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How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

.live domain


The .live domain extension is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) that conveys a sense of real-time activity and presence. It's often used by individuals and businesses for dynamic and engaging websites, emphasizing live events, streaming or interactive content.

The term .live is relevant for websites that focus on live broadcasts, events, performances and interactive content, making it an ideal choice for those who want to engage audiences in real-time.

The .live domain extension was introduced in 2015, reflecting the growing trend of live streaming and real-time interaction on the internet. It was created to provide a dedicated namespace for websites and businesses that prioritize live content. It was also introduced to ease pressure on demand for the most popular domain extensions - .com, .org and .net. 

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Why use .live as a domain extension?

  • .live domains are perfect for websites that aim to engage audiences in real-time, such as live streaming, webinars and event coverage.

  • The term is catchy and memorable, making it easier for visitors to remember and associate with dynamic and live content.

  • It sets your brand apart by emphasizing the immediacy and interactivity of your content.

  • It’s versatile and suitable for a variety of purposes, including entertainment, gaming, sports, news, and more.


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When to use .live vs .com?

Use .live for

  • Ideal for websites focused on live content, streaming, events, and real-time interactions.

  • Suited for brands looking to convey a sense of immediacy and vitality.

  • Perfect for dynamic and engaging online platforms.

Use .com for

  • Universal and versatile, suitable for a broad range of businesses and purposes.

  • Generally preferred for traditional or established businesses with a global presence.

How to register .live

01. Choose a domain name registrar

Select a domain registrar that supports .live extensions. Wix does. 

02. Check domain name availability

Use the registrar's domain name search function to check if your desired .live domain is available.

03. Decide on an available domain name

Choose an available domain that aligns with your brand or content. It should be unique and memorable too.

04. Provide information and pay

Complete the registration process by providing the necessary contact and payment information.

05. Confirm your registration

Double-check your information, review the terms and confirm the registration.

Making a website with Wix? Note that domain registration is often included with their premium plans. Check the details of the plan you choose to ensure domain registration is part of the package. 

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.live domain extension

Can I use a .live domain for non-live content?

Yes, you can. While .live is designed for live content, there are no restrictions on the type of content you can host.

Are .live domains more expensive than other domain extensions?

Pricing varies by registrar, but .live domains are generally competitively priced with other popular extensions.

Can I transfer my .live domain to another registrar?

Yes, domain transfers are possible. Check with your current registrar for specific transfer procedures.

Is .live suitable for businesses outside of the entertainment industry?

Absolutely. .live domains are versatile and can be used by a wide range of businesses, including tech, marketing and education.

Are there any renewal restrictions on .live domains?

Renewal restrictions are typically standard for most domains. Ensure to renew your .live domain before its expiration to avoid any disruptions and to protect your website security. 


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