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.at domain


The .at domain extension is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Austria. It’s crucial for websites targeting an Austrian audience or establishing a presence within the country. 

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The .at domain extension was introduced in 1988. It was initially managed by the University of Vienna but later control shifted to, a registry based in Austria.

Over the years, .at has evolved to become a widely recognized and trusted domain extension. It is a preferred choice for businesses, organizations and individuals looking to connect with the Austrian market.

There are also several popular second-level domain extensions usable with .at, these include:

  • (reserved for academic institutions, especially universities)

  • (reserved for the government as well as federal and state authorities)

  • (intended for commercially-oriented companies)

  • (intended for all kinds of organizations)

  • (intended for private Austrian individuals)

.at and domain hacks

Domain hacks involve creating a domain name by combining the second-level domain (SLD) and the top-level domain (TLD) to form a word, phrase, or clever combination. This is often done to create a memorable and unique web address. In the context of the .at domain extension for Austria, domain hacks can be creative and interesting due to the structure of the extension.

Here are some examples of .at domain hacks:

  • The ".at" extension allows for creative wordplay since it sounds like the English word "at." For example, a website for a local artist could use a domain like "" or a tech blog could use ""

  • If the word or phrase used in the domain hack aligns with the brand identity or purpose of the website, it can create a strong and memorable online presence.

  • Domain hacks often result in short and memorable URLs, making it easier for users to recall and share the website. Using a domain hack that includes an Austrian-related word or term can enhance the local relevance of the website, making it more appealing to an Austrian audience.

If a company named "Alpine Adventures" wanted a presence in Austria, they might use the domain "" for a catchy and brand-relevant web address.

However, it's essential to consider some caveats when using domain hacks:

  • Ensure that the domain hack remains clear and easy to understand. Avoid overly complex combinations that might confuse visitors.

  • Check the availability of your desired domain hack. Some popular or straightforward combinations may already be taken.

  • Ensure that the domain hack aligns with your brand and doesn't create confusion.


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Why choose .at domain extension

  • Localized presence: An .at domain signals a local presence in Austria, enhancing credibility and trust among Austrian users.

  • Brand recognition: Using .at helps in creating a strong brand identity associated with Austria.

When to use .at vs .com

Why use .at?

  1. Ideal for businesses targeting the Austrian market.

  2. Great for branding if you’re an Austrian brand or associated with the country.

  3. More available, as .at is less popular than .com as a domain extension. 

Why use .com?

  1. Suitable for international or global businesses.

  2. Widely recognized and accepted globally.

How to register an .at domain

  • Select a domain registrar that supports .at registrations.

  • Verify the availability of your desired .at domain. You can use a domain name search tool for this. 

  • Complete the registration form with accurate contact details.

  • Pay the registration fee through the chosen registrar. Tip: Make a website with a website builder like Wix and domain registration is included in your premium plan. 

  • Follow any additional steps for verification, if required.

.at domain extension FAQ

Can anyone register a .at domain?

Yes, .at domains are open for registration by individuals and entities worldwide.

Are there any restrictions on .at domain registrations?

There are generally no specific restrictions on .at domain registrations. However, it's advisable to check the latest regulations.

When should I choose .at over .com?

Choose .at when targeting the Austrian market specifically. Use .com for a global audience or when the desired .at domain is unavailable.


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