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.llc domain


The .llc domain extension is a top-level domain (TLD) that’s specifically designed for Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). It serves as a unique identifier for businesses structured as LLCs on the internet.

.llc is an important extension because it helps businesses establish a distinct web address for their website, signaling to users and search engines that the website belongs to a limited liability company. This can enhance credibility and trust, especially in the business and professional sectors.

The .llc domain extension was established in 2018, catering to the growing need for specialized TLDs that reflect the legal structure of businesses. Many unique top-level domains have been introduced in recent years, in response to the huge numbers of websites on the internet and growing demand for domain names. Website owners need more options beyond the very popular and competitive .com, .org and .net options, with .llc introduced to as an option to LLCs with a specific and relevant online identity.

The domain extension was initially managed by Afilias, which was merged into Identity Digital. 

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Why use .llc?

  • Credibility: .llc enhances the credibility of a website, as users immediately recognize it as the online presence of an LLC.

  • Relevance: Clearly communicates the legal structure of the business, helping brand positioning.

  • Availability: As a specialized domain extension, it may offer more availability of desired domain names compared to generic extensions.

What kind of websites could use .llc?

  • Law firms

  • Consulting companies

  • Professional service providers

  • Small and medium-sized businesses structured as LLCs

When to use .llc vs .com?

Use .llc

  • If you want to emphasize your LLC status.

  • To help you secure your desired domain names.

Use .com

  • For any type of business or organization.

  • Because it is widely recognized and accepted globally.


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How to register .llc?

1. Select a reputable domain name registrar that supports .llc registrations. Wix is one example. 

2. Use the registrar's domain name search tool to check if your desired .llc domain is available.

3. Fill out the necessary registration information, including details about your LLC.

4. Complete the payment process for the registration fee.

5. Verify your contact information as required by the registrar.

Making a website with Wix? Note that domain registration is often included with their premium plans. Check the details of the plan you choose to ensure domain registration is part of the package. 

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.llc domain FAQ

Can I use .llc for any type of business?

.llc is specifically designed for Limited Liability Companies, making it relevant for businesses structured as LLCs.

Are .llc domains more expensive than .com domains?

Prices can vary, but in general, specialized domains like .llc may have different pricing than more common extensions like .com.

Can I transfer my existing domain to .llc?

Yes, you can transfer an existing domain to .llc if it is available, but ensure you follow the transfer process with your domain registrar.

Is .llc recognized internationally?

While .llc is always recognized online, the international recognition of any domain depends on the global reach and acceptance of that specific extension.


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