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How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

.london domain


A domain extension is the last part of a website address. Some popular domain extensions are .com, .org or .net, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

There are also geo domain extensions, or geo top-level domain (gTLD) such as ".london". These extensions play a crucial role in defining the purpose or location of a website and contribute to its online identity. The .london domain extension was introduced in 2014 and aims to create a distinct online identity for businesses, organizations and individuals associated with the city of London, UK.

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Why use the .london domain extension?

  • .london is ideal for businesses, events and individuals based in (or associated with) London, and immediately communicates a connection to the city.

  • In a global digital world, .london allows local businesses to stand out and attract a targeted audience by clearly indicating their geographic focus.

  • For London-based entities, using .london reinforces a regional identity, fostering trust and recognition among local customers.

When to use .london vs .com

The domain extension you use depends on the location and nature of your business and brand. You may want to use .london when targeting a local audience in London, emphasizing regional identity, or when a domain with a London connection is essential for branding.

Alternatively, you could use a .com domain extension when targeting a global audience as it helps in creating a universal brand presence. It also makes more sense when the specific location is less critical to the brand identity of your business. 


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How to register .london extensions in 4 steps

01. Select a domain registrar

Choose a reputable domain registrar like Wix that supports .london extensions. Wix is one example.

02. Check domain name availability

Verify the availability of your desired .london domain name. Use a domain name search tool for this. 

03. Provide the necessary information

Complete the registration process by providing necessary details such as contact information and payment.

04. Review, confirm and pay

Double-check the information provided before confirming the registration. Then pay, if relevant. You'll also need to confirm length of domain registration, usually one year.

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.london domain extension FAQ

Can anyone register a .london domain?

Yes, .london domains are open for registration by individuals, businesses and organizations worldwide.

Are there any restrictions on using a .london domain?

There are generally no specific restrictions, but it is recommended that the content or purpose of the website align with the London theme.

Can I transfer my existing domain to .london?

Yes, transferring existing domains to .london is possible. Consult your registrar for specific transfer procedures.

Is .london suitable for personal websites?

Absolutely. Individuals wanting to showcase their London connection or experiences can use .london for personal websites.

What's the renewal process for .london domains?

Renewing .london domains follows standard domain renewal procedures. Ensure timely renewal to avoid expiration. With Wix, this is on a yearly basis. 


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