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.guru domain


The .guru domain extension provides a unique and specific identity for individuals or businesses offering expertise, advice, or mentorship in a particular field. It conveys a sense of authority and knowledge, making it relevant for websites that want to position themselves as experts in a given niche.

The .guru domain extension was introduced as a top-level domain (TLD) in 2014.It was created to cater to the growing demand for specialized and authoritative websites. The term "guru" implies mastery or proficiency in a particular subject.

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Why use .guru?

  • .guru provides a distinct and memorable domain extension, signaling expertise in a specific domain.

  • Enhances the credibility of websites offering advice, guidance, or specialized knowledge.

  • Stands out from traditional extensions like .com, helping businesses differentiate themselves as authorities in their niche.

When to use .guru vs .com:

.guru is perfect for experts, consultants, and mentors seeking a unique domain that underscores their expertise. This domain establishes a distinctive and memorable online identity, aligning well with niche-focused professionals and businesses.

.com is a universally fitting choice for a wide array of websites, businesses, and organizations. Its global recognition and adaptability make it an ideal choice for entities with a broad focus or diverse range of offerings.


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How to register .guru?

01. Choose a domain name registrar

Select a reputable domain registrar that supports .guru extensions, such as Wix.

02. Check domain name availability

Use the registrar's domain name search tool to confirm the availability of your desired .guru domain.

03. Select your name

Choose your preferred domain name.

04. Complete the registration process

Complete the registration process by providing the necessary information.

05. Make payment

Pay the registration fee to secure your .guru domain.

Pro tip: When making a website with a website builder like Wix, free domain name registration is included with a premium plan

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.guru FAQ

Can anyone register a .guru domain?

Yes, .guru domains are generally available for registration by individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Is .guru limited to specific industries or topics?

No, .guru can be used for a broad range of topics, allowing flexibility for various experts and professionals.

Are there any restrictions on .guru domain registration?

No, there are none. 

Can I transfer my .guru domain to another registrar?

Yes, domain transfers are possible. Contact your current registrar for the process.

Are .guru domains more expensive than traditional extensions like .com?

Prices may vary among registrars but .guru domains are usually priced similarly to other new gTLDs.


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