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.shop domain

The .shop domain extension is generally meant for eCommerce and online shopping sites. In the crowded online space, having a domain extension that clearly defines the nature of your business can be crucial for attracting the right audience.

In January 2016, efforts were made to include ".shop" in the list of top-level domains. The GMO Registry became the registry operator after winning an ICANN public auction.

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Why use a .shop domain extension?

The .shop extension indicates that your website is an online store, making it easier for potential customers to identify and remember. It has a universal appeal and is recognized internationally, making it suitable for businesses targeting a global audience, which many eCommerce businesses do.

As a specific extension, .shop offers a higher likelihood of finding the desired domain name compared to more generic extensions such as .com. There are now believed to be over 1.5 million sites using the .shop domain extension. 

Example of a real .shop domain user

This online Belgium fashion store uses its .shop domain to showcase their web store. 

.shop vs .com

When to use .shop and when to is generally very clear. .shop is ideal for businesses focused on e-commerce, online retail, and selling products or services. .com on the other hand is suitable for a wide range of businesses not necessarily limited to those who sell online. 

Both top-level domain extensions have their unique advantages and benefits. 

.shop provides a niche identity, has a higher availability when it comes to domain names, and communicates the purpose of the website.

.com is widely recognized and trusted and works well for businesses with diverse online services or offerings.


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How to register a .shop extension

01. Choose a domain name registrar

Select a domain registrar or website builder, like Wix, that offers .shop domain registration services.

02. Check domain name availability

Use the registrar's domain name search tool to check if your desired .shop domain is available. Once you've confirmed it's available, choose your final domain name - make sure it's memorable and aligned with your brand.

03. Give all required information

Complete the domain registration process by providing necessary information such as contact details.

04. Make payment and confirm registration

Make the payment for the registration fee to secure your .shop domain. With some domain name registrars you'll also have to choose domain name registration period.

Tip: If you’re making a website with Wix and have a Premium Plan, you can choose and register a domain name for building your site. 

.shop domain extension FAQ

Can I use a .shop domain for a blog or informational site?

While there are no domain registration restrictions on this, .shop is best suited for e-commerce sites. For informational sites, .com may be more appropriate. Or even .blog, .info or similar. 

Are there any geographical restrictions for .shop domains?

No, .shop is a generic domain extension with no geographical restrictions, making it suitable for global businesses.

Is there a renewal fee for .shop domains?

Yes, .shop domains require periodic renewal, usually on an annual basis. Check with your registrar for specific renewal details.


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