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How Wix ADI elevates website creation for everyone

illustration of Wix ADI, wix's ai-powered website builder

AI has transformed website design, pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible. Nowadays, almost anyone can learn how to make a website. And in a world where 75% of users judge a website’s credibility based on its design, more and more businesses are turning to AI-powered tools to create professional-looking sites.

Wix has been at the forefront of AI since 2016, when it first launched its artificial design intelligence (ADI) capabilities. Today, ADI serves as the backbone to an even more comprehensive solution: the Wix AI website builder. Instantly create a site that’s fully customized to your business without compromising on quality, style or originality. 

Ready to create your site? Take our AI website builder for a spin.

From Wix ADI to a full-blown website solution

With ADI as the foundation, our AI website builder offers a first-of-its-kind experience. Jump into a conversation with AI to define the vision for your website, then receive a site designed specifically for your business. Behind the scenes, the AI isn’t simply spinning up a pretty site—it’s connecting you with the right business tools and apps to give you a fully functional, ready-to-go website.

Wix ADI - Wix AI website builder chatbot

How to access Wix ADI

The ADI-powered website builder can be accessed in two different ways. 

From the Wix website  

The simplest way to get started is to navigate to the AI website builder page and click “Create with AI.” If you’re new to Wix or haven’t logged into your account, you’ll be dropped on the Wix login page. Follow the instructions to create a free Wix account or to log into an existing account.

Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll be invited to start a chat with AI. Click “Start Chat” to access the website builder.

From your Wix account 

If you’re new to Wix, go to and select “Get Started.” This will guide you through a few setup questions, then drop you into your dashboard, where you can click “Design Site.” From here, you can choose to let Wix build a site for you or build the site yourself using a design template. Select the first option.

If you already have a Wix account, log into your account and click “Create New Site.” Click “Start chat” on the next page to start building with AI. Once you’ve finished the setup steps, you’ll be dropped into your site dashboard, where you can click “Design site.” 

How the ADI-powered website builder works 

While we’ve designed the AI website builder to be so user-friendly that it doesn't require a how-to guide, the below steps can give you a glimpse at how it works.

01. Create your site brief 

As a first step, the AI will ask you to answer a few questions about your business and goals. The AI will use the information to build a personalized dashboard for your business before designing your site. Once presented with the option, click “Generate Site.” 

(If in the last step, you’ve entered through your Wix account, the website builder may automatically design a website for you based on the information you’ve already provided about your business.) 

Wix ADI - Wix AI website builder chat flow

02. Tweak the website design as needed 

The AI will unveil a new website—complete with prebuilt images, text and even videos that reflect your brand messaging. 

If desired, ask the AI to regenerate the site or make it a little different. Or, click on any highlighted area of the site brief to make specific tweaks. You can change one of several aspects of the design: 

  • Site profile: Basic details like your logo, site type and site name  

  • Site structure: Sections that you want to include on your homepage, or other pages you want to add to your site

  • Site description: A description about your business and/or what you want your site to achieve  

  • Theme: The color palette, mood and typography of your site 

  • Layout: The overall style (e.g., “clean” or “modern”) and arrangement (e.g., “mosaic” or “grid-like”) of elements on your page 

Example of a clothing site built with Wix ADI tech

03. Make additional adjustments in the Wix Editor 

Once you’re happy with how your site looks, click “Continue with this site.” The AI builder will ask you to connect a domain if you haven’t already. Click “Let’s Go” to connect your domain, or click “Continue to the Editor.”

From the Editor, click around freely to customize your site. You can change any copy or images, or add new page elements and widgets (as examples). 

Throughout the Editor, you’ll be able to access other AI tools. These include AI for creating text, building images and more. Look for any areas within the Editor that have a star icon; this indicates that AI capabilities are available. 

Don’t forget to customize the mobile version of your site. You can do this by clicking on the phone icon at the top of the Editor. You may already like how your mobile site looks by default, but you can always tweak it or hide certain elements from view. 

Example of an ADI-built site being edited in the Wix Editor

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Why use ADI to create your website? 

For starters, Wix is an incumbent in the AI space. 

“Is AI a disruption in the website industry?,” our CEO, Avishai Abrahami, recently wrote. “Yes it is, and we are such great believers in the technology, that we launched our first AI website creator back in 2016, Wix ADI.”

Wix’s ADI technology acts as the blueprint for our AI website builder, which now gives every Wix user the option of creating a website in mere minutes by simply providing some upfront information about their businesses. Being the firstborn of Wix’s family of AI tools, ADI paved the way for the following advantages for our website builder. 

The builder integrates with a variety of AI features

One of the key advantages of Wix’s AI website builder is that it isn’t a one-trick pony. Beyond making it possible to create professional-looking websites, "Wix connects you with AI tools deeper down in the journey, like personal recommendations and business growth tools,” says Marine Levy Belder, a product marketing manager at Wix. “A lot of the AI website builders we see right now in the market don't give you this added value."

When you create a website with Wix’s AI tech, you can instantly connect your site with a number of other AI tools to grow your business—be it for eCommerce (think: AI-powered product descriptions), blogging (think: AI tools for SEO), branding (think: an AI-powered logo generator) and more.

The builder is a mature, highly-developed tool

Wix has been a long-time pioneer in both the web design and AI markets (see how does AI work or the different types of AI). 

“Although generative AI sounds very trendy, it didn't start like this at Wix,” notes Wix’s Head of Product Yaara Asaf. “When the world first met ChatGPT, we already had a tool in Wix to help users create personalized and professional content. Our journey with AI didn’t start because of the buzz around AI, but because our users had a problem we wanted to solve.” Having iterated upon Wix ADI and worked closely with our users to provide the best solution possible, the AI builder offers a solution that’s both easy to use and thoughtfully constructed. 

Results are highly customizable

The AI website builder is not only designed to save you time with website development but to also protect your creative freedom in the process. 

“You don't have a lot of options for customization with other builders,” says Marine. “There’s a repetitiveness in website templates. They’re very basic."

Alternatively, Wix provides you with a starting point, then allows you to customize the layout, design and branding at will. You get the best of both worlds: an AI-powered foundation, but the flexibility to personalize your website.

Examples of sites created with Wix’s ADI-powered website builder 

To give you a feel for what you can create, we’ve hand-picked some great websites created with Wix’s AI solution. As you think about creating your own website, draw some inspiration from these selected sites.

Empowered Feminine 

Empowered Feminine’s website grabs attention from the first fold. Brainchild of Victoria Shilongo—who aims to “create a united community grounded in love and service” for women around the world—Empowered Feminine immerses visitors in a warm, inviting digital atmosphere. The site highlights posts from Victoria’s blog, as well as services available to women seeking personal encouragement.  

Empowered Feminine site built with Wix ADI tech

Interiors by Apurva

Interiors by Apurva’s website befits its interior design style. Its homepage features a gallery that captures the design firm’s signature aesthetic, letting the images speak for themselves. The site also uses scroll animations, typography and curved lines to add to its elegance. 

Interiors by Apurva site built with Wix ADI tech

The website features striking imagery and video against a midnight-black backdrop, reflecting the bold passion of the jewelry shop. The shop aims to celebrate the feminine spirit through jewelry that challenges restrictive, outdated fashion rules. The site features all of’s available products, plus information about the brand’s origins and recent collaborations. site built with Wix ADI tech

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