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Small Business Tips \ AUG 3rd 2016

How to Calculate and Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

The first success every website owner encounters is in the decision to create a website and in pursuing this plan. Once this initial step has been taken, there is more than one way to measure the performance and success of your online presence, including the number of site visits, the average length of each visit, the amount of social followers and others.

Perhaps the most potent metric for evaluating your site’s performance is the conversion rate. You may be asking yourself: How do I measure this rate? What exactly is being converted? How do I understand my own website’s conversion rate? And is it possible to increase the site’s conversion rate to see more growth? This is exactly what we are going to teach you today.

How to Calculate and Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

What Is Your Site’s Conversion Rate?

To calculate your website’s conversion rate, let’s start by defining what exactly you are hoping your site visitors will do while they are on your website. Is it purchasing something on your online store? Booking an appointment with your service? Downloading your music or eBooks? Registering to your email newsletter? Whichever it is, let’s call it the “primary action.”

The conversion rate is the number that you get when you take the number of primary actions performed in a specific timeframe and divide them by the number of total site visitors you had during that same timeframe.

Conversion Rate

For example: You’re a musician and you created a gorgeous website for yourself. It’s great that you get to expose your music to more and more people online but you also need to pay the rent, so you use the site to sell concert tickets. During the month of March, your site had 1,176 visitors and 156 of them purchased tickets to your shows. Divide 156 by 1,176, and you get a conversion rate of 0.132, or roughly 13%.

Figuring Out Your Website’s Stats

By now you’ve realized that calculating the conversion rate requires you to keep track of your site’s performance statistics on a regular basis. If you haven’t already been doing so, now is a great time to start. Wix offers you several great tools for that.

Google Analytics is probably the most widely-used stats tracking tool, and there’s a good reason for that. It provides site owners and online marketers with extensive data that is invaluable for their work. When it comes to the conversion rate, Google Analytics gives you real-time info on the number of visits, and it even allows you to enter your conversion rate goals to evaluate your performance more accurately. We also have a beginners’ guide to Google Analytics that will get you through the learning curve quickly.

Other recommended tools for measuring and analyzing stats are available to you on the Wix App Market. For example, Web-Stat is a powerful app that provides a comprehensive breakdown of your site stats. For online store owners, the StoreMetrics app is an amazing platform for tracking important data, including the visitor-to-customer conversion rate. Visitors Analytics is another professional tool you can use to track your site stats and it presents them to you in a simplified and straightforward manner.

Google Analytics

Should You Be Pleased with Your Site’s Conversion Rate?

Once the stats are all in place and you have the conversion rate of your site all figured out, what do you do with this knowledge? How can you tell whether your site’s conversion rate is satisfactory or whether your site is underperforming?

Some studies have explored conversion rates across various industries in order to answer that question, but the answer remains complicated. Conversion rate goals differ significantly based on so many factors – geographic location, target audience and their habits, the nature of the primary action and much more.

Ultimately, you set your own goals for your website’s conversion rates, relying on your broader business plan, your industry research and your experience in the field. You want to choose a goal that is not entirely beyond reason, but one that is ambitious and challenging. Think of it both as a metric to evaluate your website’s success, as well as a motivation to push harder.

How to Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate

After establishing what the conversion rate is and how you can track it, we can move to the most important part – what can you do to improve your website’s conversion rate? In other words, how do you make sure that more and more website visitors take the primary action that your website is promoting?  To get you going on the path of continued growth, we created the following list of action items:

Prioritize UX  

UX, short for “user experience,” is an umbrella term referring to the level of satisfaction and ease of use that visitors experience when interacting with your site.

Prioritizing UX means paying close attention to questions such as, are your site texts clearly readable? Can you reduce the number of clicks required to take certain actions? Can your visitors intuitively find the information that they seek on your site? Does the design help users accomplish everything they need, or is interfering with their browsing? By providing a smooth UX, you are actively strengthening your relationship with site visitors, guaranteeing a positive impression.

Make the Primary Action Easy to Complete  

Our goal in improving your site’s conversion rate is to increase the number of times visitors choose to perform the primary action, be it a sale, a download, a reservation, etc. To make that happen, it’s not enough to offer the option. You need to make sure that every step on the way to completing the primary action is clear, simple and problem-free. Here are some examples of things to look out for:

  • The links and buttons that are too vaguely phrased.
  • You are flooding your visitors with too much information.
  • There’s no direct access to the primary action. Your visitors should be able to reach their goal easily from every page on the site.
  • Your content is inconsistent, confusing the visitors instead of guiding them.

Tweak Your CTAs  

Call to Actions (CTAs) play an essential role in determining the conversion rate because they, well, call on your site visitors to take the primary action that your website is focused on. You encounter them mostly in the form of buttons or links, as they encourage visitors to “Read More” “Buy Now!”, “Get Your Copy”, “Join Us Live”, and so forth.

Powerful CTAs generate more actions, and that is why you should be giving your CTAs full consideration. Worry not, we created the ultimate guide that will help you through the process of creating the perfect CTAs.

Tweak Your CTAs

Create Enticing Newsletters  

A robust online presence takes place not just on your site. It utilizes all available avenues for engaging with site visitors that could increase the conversion rate. Newsletters and email marketing campaigns are amongst the most important channels for that type of activity.

Think of these emails as an extension of your website. Their goals are practically the same (increase clicks, expand reach, achieve growth), but they are different in style and in scope, which opens new opportunities for your content strategy. In case you’re wondering what that means, check out these awesome newsletter ideas for building customer relationships.

Your most reliable friend in creating gorgeous newsletters is Wix ShoutOut, our own email marketing platform. ShoutOut lets you design your own emails, customize mailing lists and even analyze your emails’ performance with data.

To maximize the full power of email communications with your audience, we recommend that you introduce Smart Actions into your site. This tool lets you set up a system of automated emails sent to your visitors once they complete a specific action on your site. With Smart Actions, you can thank your visitors, invite them to learn more about your brand, send them instructions and more.

Optimize Your Mobile Site  

All of the hard work that you’re putting into improving your conversion rate is not worth too much if you are only taking into account desktop or laptop visitors. Mobile web usage is now surpassing usage on larger devices. If you are not providing your audience with a great user experience on smartphones and tablets as well, you are missing out on a significant chunk of your target market.

Using Wix’s mobile editor, you can easily make sure that your website is optimized for viewing from mobile devices. You will be able to customize how your site looks on mobile screens so that you make the most of the smaller size. This way, you guarantee a smooth browsing experience to all visitors, generating more satisfied users and therefore higher conversion rates.

Optimize Your Mobile Site

Engage Your Visitors

Put yourself in your site visitors’ shoes. Are you giving them every reason to trust your site and your brand? Are you approachable to them if they have any question or concern? When you open the lines of communication, invite your audience to connect with you and actively engage with them, you are proving that your site has a human side.

Engaging with visitors and encouraging their engagement should become a primary task for any website owner. Engagement creates a closer link between you and your site visitors, which in turn increases the chances of them completing the primary action that defines your conversion rate. To get a better sense of how to start, we have this thorough guide on online engagement for you to read.

Turn Visitors into Endorsers  

A positive, friendly approach is great for karma as well as for business. If you do your best to ensure the satisfaction of current customers, subscribers or followers, even after they have already been converted, they are more likely to pass on the word and become ambassadors for you and your cause.

Honest recommendations from real people who have interacted with your site are immensely effective in marketing. In other words, investing in current customer relations is an investment in future conversions.

After you have done your best to turn visitors into endorsers, you can display their endorsements directly on your website. Use these testimonial apps to display user reviews that will testify to your strengths and advantages.


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