcodes make it possible to share information like phone numbers, emails or website URLs and seamlessly close the gap between digital and print. Prospective clients just need to open their phone camera’s to the QR code, scan it and instantly receive all the details.

See how these simple and elegant cards for NuFargo neatly integrate the QR code into their design without sacrificing style.

Artfully aesthetic business cards

A business card that speaks your personal brand is the key to making a strong first impression right from the start. UIUX designer and visual storyteller Wendy Ju is all about creating authentic and meaningful branding designs for her clients. These business cards express her own personal brand identity which showcases her ‘minimalist at heart’ design approach, while simultaneously highlighting her skills to potential clients.

Glittery and gold business cards

If you’re looking for a classic and sophisticated business card idea, here’s your golden opportunity—integrate metallic foil detail. These radiant business cards for Trish Johnston Interior Design draw your eyes in with a glimmering foil pressed logo that is boldly splashed across the soft-matte blush cards.

When using foil accents it is recommended to use large text and/or shapes and select high-contrast colors to really make the finish pop.

A bright delight

Using a variety of multi-colored amorphic shapes spread across one side of the card, this cheerful business card idea is both noticeable and fun. What makes this creative design so effective is the partnership between the bright pops of color on one side and the clean white layout on the other. The logo is also strategically integrated into both the front and back which makes it even more memorable and inviting.

These cards were specially crafted for a design studio that creates origami, paper cutting, stationary and decorations, so their business cards are perfectly in line with their products and services and help to create brand recognition.

Retro style business cards

Since branding is based on emotion, using nostalgic or vintage styles is a great way to trigger happy memories or conjure a feeling. By using rustic or retro color palettes together with old-school typography, you can create memorable business cards that are both eye-catching and heartwarming too. Just like the funky nail designs by Not Just Nails these groovy business cards are charming and fun.

It’s your turn to create your own business card

Now that you’ve seen some amazing business card ideas, it’s time to design your own. If you need a few more tips on how to design a business card you can read our ultimate guide, or jump right into our business card maker.

Below we’ll take a look at some of the best business card templates, all of which are totally customizable. You can create your own logo and use your brand colors to design a business card that is perfectly you.

create your own logo

Uncomplicated elegance

Keep it simple, elegant and to the point. These business cards focus on the most important information, more specifically their phone number. If you have a preferred method of communication or some information you’d like to highlight on your cards, play with the size and layout of your text, to draw attention to what you’d like to stand out. Get creative with this template to draw attention to your business.

Cleverly captivating

This business card example uses visual cues in a clever way by integrating a purposeful photograph on one side of the card. Using everyday images in a creative way can be a simple yet effective design choice for business cards. Simply use this template, click customize and add an image. You can play around with the composition, color and placement of the photo to really make an impact.

Eye-catching and abstract

Sometimes you don’t need a specific photo or image and just want to get people’s attention. Abstract art not only draws people in, it often makes them question the decisions or actions behind the visuals. If you are stuck for a business card idea, try using abstract design elements but make sure they are still in line with your brand identity. Check out this template and customize it however you’d like, playing with vector art and abstract elements.

Make a name for yourself with your business card

Let’s face it, remembering names can be hard but with the right business card, your name will be unforgettable. Using bold color and striking typography, this business card template puts your name front and center. This is a great business card idea for solopreneurs, independent contractors, consultants, and freelancers who may not have their own logo or branding, but use the power of their name to conduct business.

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