How to Find the Right Domain Name for You

Grab your unique domain name while it’s available. Start your domain name search, check domain availability and register your domain with Wix.

Pick a domain name that’s unique so your clients remember you. Before you start your domain search, do a thorough domain check to see what’s already in use. This way you can claim your own uncharted part of the web and build a following that’s exclusively yours.

Stand out from the Crowd


When you’re deciding on a domain name and checking for domain availability, it’s a good idea to avoid symbols and capital letters. Keep things simple and easy to read so visitors can find your website.

Make It Simple


Search engines like Google use your domain name to figure out what your site’s about. This helps search engines list your site in relevant result pages. When checking domain name availability, use a good domain finder like Wix, and look for words that are relevant to your business. So if you’re a teacher, you might want a domain like

Get Love from Google


Your domain extension is the suffix at the end of your domain name, like .com, .org, or .net. Wix lets you choose from 45 top-level domain extensions, also known as TLDs. Keep an extension in mind when conducting your domain search so you create a complete URL that looks and sounds good.

Add the Finishing Touch


When doing your domain name search, it’s great if your exact business name is available—but if it’s not, don’t panic! Carry out a thorough domain name check and try different variations on the theme. For example, try adding “the” at the start, or changing the domain extension from .com to .net.

Have an Open Mind


5 Tips for Your Domain Name Search 

Pick the Best Domain Extension for Your Site 

Your domain extension can show the nature of your site or the location of your business. For example, .info is great for an informational site, and shows that a business is located in the United Kingdom. While doing your domain check, look for the following TLDs available with Wix:

The most common domain extension, typically associated with for-profit businesses.


An abbreviation for “business”, also associated with for-profit businesses and companies.


Great for personal brands, resumes, portfolios, blogs and generally showcasing who you are.


Ideal for businesses related to television and sites showcasing video and audio streams.


An abbreviation for “information”, generally used for sites that are informative or educational.


Often associated with online businesses, startups and the cutting edge world of high-tech.


A memorable domain extension that can help establish yourself as an expert in your field.


A Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD), specific to sites and businesses based in the UK.

Short for “organization”, commonly used for nonprofit and charitable organizations worldwide.


An abbreviation for “company”, serving as a great alternative to the popular .com extension.


A unique, fun extension that’s great for making your site stand out from the crowd.


Similar to, a ccTLD that’s designated especially for websites and businesses based in Brazil.

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finad out more nb.png

How to Check
for Domain Availability 

Here’s a step by step walkthrough for your domain name search:

  1.  Think of a few domain names you like

  2.  Choose a domain check service, like

  3.  Type your preferred domain names into the search box provided

  4.  Select your favorite from the available domains

  5.  Pick an extension like .com or .org

  6.  Buy your custom domain

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