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The .net domain extension, a top-level domain (TLD), is designed to serve a wide range of websites, particularly those associated with networking, technology and online activities. Introduced on January 1, 1985, .net has since become one of the internet's original and commonly used domain extensions.

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Why use a .net domain extension?

  • Network-oriented: .net is particularly suitable for websites related to networking, internet services and technology. It signals to users that the website is associated with network-related activities.

  • Versatility: .net is versatile and can be used for various purposes. It is not tied to a specific industry, making it a suitable choice for businesses, organizations and individuals with diverse online activities.

  • Established and trustworthy: As one of the earliest domain extensions, .net carries a sense of credibility and tradition. It has a well-established presence on the internet, contributing to the trustworthiness of websites using this domain. In 2021 there were estimated to be over 13 million .net websites. 

.net vs .com: which one to use

Use .net when:

  •  Your website is related to networking, technology, or online services.

  •   The .com extension for your desired domain name is already taken or if you want to differentiate from a .com counterpart.

Use .com when:

  • Your website has a broad scope and you want a widely recognized domain extension.

  • The branding of your website is not closely tied to a specific niche.


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How to register a .net domain 

Here are four straightforward steps to establish your online presence with a .net domain:

  1. Choose a reputable domain registrar: Opt for a registrar that facilitates the registration of .net domains, Wix domains are a popular choice.

  2. Use the registrar's domain search tool: Verify the availability of your desired .net domain. Consider variations or utilize a domain name generator if needed.

  3. After confirming availability, select your preferred .net domain and complete the registration process. Provide necessary contact details and make the required payment. Note that with Wix, domain registration is included in premium plans when building a website.

Be aware that .net domains typically incur annual renewal fees. Check with your registrar for specific pricing details and renewal procedures. Wix domains, for instance, are renewable on an annual basis.

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.net domain extension FAQ

Can I use .net for non-technology websites?

While possible, it's recommended for websites with a focus on networking, technology, or online services.

Are there any restrictions on .net domain registration?

Generally, there are no specific restrictions, but it's essential to review the registrar's policies for any updates.

Is .net suitable for personal portfolios?

Yes, .net can be a suitable choice for personal portfolios, especially if they involve technology, networking, or online-related content.

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