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.solutions domain


The .solutions domain extension is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) that is used to signify solutions or answers to problems within a specific context. In the world of domain extensions, it serves as a way for businesses to communicate that their website offers solutions or resolves specific issues.

The .solutions domain extension was introduced in 2014 as a way to provide a dedicated space on the internet for entities that offer solutions, services or products that address particular needs.

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Why use a .solutions domain extension?

  • .solutions offers a unique and descriptive website identity, making it clear to visitors that you’re focused on providing solutions.

  • This domain extension is memorable and stands out, helping potential visitors remember your website more easily.

  • It can be a powerful tool for marketing, especially for businesses and organizations emphasizing their problem-solving capabilities.

When to use .solutions vs .com


  •   Ideal for businesses emphasizing solutions, services or products.

  •   Provides a distinct and industry-relevant identity.

  •   Appeals to users seeking specific problem-solving resources.


  • Recognized globally as the default domain extension.

  • More well-known and established.

  • Suitable for various types of websites, making it a go-to choice for many businesses.


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How to register a .solutions domain extension in 4 steps

01. Choose your domain registrar

Select a reputable domain registrar that supports the registration of .solutions domains. Wix is just one example.

02. Check for your domain name availability

Use the registrar's domain name search tool or function to check if your desired .solutions domain is available.

03. Enter all relevant information

Enter the necessary contact information as asked by the registrar. This usually includes your name, address and contact information.

04. Complete the process and pay

Follow the steps provided by the registrar to complete the registration process and make the required payment.

If you’re creating a website with Wix, domain name registration is included within a premium plan

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.solutions domain extension FAQ

Can I transfer my existing .com domain to a .solutions domain?

Yes, you can transfer your domain, but the process involves specific steps, including unlocking the domain and obtaining an authorization code.

Are there any restrictions on who can register a .solutions domain?

Generally, .solutions domains are open for registration to anyone without specific restrictions, but it's advisable to check with your chosen domain registrar.

Are there any renewal requirements for .solutions domains?

Yes, like most domains, .solutions domains require periodic renewal, usually on an annual basis. Be sure to renew your domain to prevent expiration.

Can I use subdomains with a .solutions domain?

Yes, you can create and use subdomains with your .solutions domain to organize and structure your website content.


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