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.studio domain


.studio is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) that is part of the domain name system on the internet. It’s a domain extension that is specifically tailored for entities associated with studios, which could include design studios, recording studios, photography studios, and other creative or professional ventures.

The choice of a domain extension is crucial for branding and conveying the nature of a website. .studio is relevant for businesses and individuals looking to emphasize their creative or studio-related activities in their web address.

The .studio domain extension was introduced to the public on February 26, 2014. 

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Why use .studio?

  • Ideal for businesses or individuals involved in creative fields, such as design, art, music, film, and photography.

  • Offers a unique and memorable domain extension that can help distinguish your website from others.

  • Provides more options for securing a relevant and brandable domain name, as popular .com, .org, .net domains may already be taken.

When to use .studio vs .com?

Use .studio

  • Choose .studio when your website is primarily focused on creative endeavors or studio-related activities.

  • If your brand identity is closely tied to the term studio, .studio can enhance your online brand presence.

Use .com

  • .com is more versatile and widely recognized, making it suitable for various types of businesses and personal websites.

  • Established brands may prefer .com for its universal recognition.


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How to register .studio?

1. Select a domain registrar that offers .studio domain registration services. Wix is one example. 

2. Use the registrar's domain name search tool to check if your desired .studio domain is available.

3. Complete the required registration information, including contact details.

5. Make the payment to complete the registration process.

Tip: Create a website with Wix and domain name registration is included with a premium plan

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.studio FAQ

Can anyone register a .studio domain?

Yes, .studio domains are open for registration by individuals and businesses worldwide.

Are there any restrictions on .studio domain registration?

Generally, there are no specific restrictions on .studio domain registrations, but it is advisable to check the specific policies of your chosen registrar.

How does .studio differ from other creative-focused domain extensions?

.studio is specific to studios, while other extensions like .design or .art may cater to broader creative industries.

Can I transfer my existing domain to the .studio extension?

Yes, domain transfers are possible. Check with your registrar for their specific transfer processes and any associated fees.


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