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How Wix ADI elevates website creation for everyone

How Wix ADI Elevates Website Creation for Everyone

From tools like This Person Does Not Exist to uizard, artificial intelligence optimizes and enhances processes, breaking the barriers of what was once possible in professional website design. But, increasingly, large enterprises aren’t the only ones who need a strong digital presence to foster brand awareness and trust, increase conversions and shape brand reputation. As research even suggests, 75% of users judge a website’s credibility based on its design, so entrepreneurs, small businesses, and self creators need powerful online visibility as well.

Thankfully, AI-enabled user-friendly tools have become even more accessible to those without any design background at all. For example, Wix provides a versatile platform for professional website creation for anyone at any skill level. You can create a website from scratch, work with templates or utilize Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). With Wix ADI, you feed the technology some information about what your website should include and some personal design preferences. Then, in a matter of minutes, Wix ADI creates a professional-looking site tailor-made to your needs.

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This article will dive into working with ADI and explain exactly what it offers:

How to access Wix ADI

To start with Wix ADI, go to and select “Get Started.” This will guide you through a few questions about the vision for your site and your experience level. It will then prompt you to build the site yourself with the Wix Editor, which requires some time and effort on your part, or to work with Wix ADI, which will build a site for you. If you select Wix ADI, the platform will ask about your site and design preferences to create your customized website. No matter which method you choose for creating a Wix website, you can always edit and change your site as you see fit.

How Wix ADI works

As an AI website-building platform, Wix ADI creates a custom website for every user. As mentioned earlier, once you get started, Wix will prompt you with a few short questions about your website goals. Based on your answer, it will ask you what tools you’d like on your site, such as a blog, a booking platform, an automatic chat box and much more.

Once you’ve selected the features you need on your site, ADI will ask you for some more personalized information, such as your website’s name and social media accounts, or specific text, images and logos to include. These details will shape a site that feels truly yours.

Afterwards, Wix ADI will ask your design preferences. You’ll pick a color and font theme and receive potential homepage designs in return. At that point, you can scroll through the options and simply select the one that best fits your style. Wix will also give you options for your other web pages. These options will vary in design, content and image, but all will fit your business needs.

Once you have done this, you’ll have a ready-made site. At this point, you can change or add components via the Wix Editor. Alternatively, you can publish your ADI-created site.

How Wix ADI works, Wix Editor themes

Starting with ADI wizard vs. Wix Editor

With Wix ADI, you can easily transition to the Wix Editor for further site customization. So you may wonder how the two editors differ: In short, the wizard is straightforward and functions within the ADI tool. The Wix Editor has customization capabilities for anyone looking for more extensive site changes.

​​The only “choice” differs in the creation path. With ADI, the wizard does it for you, whereas with templates and the Wix Editor, you do it yourself. No matter the option you choose, you have the same customization capabilities.

The ADI wizard can customize text, font, colors, images and more. You can also add pages or elements and integrate apps to customize your site without limit. Additionally, the Wix Editor enables you to start with the template flow and choose from hundreds of templates for niche subjects and more immediate customization.

Ready to create your site using Wix ADI?

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Tip: We recommend beginners and those making small tweaks to their ADI sites to stick with the ADI wizard, as it provides the customization tools you need. If you have more experience or want to completely transform your site, we suggest trying out the Wix Editor. You can personalize your site as much as you wish. Your end result will be the same.

ADI wizard vs. Wix Editor

Great ADI website examples

To give you a feel for what ADI produces, we’ve hand-picked some great ADI websites along with explanations about what makes them special. As you think about creating your own website, draw some inspiration from these selected sites.

Curtinsmith Guitars

This business website strategically displays its beautiful guitar creations above the fold using a professional image slider to immerse visitors in the experience. The images help the visitor sense what they can purchase straight away. It also has a navigation menu that clearly explains the various pages.

Curtainsmith Guitars website made with Wix ADI

Tirox Tattoo

Tirox Tattoo employs some outstanding Wix features. At the top, you can spot a sleek logo embedded into the menu. As you scroll down, you’ll also find that the business has a useful contact form, as well as a map widget to help customers reach them. You can easily add these must-have business features to Wix ADI sites.

Tirox Tattoo website made with Wix ADI

Molloy Fletcher Racing

This racing site engages visitors right away with the brand’s bold black and white video on the first fold. As you scroll down the page, you’ll notice parallax scrolling, a technique that makes the background move at a different speed than the text. Although these design features seem advanced, you can implement them with Wix ADI.

Molloy Fletcher Racing website made with Wix ADI

Bowden Scott Barnhart

This beautiful and practical restaurant site provides the visitor with all the essential information directly on the homepage. The eatery shows you its top menu items, lets you book a table, explains how to get there and displays its business hours without you clicking elsewhere. The site also employs an Ascend by Wix chat box, in line with today’s best customer service practices.

Bowden Scott Barnhart website made with Wix ADI

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