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What is a .mx domain?

.mx is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Mexico. Almost every country or territory on the internet is assigned a two-letter ccTLD and .mx is the one designated for Mexico. This makes it distinct from a generic top-level domain such as .org or .com.

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The .mx domain was first introduced in 1989 and is administered by the domain registry NIC-Mexico or the Network Information Center Mexico. The domain has gone through various policy changes and updates over the years to ensure it’s used for legitimate purposes and websites related to Mexico. However, there’s no requirement that an individual or business be based in Mexico, or prove that they are, to use the domain extension.

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As with all domain names and domain extensions, .mx is overseen by ICANN. ICANN, or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is a non-profit organization that plays a crucial role in coordinating the global Internet's domain name system (DNS) and IP address allocation.

Who uses .mx and why?

.mx is primarily used by individuals, businesses and organizations in Mexico or those with connections to the country, in their website URL's (or Uniform Resouce Locator). It provides a clear indication of the website’s Mexican origin. Some of the main reasons for using .mx include:

  • Localization: .mx domains help businesses and individuals target a Mexican audience, making it clear that their products or services are intended for a local market.

  • National identity: .mx domains showcase a sense of national identity and pride, particularly for businesses looking to establish themselves as Mexican brands.

  • Legal requirements: some Mexican entities, especially government and educational institutions may be required to use .mx domains.

As of 2019, there were 1,339,046 registered .mx domains.

Second-level .mx domains

Alongside the primary .mx domain, the domain name system in Mexico includes a variety of second-level domains that cater to specific types of entities and purposes. Up until 2009, domain registrations primarily consisted of third-level names under these specific second-level domains, each mirroring the structure of traditional top-level domains (TLDs) but catering to the Mexican domain space.

These second-level domains include:

  • This domain is predominantly meant for commercial entities and, similar to the .com domain, is now unrestricted, allowing a broader range of registrants aiming for a commercial presence online within Mexico.

  • Stemming from the Spanish word for government, "Gobierno", this domain extension is primarily used for governmental purposes and initiatives.

  • Dedicated to non-profit organizations, domains require registrants to be verified non-profit entities, ensuring that the domain space matches the organizational mission and purpose.

  • This domain is an inclusive category for non-profit organizations or civil society organizations. Unlike, registration for domains is not limited to qualifying entities, providing a more accessible online space for a variety of non-profit and civil initiatives.

  • Tailored specifically for network providers, the domain maintains restrictions, limiting registrations to entities that qualify as network providers or similar tech-focused organizations.

  • Focused on educational institutions, the domain is restricted to qualifying educational entities within Mexico.

Websites using .mx domains

This business products and sells products made from 100% Cacao from Oaxaca. The location of where it sources its cacao and products its goods is important to its branding, hence the importance of using a .mx domain too.

This digital marketing agency uses its site to showcase its creativity, innovtion, expertise and skills. It's use of the .mx domain reinforces all of this and its location in Mexico City.

This jewelry brand uses its .mx domain to emphasize its Mexican heritage and inspiration, while building its brand on a contemporary feel and outlook.

If you're a company running activities in a specific location or country, so a country level domain extension like .mx is the way to go.

If you're selling a product in a specific country, it's good to make that clear with your domain extension, just as this golf cart seller in Mexico does.

Is .mx a reliable and safe domain extension?

The reliability of a .mx domain, or any domain extension, depends on various factors, with the primary consideration being the actions and intentions of the domain owner.

Legitimate businesses or individuals are more likely to have reliable websites.

Make sure to use SSL encryption on your website. A secure website will have "https://" in the URL, indicating that the connection between your browser and the website is encrypted.

Using a .mx domain is common for websites associated with Mexico, and many legitimate businesses and organizations use this domain extension. However, as with any domain, it's crucial to be vigilant and apply general online safety practices that are relevant for any resource on the World Wide Web/Internet. Cybercriminals can use any domain extension for malicious purposes, so it's important to make sure your site is protected with advanced website security features.

You should always made sure you register your domain through a secure and reliable domain registrar.


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How do I register my .mx domain?

To register a .mx domain, you typically need to go through an accredited registrar authorized by NIC-Mexico, then follow these 4 general steps:

01. Choose a domain registrar

Select a domain registrar accredited by NIC-Mexico to facilitate the registration process.

02. Check domain name availability

Use a domain name search tool to check if the .mx domain you want is available. You may also want to check the availability of different second-level or subdomains (, based on your needs.

03. Provide all necessary contact information

You'll need to provide specific information, including your contact details and other information for the domain. This is generally quite basic information and most registrars don’t require supporting documents.

04. Complete payment

Then pay the registration fee, which can vary depending on the registrar and the specific domain. Pricing may also vary based on the length of registration.

Once your registration is approved, the registrar will complete the registration process and the domain will be associated with your website.

Tip: If you make a website with a website builder like Wix, you can check for domain name availability, use a .mx domain extension and register your domain all with a premium plan.

.mx domain FAQ

Who can register a .mx domain?

.mx domain registrations are open to individuals, businesses and organizations both within and outside Mexico. There are no strict residency requirements, making it accessible to a global audience.

Are there any specific requirements for .mx domain registration?

No, there are none.

How long does it take to register a .mx domain?

The registration process for .mx domains is typically quick, and the domain becomes active once the registration is complete.

What is the registration period for .mx domains?

.mx domains are typically registered on an annual basis. Registrants can choose to renew their domain registration each year.

What is the role of NIC Mexico in .mx domain management?

NIC Mexico (Network Information Center Mexico) is the registry responsible for managing .mx domains. They oversee the technical and administrative aspects of the .mx domain space.


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