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.today domain


Domain extensions, otherwise known as top-level domains (TLDs), are the endings of web addresses. Some of the most well-known ones are .com, .org or .net, but there's a vast range of other options available. 

The .today domain extension is a TLD that was first introduced in 2015. It was designed specifically for websites that focus on providing up-to-date information, news and topical or trending content. 

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Why use the .today domain extension?

The .today TLD is ideal for websites that provide daily or real-time information, ensuring that visitors understand the immediacy of the content. This could include daily news websites for example. 

When to use .today vs .com

The decision between using a .today or .com domain depends on your website's goals and message. Here's a breakdown:

When to use a .today TLD

  • Emphasizes Timeliness: Ideal for websites focused on delivering daily or time-sensitive content, such as news updates, event schedules or time-specific promotions.

  • Marketing & Campaigns: Effective for limited-time offers, promotions or campaigns that require a sense of immediacy and urgency.

  • Event Hosting: Suitable for websites related to upcoming or ongoing events, workshops, seminars or conferences happening on the day or within a short timeframe.

When to use a .com TLD

  • Versatile Business Presence: Commonly used for business, personal, or informational websites with a broad scope that isn't reliant on daily updates or time-specific content.

  • Credibility & Recognition: Provides a widely recognized and established domain extension, often preferred for its credibility and familiarity among internet users.

  • Global Reach: Suitable for websites aiming for a global audience and seeking a universal online presence beyond specific time constraints or daily updates.


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How to register a .today site

01. Choose a domain name registrar

Choose a domain registrar that supports the registration of .today domains. Wix is one example of this.

02. Check domain name availability

Verify the availability of your desired .today domain. Use a domain name search tool for this. 

03. Provide all necessary information

Complete the registration process by providing all the necessary details such as contact information. This usually means name, contact number and address both physical and email.

04. Make payment

Pay the registration fee for the selected duration.

When building a website with Wix, domain name registration is included with a premium plan

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.today domain extension FAQ

Can I use .today for any type of website?

While designed for timely content, .today can be used for various types of websites. That said, it works best when emphasizing current information.

Is .today only for daily online updates?

While ideal for daily updates, it can be used for various content types. The strength lies in its emphasis on current information.

Are there any restrictions on .today registration?

Generally, there are no specific restrictions but it's crucial to check with the registrar for any updated policies.


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