Wix SEO Success Stories

Discover the secrets behind these Wix users’ SEO success.


Wix SEO Battle

Lovers vs. Haters

For six months, the Wix SEO lovers and haters competed to put our tools to the test and outrank one another. The lovers won the battle, proving success can be achieved when combining Wix’s advanced SEO tools with a smart SEO strategy and quality content.

wix seo website of Jala Alsoufi ranking first on google

Jala Alsoufi 


Jala Alsoufi and her family run a Syrian restaurant and cafe in downtown Toronto. They keep their vibrant culture alive through authentic home-made meals and sweets. For the phrase “gluten-free catering”, the family business ranks on Google’s first page.

Geydi Moreno

Finer Studio

Geydi Moreno opened Finer Studio, a fitness gym in the Bronx in 2015. Most customers find her thanks to local SEO. For the phrase “yoga Bronx”, she ranks on Google’s first page.

wix seo website of Geydi Moreno finer studio ranks on google for "yoga bronx"
wix seo website of Michelle Hedlund Recycle Across America

Michelle Hedlund

Recycle Across America

Recycle Across America is on a mission. The goal: standardize recycling labels in America. But in order to do that, they needed SEO to help get their message out there. Currently, they rank in the first position of the SERP for over 10 of their non-branded keywords.

Sera Rogue is the owner of Red Fern Brooklyn, a garden and interior plant design business based in NYC. She used organic SEO to boost online traffic to her business. Using the highly competitive phrase “Brooklyn landscape design”, her business shows up on the first page of the SERP.

wix seo website of Sera Rogue Red Fem Brooklyn

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