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Domain Expiration


What is domain expiration?

When building a website, whether it be a blog, a business website or an eCommerce platform, a domain name is an essential part of your website infrastructure. Domain expiration is when the registration period of a domain name ends and it’s not renewed by the owner. This directly impacts a website's availability on the internet. Monitoring and understanding your domain expiration date is crucial to prevent service disruptions and potential loss of ownership over a domain name. An expired domain can result in downtime, impacting user experience and search engine rankings negatively. 

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What happens when a domain name expires?

When a domain name is registered, it should come with a clear domain expiration timeline. As this date approaches, registrars typically send reminders to the email registered with the name. 

Pre-expiration warnings 

These alerts provide the domain owner with chances to renew their domain to prevent expiration. They may be sent several months before the final domain expiration date. 

Expiration and grace period

On the expiry date, most domains then enter a grace period, allowing renewal within a certain amount of time without additional fees.

Redemption period

Post the grace period, domains enter a state where reactivation might require additional fees.

Auction and deletion

If not reclaimed, the domain may be auctioned off or returned to the pool of available domains.

Checking domain expiration dates

Monitoring your domain's expiration date is simpler than it sounds. Websites like WHOIS provide a platform to check any domain's registration status, domain history and expiration details without needing access to registrar accounts. Additionally, most domain registration platforms offer user-friendly dashboards that include:

  • Account management: Log into your domain registrar's dashboard.

  • Domain settings: Navigate to the section where your domain details are displayed.

  • Expiration information: Here, the expiration date is typically listed under domain information. On Wix, the renewal date of your domain is listed under your Premium Subscriptions section under a column named: “Next payment due”. 


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Consequences of domain expiration

If a domain expires, it can be removed from the registered account, rendering the website inaccessible and disconnecting its associated services. Depending on the registrar's policy and the domain name cost, it might enter an auction where it can be purchased by another party according to its valueoften without the original owner's consent once the domain is in this public phase.

Domain renewal and recovery options

If a domain registration lapses there are several options to recover it:

01. Domain renewal

Renewing a domain before its expiration date is the simplest solution. Most registrars offer automatic renewal options to avoid any lapses.

02. Redemption

If a domain has expired, it  can often be recovered during the redemption period by paying a fee to the registrar.

03. Domain backordering

If a  domain has entered the auction phase, you can place a backorder with a domain registrar or auction platform to automatically purchase it, if the current owner lets it expire.

04. Preventive measures

Set calendar reminders or enable notifications in the  registrar’s user settings for approaching expiration dates to avoid missing them, if this is an option.

Best practices to prevent domain expiration

To avoid domain expiration and its related consequences, consider these best practices:

  • Set reminders: Set reminders or use domain management tools to notify  of upcoming expiration dates.

  • Enable automatic domain renewal: Opt for automatic renewal with a registrar to avoid manual renewal hassles.

  • Monitor your domain regularly: Regularly check domain expiration dates to ensure timely renewal.

  • Backup your data: Regularly conduct a website backup so your data and emails don’t get lost during domain expiration. If you create a website with a website builder like Wix, website backups are conducted automatically.

Domain expiration FAQ

How do I check a domain’s expiration date?

To check a domain’s expiration date, log into the  domain registrar's dashboard and navigate to your domain settings. The expiration information is typically listed under domain details. Wix users can check their domain expiration date by going to “Premium subscriptions” in their Wix account under the section “Next payment due”. 

How long do domain names take to expire?

What happens when a domain name expires?

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Chad Rogez
Chad Rogez
May 28

What typical is the transfer period to migrate a domain from godaddy to your platform?



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