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The state of popular domain extensions in 2024 and beyond

popular domain extensions

Website trends may come and go, but a domain name is meant to last. It serves as more than just a web address—it's a pillar of brand identity and credibility. Popular domain names, renowned for their memorability and ease of recall, are powerful tools for building brand recognition and fostering customer trust. 

Since a strong and unforgettable domain name attracts users to your business, it also wields considerable power in search engine rankings, attracting organic traffic and positioning your brand as a leader in its industry. This article will explore popular domain names to consider as you start a business or consider how to create a website to support your brand. 

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What is a domain name?

In order to understand what is a domain, think of it as a digital address for your website, similar to how a physical address directs people to your store or office. 

It's the URL that customers enter into their browser to find you (e.g., “”). This name is unique to your website and acts as a memorable identifier in the vastness of the internet. By owning a domain name, you secure a professional presence online, helping customers find you easily. 

Tip: Be sure to use a trusted domain registrar to help you choose and purchase an available domain name.

What is a domain extension?

A domain name consists of two elements: the top-level domain and the second-level domain. The hierarchy of domains moves from right to left so the top-level domain (TLD) (a.k.a. domain extension), is the last piece of text in the domain name. It’s the part of a web address that comes after the final dot. In, for example, the top-level domain is “.com” and the second-level domain (SLD) is “Wix.” 

As more websites are created and competition for domain names grows, new domain extensions have been introduced to give businesses more choice. In addition to domain extensions like .com, .net and .org, you can now choose something more unique to your industry like .photos, .shop or .agency

As Cameron Walker, General Manager at shares,

"We're incredibly excited about the continued growth and future of domain extensions. At, we see these new options as a powerful tool for both individuals and businesses to express their unique identities and thrive."

Tip: Read more about .org vs .com and how to choose a domain name that suits your business.

most common domain extensions

Premium domains 

Premium domains are concise and memorable domains. They usually consist of only one or two short words so that they’re easy to remember and type into a browser. They are considered premium because they match exactly with business or brand names and are often rare, or already registered by another user. 

These domains also tend to be very expensive. For example, in 2016, Elon Musk paid $11 million to acquire the domain name to match his updated Tesla branding.

Expired domains 

When a user purchases a domain, they are not purchasing outright ownership of that domain name indefinitely. Instead, they are paying to register the use of that domain for a specific period. 

Upon expiration of this term, the domain must be renewed to maintain ownership by the same individual or entity. If a domain name is not renewed, it becomes an expired domain, available for registration by others, potentially resulting in its acquisition by a different owner. 

Domain names may expire intentionally, such as when a business closes and no longer requires the domain, or inadvertently if the owner fails to pay the required renewal fee.

Tip: If you are planning to buy a new domain, you should always check the domain history.

Popular domain extensions (TLDs)

With over 1,200 possible TLDs available, you can easily craft a unique domain name that conveys your brand’s story without incurring premium prices or waiting for ideal domains to become available.

Here are some of the most popular domains this year, organized by trending categories.

Popular domain extensions: location-based





Whether you’re looking to be local or global, location-based TLDs (a.k.a., CCTLDs, short for “country code top-level domain”) instantly tell visitors where you're located or who you cater to. 

Local extensions can boost local SEO and build trust with potential customers searching for services nearby. Broader options like .global and .world showcase the expansiveness of your online reach. No matter your target market, if location matters to your business, a CCTLD extension can help you connect with the right audience online.

most popular ccTLDs

Popular domain extensions: tech-related 




Technology and the internet go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that tech-themed extensions continue to be among the most popular domains in 2024. The use cases are variable and extensive: .tech for a cutting-edge startup, .cloud for a secure storage solution or .app for a mobile innovation. 

These extensions immediately signal an affiliation with the tech industry, fostering trust among tech-savvy visitors. Unlike generic options, these popular domain extensions stand out in a crowded online space, and can instantly communicate the core function of your service.  

Popular domain extensions: competitive positioning






Showcasing industry expertise or a higher level of service with popular domain extensions is an excellent way to set your business or brand apart in as little as three to four characters. 

Use your domain name to communicate your competitive advantage, with TLDs like .pro for seasoned professionals or .best to convey exceptional service. These popular domain extensions prime potential customers to expect a superior experience. In a competitive market, they offer a powerful way to showcase your expertise and claim your position as the best in class.

Popular domain extensions: news and trends




Digital platforms continue to be primary hubs for news and information. According to the Pew Research Center, 58% of Americans said they prefer to get news from a digital device in 2023. It’s no surprise that domain extensions related to news, trends and timely delivery of information are among the most popular domains. 

Domain extensions like .news, .today and .buzz can help convey where you fall in the industry—whether you focus on more traditional, current, viral or breaking news. By understanding the unique strengths of these TLDs, you can effectively communicate your purpose and attract a targeted audience eager for the latest news and insights.

Popular domain extensions: multi-purpose




These extensions are versatile and instantly recognizable, strengthening your brand identity while ensuring your website is easy to find and remember. With popular domain extensions like .site or .online you can create a web address that perfectly reflects your brand. 

popular domain name options

Popular domain extensions: influencer/community leaders




The domain name landscape has evolved to reflect the growing importance of online communities and personal branding. Extensions like .life, .cyou, .club and .icu offer influencers and community leaders a way to create memorable domain names that resonate with their audience. These popular domain extensions convey a sense of connection, individuality and self-expression—all essential elements for building a strong online presence.

Popular domain extensions: topical trends 





Domain extensions that directly reflect emerging or growing industries will continue to gain popularity in 2024. For example, the TLDs .bet and .live have seen tremendous growth. The rise of .bet coincides with the surge in online betting as more and more states have legalized online sports betting. 

The .live extension continues to be popular among consumers who embrace live streaming and real-time event coverage. By using .live, sites can set themselves apart from competitors by touting their timeliness directly through their domain name. 

Popular domain extensions: niche markets




The domain name landscape is becoming increasingly specialized, with niche industry extensions gaining significant traction. Extensions like .art for a creative studio or .agency for a marketing firm act as powerful storytelling tools. 

Industry-specific domain extensions concisely communicate your core business function. If connecting to customers is key to the success of your business, industry domains are one way to attract a highly targeted audience who understands your value proposition at a glance.

Popular second-level domain names (SLDs)

Second-level domains are parts of a website address that comes before the top-level domain, like ".com" or ".org." They typically represent specific entities or organizations, which offer a unique identifier within the larger domain name system. These popular SLD keywords reflect some of the same registration trends as top-level domains. 

The 10 most popular second-level domains include:

  • .jobs: ideal for career portals or companies seeking to showcase their open positions

  • .foundation: perfect for non-profit organizations and charitable trusts

  • .info: a versatile option for informational websites offering resources and educational content

  • .home: great for personal websites or online portfolios

  • .services: clearly communicates that your website offers professional services

  • .tech: instantly identifies your website with the technology industry

  • .health: ideal for healthcare providers, medical institutions and health-related resources

  • .digital: conveys a focus on digital products, services or marketing strategies

  • .life: suitable for websites with a broad lifestyle focus, encompassing wellness, hobbies or personal growth

.com, .net, .org, .co, .gov, .edu domain names

How to search for and select a domain name

No website is complete without a domain name. When it’s time to select the domain, make a list of keywords that are most relevant to your business. Include your business name, descriptors, industry keywords, etc. Once you have a strong list, you can start searching for possible domain names. Popular domain extensions can help you define your industry (.beauty, .media, .design), instill confidence in your brand (.pro, .expert) or build a community (.bio, .club, .group). 

With a website builder like Wix, you can register a free domain for a year. You can experiment and see what’s available by searching for domain name options and using tools like the Domain Name Generator

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