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New Features \ JUN 10th 2010

Multilingual Sites & Duplicate Content

The World Wide Web

With so many Wix users around the world, we’ve received quite a few inquiries about multilingual content. Are pages that have the same content in different languages considered duplicate content by Google?

It’s a good question in today’s globalized market.

Worldly Wix Websites

Creating a website with multilingual content is a great way to appeal to foreign-language speaking visitors. Your site might be an international business, or you may just want to appeal to members of different communities who live within the same geographical area. It’s also a smart way to ensure your site will come up for users who perform searches in their native tongues.

You’ll be relieved to find out that the answer is definitely NO: The same content in different languages is NOT considered duplicate content by search engines. This actually holds true even if the content is under the same domain, and hosted by the same server. So, if your free website has multilingual content on it, you do not need to worry about Google translating it on its own and choosing only one page of your site to index.

Keeping Things Organized

Separate your site’s multilingual content onto different pages, to make things easy for both your users and Search Engines. Creating separate pages for your site’s different content will be appreciated by users and contributes to your site’s usability. And an organized site is a popular site!

Bonus Design Tip:

While we’re on the subject…it’s worth noting that Wix just added some flashy new animated flag icons to the website builder. Found inside the Clip Art section, these icons can easily be turned into linkable buttons that connect to your site’s various language pages, for a sleek and optimized look!

Designing Multilingual websites

Bonne chance!!

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