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.world domain


A domain extension, such as .world, is the suffix at the end of a web address that helps identify the type or purpose of a website. It’s also known as a top-level domain or TLD.  In this case, .world signifies a global or universal perspective, making it relevant for websites with an international focus. Choosing the right domain extension is important; it helps convey the nature and purpose of your website to visitors.

The .world domain extension was introduced in 2014. Its creation was driven by the need for a domain extension that reflects a global or all-encompassing theme.

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Why use .world?

  • Global appeal: Ideal for businesses, organizations, or individuals with an international or global focus.

  • Distinctive identity: Sets your website apart and conveys a broader, inclusive perspective.

  • Availability: Due to its specificity, .world domains often have more availability compared to popular extensions like .com.

  • Memorability: The uniqueness of .world can enhance the memorability of your web address.

When to use .world vs .com

Opt for .world when your website has a global theme, deals with international issues, or if the aim is to convey a universal perspective.

Choose .com for general purposes. It's widely recognized, versatile, and suitable for businesses, organizations, or individuals, irrespective of their geographical scope.


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How to register .world?

01. Choose a domain registrar

Select a reputable domain registrar that offers .world domain registration. Wix is one example.

02. Check domain name availability


Use the registrar's domain name search function to confirm the availability of your desired .world domain.

03. Enter all required information and pay

Complete the registration process by providing necessary information, including your contact details and payment information.

04. Agree to terms and confirm domain name registration

Review your order, agree to terms and complete the registration process.

Pro tip: When making a website with a website builder like Wix, free domain name registration is included with a premium plan

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.world FAQ

Is .world suitable for any website?

.world is best for websites with a global focus. If your website has an international perspective, it's a great choice.

Are .world domains more expensive?

Prices can vary among registrars, but generally, .world domains are competitively priced compared to other specialized extensions.

Can I transfer my existing domain to .world?

Yes, domain transfers are possible. Consult your registrar for specific transfer procedures.

Is .world good for SEO?

While domain extensions do not directly impact SEO, a relevant extension like .world can convey the nature of your content, potentially benefiting user experience.


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