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Wix Multilingual
By Wix
Free to install

Wix Multilingual

By Wix
Grow a global audience with Wix Multilingual
Free to install
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  • Wix Multilingual overview

        Translate your site into 180+ languages
        Auto-translate your site in a click
        Automatically show your site to visitors in their browser language
        Display your online store in multiple languages
    Go global With Wix Multilingual. Translate your site into multiple languages and expand your business worldwide. - Add and customize your site’s language menu - Translate your site in one click with Google Translate - Get local subdomains, e.g., french: www.fr.mysite.com - Optimize your SEO for each language - Hide languages from visitors until you’re ready to publish - Set the format of numbers, dates and currencies per country Use Wix Multilingual to boost your site’s traffic, reach international markets, sell more and increase your bottom line.
    Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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