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Web Design \ MAR 30th 2016

From Ä to Z: How To Create a Multilingual Website Using Wix

Hola! Parlez-vous français? Oder Deutsch? Regardless which languages you speak, Wix can help you create a website that is truly cosmopolitan.

More and more website owners see the need to address global audiences in the native languages of their target markets. Depending on the content of your site and the countries that you want to be active in, you can’t always rely on English alone to communicate with your site visitors. But how do you set up the same site to show up in different languages? This is exactly what we’re about to show you.

Before we take you through the steps, we want to introduce a new app that makes multilingual sites much friendlier for your site visitors. The Language Menu App automatically sets your website to appear in the language that the visitor has defined for their browser. If your visitor browses the internet in Spanish, they will be automatically directed to your Spanish site. Sweet, right?

From Ä to Z: How To Create a Multilingual Website Using Wix

Now let’s go through the steps of creating a multilingual site:

1. The first thing you want to do is create the pages of the site in the main language.

2. When you have all the pages set up in the main language, duplicate the pages (here’s how) and save the new duplicates with the translated page names. For example, if your main language is English and you are adding French, then you will save the duplicate of “Home Page” under “Accueil.”

3. Duplicate all the pages that you need to appear in the second language. Now you have identical pages but with two sets of names – one in the main language and one in the second language.

4. One by one, translate the content of the duplicated pages from the main language to the second language. We suggest that you do the translation on a document on your computer or drive, and then add the translated texts to the editor itself.

Duplicate Page

5. If you currently have a menu on the site, delete it. Instead of the default menu that is displayed on all pages, we want to create a unique menu for each language. We will do this by manually designing a menu from separate buttons.

6. Start with one button: Click Add on the menu and choose Button. Pick the button style that you want, and customize it if you wish.

7. Once your button design is ready, copy and paste it to create the number of buttons required for your navigation menu. Add the relevant button text to each (Home Page, About, etc.).

8. One by one, drag your buttons to the header of the site and arrange them in the order you want for your menu. Make sure they are nicely aligned with each other (the Wix Editor’s automatic rulers will help you with that).

Add Buttons Manually

9. Now, for each button, right-click the button to get to the settings and disable the “Show on all pages” option. We’re doing this because we only want the main language buttons appearing on the main language pages, and the second language buttons appearing on the second language pages.

10. Again in each button’s settings, click on the Link icon and choose the Page/ Anchor option. Now you can choose which page to link to your buttons. When you are setting up the Home Page, choose Home, when you are setting up the Contact page, choose Contact, etc.

11. Now group the menu you created (here’s how), copy and paste it on all pages of the relevant language.

12. Repeat steps 6-11 with the second language menu. The result should be that you have Menu 1 displayed on all pages in the main language and Menu 2 displayed on all pages in the second language.

13. If you need more than two languages on the site, repeat the process as many times as needed.

TIP: Add flag icons to your site to signify which languages are available! From the Add option in the editor menu, choose Image> Free Wix Clip Art > Flags, and choose the ones that you need. You can then link each flag icon to the homepage in the relevant language.

Add Flag Icons

Ready to go? Êtes vous prêt? Alles klar? Create a website with Wix!

The Wix Team
By The Wix Team

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