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.top domain


.top is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) in the realm of domain extensions. It’s a part of the larger Domain Name System (DNS) used on the internet.

The .top domain extension is a standout domain extension for websites, offering a distinction that is ideal for branding and marketing. .top is a versatile extension,  suitable for a wide array of websites, and enhances the uniqueness of web addresses.

.top was introduced in 2014. It was created to provide website owners with a new and memorable option for their domain names. The extension quickly gained popularity due to its simplicity and broad applicability.

The management of .top is overseen by the domain registry, which is accredited by ICANN. There are believed to be several million .top domains live. 

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Why use .top?

  • .top is a versatile domain extension suitable for various types of websites and businesses.

  • The term "top" is easy to remember, making it a strong choice for branding.

  • With .com domains becoming saturated, .top offers a chance to find a short and relevant domain name.

When to use .top vs .com?

Use .top

  • If you are seeking a unique and memorable domain.

  • For personal branding or creative projects.

  • When a short and catchy domain name is a priority.

Use .com

  • .com is the most recognized and trusted domain extension.

  • Best for companies and organizations.

  • .com is universally understood and trusted. 

  • For businesses, organizations and situations where credibility and global recognition are crucial.



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How to register .top?

01. Choose a domain name registrar

Choose a reputable domain registrar that supports .top extensions. Wix is one example. 

02. Check domain name availability

Search for the availability of your desired .top domain with a domain name search tool.  Then select the domain name you want to use - make it memorable.

03. Provide all required information

Provide the necessary registration information. This usually includes name, address and contact details.

05. Pay and confirm

Complete the payment process to secure your .top domain.

Tip: Creating a website with Wix? Domain name registration is included with a premium plan

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Is a .top domain safe?

The safety of a domain, including one with a .top extension, depends more on the practices of the company or registrar that owns the domain rather than the domain extension itself. The .top domain is a generic top-level domain (gTLD), and its use is not inherently indicative of safety or security.

.top FAQ

Is .top suitable for business websites?

Yes, .top can be used for business websites, especially when a unique and memorable domain name is preferred.

Can I transfer my existing domain to .top?

In most cases, yes. Check with your domain registrar for specific transfer procedures.

Is .top recognized globally?

While .top is known, .com remains the most universally recognized domain extension.

Are there any restrictions on .top domain registration?

There are no universal restrictions,  but it is advisable to check with the domain registrar for their specific policies. 

How long does it take to register a .top domain?

The registration process is typically quick, and your domain should be active within a few hours to a day after registration.

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