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Wowza! Gorgeous New Website Templates for All Types of Businesses

13 New Wix Templates

Web design is a very dynamic field. New trends are taking the lead, technological progress makes room for exciting developments, and creative minds introduce innovative styles. Wix is fortunate enough to have some of these genius minds working at our own design studio, where they create the most beautiful website templates in World Wide Web.

Just recently, the studio team launched a new set of gorgeous templates. Combined with Wix’s powerful website builder, these gems provide you with all you need in order to create an excellent website. They are versatile and 100% customizable, providing any type of business, organization or artist full control over the look and feel of their online presence.

Ready to get your socks knocked right off? Here are the newest Wix templates:

Kids Apparel

This lovely eCommerce template with its simple layout puts the online store at the center of attention. The overall design transmits fun vibes that say: we are 100% devoted to what we do and we are having tons of fun while doing it. The store page comes with a built-in filter collection checkbox menu that helps shoppers focus on what they need. Another great marketing feature on this template is the new strip on the very top of the page, which lets you promote sales, new products and other elements you’d like to highlight.

Happy Kids

Private Art Gallery

A visual template with a minimalist design that aims to let striking images light up the screen. The hamburger menu (you know, this kind of menu) on the top right opens up even more space for your images. The events calendar feature makes this an ideal template for venues like galleries, design schools or art conferences. Visual artists, architects, and photographers will find this template to be a wonderful resource for their online portfolios.

XIO Gallery

Kids Lifestyle Store

With the powerful slideshow as the first thing visitors see when entering the site, this template is guaranteed to bring in the sales. It’s like seeing a billboard and being able to immediately walk into the advertised store. Once clients get to the store page, they can narrow their search according to product type, price range and the latest additions. An FAQ page lets the store owner build a conversation with clients, as well as improve the site’s overall SEO with some clever keyword placement.

Kids lifestyle store

Homemade Cookies Store

Bright, friendly and wholesome – this template is channeling joy and creativity. The pastel color-palette invites visitors to explore the site’s different pages and sections. While the current theme of the design is focused on baking goods, it would work perfectly for many types of stores, in particular: DIY, crafts and handmade designs

homemade cookies

Lifestyle Mom Blog

A stunning blogging template that will satisfy not only blogger moms, but also dads, grandpas, nieces and anyone with a passion for writing, really. The defining feature of this template is the emphasis on images on the blog’s homepage. This makes it especially appealing for writers whose blogs have a strong visual component to them (think DIY, lifestyle, cooking, fashion, art, etc.)

Lifestyle Mom

Art Gallery

This all-encompassing template is equipped with striking image galleries, an event calendar, an online store and more. Artists and designers who sell prints will find this particularly useful, but the website can also be easily transformed into any online portfolio. Just give a click on the hamburger menu – yes, as you can see, it’s very trendy – to see the full extent of this online piece of art!

Remo Art Gallery

Theater Company

Dark shades and strong color contrasts characterize this template and create an enticing atmosphere of drama and action. Performing artists of all kinds can create a gorgeous site using this design as a foundation. It’s also great for teachers or schools who specialize in performance since it includes a class schedule for interested students – powered by Wix Events. On a more general level, this template can be a great choice for personal trainers and tutors as well. All you have to do is make this design yours and enjoy the spotlight.

Theater Company On The Stage

Environmental NGO

With vivid colors, beautiful video background and subtle animated text, this template is here to inspire. If you’re planning to create a website that promotes a social cause, a non-profit organization or a community-focused topic, this is a great place to start. Donation buttons spread throughout the website make it easy to raise funds online, while the News page – look at this chameleon! – helps keep followers up to date on the latest actions and achievements.

Environmetal NGO

Jazz Music Blog

Looking to share your passion with an online community? This is a perfect template for that purpose. With Wix Music, a blog feed, a Member/Contributor page and a forum section, this website provides a platform for sharing knowledge and starting conversations. While it’s current focus is music, you can easily transform the design to revolve around other topics of interest, like fashion, art, travel or writing.

Psychologist Website

An excellent template for any professional seeking to create a website and strengthen their online presence. Consultants, therapists, coaches, accountants, mediators and many others will benefit from the structure offered here. There is a designated space for sharing one’s training, experience and vision; a section to detail the available services and benefits; and an appointment scheduling tool (you already know Wix Bookings) that invites visitors to book right away. With its peaceful color scheme and its clean layout, you can be sure that your next clients will open their chakras – and, hopefully, their wallets.

Psychologist Website

Natural Beauty Store

With a splash of bold colors and a tropical theme, this could be one of the cutest templates to come out of the Wix studio. We love the animation at the bottom of the main homepage image, which highlights opportunities and encourages visitors to jump right into the online store. Oh, and the FAQ page will make sure none of their questions are unanswered. We’d recommend this template to any online business owner that is interested in fun and sophisticated branding.

Natural Beauty Store

Techno Music Blog

This impressive template is the online equivalent of an unforgettable party. The animated logo (isn’t that cool?!), the hover-over effects and the shining images lighting up the screen generate a sense of movement and thrill. Techno culture is currently the main theme, but this template can be useful to a huge variety of other topics – from video artists to mobile apps and gaming bloggers. All that’s left to do? Put your headphones on and start playing with it.

Techno Music Blog

Urban Bar

An ideal template for creating a website for any type of venue – bars, cafes, comedy clubs, music clubs, indie cinema spots and many more. The layout of this template is basic and straightforward, and that is one of its strengths. The long-scrolling homepage provides a glimpse of the venue’s highlights, inviting visitors to check out the site’s ‘Menu’ and ‘Live Shows’ pages for all the details. The design is inspired by urban chic, while the color palette and the use of stripes and shapes add a classy twist. Like it? Cheers, just make it yours!

Urban Bar 121

By The Wix Team

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