Buy Your Domain Name with Wix

When you buy a domain with Wix, you can protect your identity online by choosing private domain registration. We’ve also made it easier for you to connect and register a domain name you purchased elsewhere.

Follow these 8 steps to buy a domain name you love:

  1.  Go to and sign up 

  2.  Build your site and upgrade with a Premium Plan

  3.  Go to your site dashboard to connect a domain

  4.  Choose to buy a new domain

  5.  Search for a domain and select one that’s available

  6.  Pick a registration period and fill out your info

  7.  Choose public or private domain registration

  8.  Add your payment details and redeem your 1-year free domain voucher*

How to Buy
a Domain 

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Already Own a Domain Name?

Wherever you bought your domain name, you can connect it to your Wix site and keep the domain registered with your current domain registrar. To get started, upgrade your site with a Premium Plan.

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Want to Transfer a Domain to Wix?

To manage your entire online presence in one place, transfer your domain registration to Wix. You’ll first need to connect the domain to your Wix site.

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Protect Your

Website and Domain

Wix provides domain registration with built-in security. Get free web hosting on our reliable cloud servers and protection for your website and domain.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), came into effect on May 25, 2018 with the aim to protect the personal data of all European Union (EU) citizens. Wix is a GDPR-compliant platform and we’ve provided all Wix site owners with dedicated tools and information to help meet the requirements.

HTTPS Secured

Your Wix website has an SSL/TLS certificate—the latest security standard for the web. This lets visitors navigate your site and submit information securely via HTTPS. Sites that support HTTPS are much more likely to rank on Google, so it’s an SEO must-have. All payment pages on your site are also PCI compliant, so if you’re running a business, your clients can feel comfortable making purchases on your site.

Wix Helps Keep Your 

Personal Information Private

Private Domain Registration with Wix

To protect your identity online, go with private domain registration. This ensures your name, address, email and phone number remain confidential, so you’re protected from identity theft, spam emails, domain hacking, online harassment and more.

Public Domain Registration with Wix

When you purchase a domain name, if you register the domain as public, your name and contact information will be visible to the public. If someone wants to find out who owns your domain, they’ll be able to access your name, address, email and phone number.

Please note: domain registration with Wix is in line with the latest GDPR requirements.

How to Get a Domain Name

Find out how to purchase a unique domain name for your business or brand.

Wix is a domain registrar and a reliable web hosting service, so you get an all-in-one solution for your domain and website.

Pick a Domain Registrar and Web Host


Make it easy for visitors to find you online by choosing a domain that matches your business and brand. Search for available domains with Wix.

Find the Domain That’s Right for You


Think of a few names you'd like for your site. With so many businesses online, it's possible your ideal domain name is already taken.

Have a Few Domain Names in Mind


Pick a domain extension that suits you best—that’s the suffix at the end of your domain name like .com, .org, or .me. If you’re showcasing a portfolio try .me, or use .expert to help build trust.

Select a Domain Extension


Purchase your personalized domain name. It’s a good idea to protect your identity online with private domain registration.

Buy Your Domain


Connect your domain name to your website after purchase. For a hassle free experience, buy your domain with Wix and you can connect it automatically to your Wix website.

Connect Your Domain to Your Site


Buy Your Website Domain Today


Offer of a one-year free domain voucher only applies the 1st time a site is upgraded and when you purchase a Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce or VIP Premium Plan. Find out more about getting a one-year free domain voucher and connecting your domain.