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35 things to make and sell: DIYs that make money

Things to make and sell

In a world of mass production, the homemade products market is thriving as customers yearn for unique, handcrafted items. With low startup costs and the freedom of self-employment, now is the perfect time to spin your DIY skills into profit. Whether you're looking to make a full-time income from a small hobby or just earn extra cash with a side hustle, these handmade creations can become your ticket to building a successful home business.

Explore entrepreneur ideas for selling online in this article and start raking in sales. Whether you're starting a business or growing an established DIY online business, find tips to jumpstart your earnings potential.

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35 things to make and sell today

01. Candles

Candles are a popular and timeless item that people love to buy and use in their homes, especially with the growing interest in self-care. To get started, simply purchase bulk wax and scented oils. Online DIY tutorials teach beginners an easy way to start making candles with basic melt and pour methods that require no prior craft skills. Enhance your candles with essential oils for aromatherapy benefits that target market niches seeking therapeutic qualities.


  • Focus on packaging: Design attractive packaging and a logo that reflects the qualities of your candles. Use recyclable materials for an added value proposition. Well-designed labels and high-quality photos will help your products stand out online.

  • Safety first: Remind customers of safe candle usage with each purchase. Include warning labels and safety instructions to ensure proper use and to minimize liability.

  • Market seasonally: Tailor your scents and marketing to seasonal trends; warm spice scents in the fall and fresh floral aromas in the spring. Limited edition holiday-themed candles often see a spike in sales.

DIY candle business website template homepage

02. Body scrubs and handmade soaps

Spas and beauty enthusiasts often look for natural, organic and chemical-free products. Explore various recipes that use ingredients like sugar, salt, coffee grounds, honey and essential oils to make products that customers can use in the shower or bath for a pampering session. Get creative with scents and dyes to create personalized DIY products for specific markets.


  • Choose high-quality Ingredients: Invest in high-quality ingredients that are safe for the skin and provide added benefits, such as anti-aging or moisturizing properties.

  • Create eye-catching packaging: Use eco-friendly materials like glass jars or paper wrapping to add value to your products.

Wix examples to be inspired from: The Tattered Goat, Simply Soap Boutique

03. Bath bombs and milk baths

Bath bombs and milk baths are popular bath items that provide a luxurious and relaxing experience. These niche products can be created with simple ingredients like citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, essential oils and dried flowers or herbs for added visual appeal. Present customers with a range of scents and colors to choose from, allowing them to create custom orders for special occasions such as bridal showers or baby showers.


  • Include instructions: Make sure to include instructions for use with each bath bomb or milk bath. This will help customers have the best experience and prevent any accidents.

  • Maintain a lean inventory: Fresher bath bombs fizz more and keep an eye on the expiration of natural ingredients in milk baths.

Wix examples to be inspired from: Butter Barn Farm, The Bombi Studio

Bombi studio bath bomb website homepage

04. Fragrance and essential oil blends

Perfume usually appeals to everyone, regardless of gender or age. Create customized scents or personalized blends for customers to choose from. Provide a range of sizes and packaging options like roll-on bottles, sprays or diffusers. You might even try infusing CDB into your natural blends or products, you can learn how to sell cbd online to make sure you get it right. Collaborate with local businesses such as spas or boutiques to feature and sell your blends.


  • Use high-quality oils: Invest in high-quality fragrance and essential oils that will create long-lasting scents for your customers.

  • Educate customers on benefits: Essential oils have various therapeutic benefits, educate your customers on the uses and benefits of each oil to help them pick the right blend for their needs.

  • Expand your line: Team up with a private label manufacturer to expand your range to include creams, soaps and other body care products.

Wix examples to be inspired from: Stonehouse Perfumery, Peachy Keen Perfume

Peachy keen perfume website homepage

05. Lip balm

Lip balm is a small and easy product to make with endless flavor options. Lip balms only require beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E and a microwave. Market them as a natural alternative to commercial lip balms that often contain chemicals or artificial flavors. Add trendy and unusual flavors like pumpkin spice, matcha green tea or strawberry cheesecake to appeal to different customer demographics.


  • Offer variety packs:  Package variety packs of different lip balm flavors and them in cute gift sets. This can be a great option for customers looking for gifts or wanting to try out multiple flavors.

  • Partner with beauty influencers: Collaborate with beauty influencers on social media to showcase your lip balm products and reach a larger audience.

Wix examples to be inspired from: ToriTLips, CocoLuxé Lip Care

cocoluxe lip care website homepage

06. Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are increasingly popular as customers become more conscious of the ingredients they put on their skin with the clean beauty movement. Create a line of natural makeup products using quality ingredients like mineral powders, plant-based oils and natural coloring agents. Offer customizable options for foundations, eyeshadows and lip shades to cater to individual skin tones and preferences. Collaborate with local beauty bloggers or influencers to showcase your products and reach a wider audience.

Explore more beauty business ideas.


  • Offer refillable packaging: Refillable packaging options promote sustainability and reduce waste.

  • Highlight ethical practices: With natural cosmetics, ethical practices are important. Highlight any fair-trade or cruelty-free practices in your marketing to appeal to conscious consumers.

  • Avoid spoilage: Beauty products, including natural cosmetics, have a limited shelf life. Essential oils and organic ingredients can degrade over time, from exposure to light and heat.

07. Headbands and hair accessories

Headbands and hair accessories are versatile fashion items that can enhance any outfit or hairstyle. You'll find many tutorials online and some don't even require sewing. Create custom designs using materials like ribbons, lace, beads or feathers to make eye-catching pieces. Partner with hairstylists or salons to showcase your creations and offer them as accessories for their clients.


  • Stay on top of seasonal trends: Create designs that align with seasonal trends, such as floral headbands for spring or sparkly hair clips for the holiday season.

  • Offer Bridal Packages: Partner with wedding planners or offer bridal packages that include matching headbands and hair accessories for the bride, bridesmaids and flower girls.

Wix examples to be inspired from: Holy Headbands, Rae's Headband Co.

Rae's headband company website homepage

08. Jewelry

Jewelry is a classic fashion accessory that can come in various forms, from simple beaded necklaces to intricate silversmithing. The key to success lies in building a strong brand and showcasing excellent craftsmanship. Explore materials like beads, wire, metal or resin to create a diverse range of jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Utilize clear resin to craft photo-based jewelry, allowing customers to transform their favorite images into cherished pieces. Collaborate with local boutiques or showcase your creations at craft fairs and markets.


  • Source quality materials: Invest in quality materials to ensure the durability and longevity of your jewelry pieces, creating a loyal customer base.

  • Offer customization options: Allow customers to customize their jewelry pieces, such as choosing specific gemstones or adding initials, to meet their preferences.

jewelry DIY business website template homepage

09. Magnets and pins

Magnets and pins are versatile products that can be crafted from materials like clay, resin, wood or enamel.  The accessory trend continues with teens styling their clothes and backpacks with pins, while adults use them to commemorate special moments. Magnets are an easy way to bring charm to a kitchen and keep reminders of important events handy.


  • Offer personalization options: Allow customers to personalize for special occasions like weddings or birthdays, where they can add personal messages or names to the products.

  • Research manufacturers: When making enamel pins, you typically collaborate with a manufacturer, leaving the creative aspect to you.

10. Keychains and phone charms

Keychains and phone charms are small yet effective ways to add a personal touch to daily items. Create designs using materials like polymer clay, acrylic paint or resin to make playful and eye-catching pieces that can be sold as gifts or souvenirs. Design products that cater to different interests such as animals, food or pop culture to appeal to a wider audience.


  • Offer personalization options: Allow customers to personalize their items by adding names or initials. This can be a great option for gifts or special occasions.

  • Explore seasonal themes: Create designs that align with seasonal themes, such as holiday-themed keychains or summer-inspired phone charms, to stay relevant and attract shoppers year-round. 

Wix examples to be inspired from: Self Defense Keychain | Mak Safety, School Keychains

11. Pacifier clips

Pacifier clips are a trendy accessory for parents with little ones that can be both practical and stylish. Use materials like fabric, beads or wooden shapes to create special designs that appeal to both babies and parents alike. Create designs that can also double as teething toys or sensory items for babies. Offer customized pacifier clips with the baby's name or initials, creating a thoughtful gift option for parents. 


  • Ensure safety: When creating pacifier clips, it is crucial to ensure they are safe for babies and meet safety standards. Use materials that are non-toxic and secure the clip tightly to prevent any accidents.

  • Offer neutral designs: Gender-neutral designs cater to parents who prefer not to conform to traditional gender roles or are awaiting their baby's gender reveal.

Wix example to be inspired from: MY LIL KEEPERS

My lil keepers website homepage

12. Tote bags

As more consumers aim to reduce plastic bag use, tote bags provide a practical, eco-friendly alternative. There is an option for every skill level, from uploading digital designs to dropshipping websites or getting hands-on with custom designs using techniques like screen printing, embroidery or iron-on transfers on plain tote bags. For those skilled in sewing, crafting them from scratch in stylish leather, denim or reclaimed materials is an option.


  • Use sustainable materials: Use eco-friendly products such as organic cotton or recycled fabric for your tote bags to appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.

  • Offer art reproductions: Totes are perfect canvases for art. If your original art is too expensive for most of your fans, selling totes provides an affordable way for them to own a wearable reproduction of your work.

tote bag DIY business website template homepage

13. Printed merchandise

Create attractive designs for a specific niche and find a supplier to produce them. Partner with on demand printing companies or eCommerce dropshipping platforms to avoid the hassle of inventory management and shipping. Allow purchasers to customize their merchandise with their name or initials, making it more personal and appealing. Want a more personalized touch? Learn screen printing to craft your designs at home or in a studio.


  • Supplement an existing brand: T-shirts and printed merch can supplement an existing business with additional revenue streams.

  • Create limited editions: Offer limited edition prints or designs to create a sense of exclusivity and encourage customers to purchase before they're gone.

14. Clothing

Clothing accessories like socks, mittens, hats and scarves aren't just functional; they're a canvas for creative designs. Think bright colors, rare patterns or popular themes to craft pieces that catch the eye. Offer matching sets or coordinating designs for a polished look. Explore embroidery, knitting or felting for creative creations shoppers will love.


  • Create seasonal collections: Offer seasonal designs for winter accessories such as Christmas-themed socks or Valentine's Day hats to stay relevant and attract buyers during peak seasons.

  • Offer children's sizes: Smaller sizes for children cater to a wider audience and provide options for parents looking for specialized accessories for their kids.

  • Use sustainable materials: Use sustainable materials like bamboo yarn, organic cotton or recycled fabric to appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers. This can also be a unique selling point for your brand.

15. Sweets and sauces

For food enthusiasts, nothing beats homemade food products. Offer customizable options such as hot sauce with varying spice levels or personalized labels for special occasions. Collaborate with local businesses like coffee shops or gift stores to present and sell your goods. Keep in mind that some products may require refrigeration or have a limited shelf life, potentially affecting your shipping capabilities.

Explore more food business ideas.


  • Ensure legal compliance: Make sure to secure the necessary permits and licenses, and comply with food safety regulations including proper training and certification.

  • Incorporate local ingredients: Use locally-sourced ingredients to appeal to consumers looking for custom and authentic products.

  • Create variety packs: Offer variety packs for those who have a hard time choosing just one flavor. This also allows them to try different flavors without having to commit to a larger quantity of one kind.

  • Offer seasonal flavors: Change up your flavors with the seasons, such as pumpkin spice in the fall or peppermint in the winter, to stay relevant and attract shoppers looking for seasonal treats.

16. Art and prints

Artists now have more opportunities to sell their work with the growth of online marketplaces and social media. Whether it's paintings, digital printables, photography prints, sculpture or textile art, all can be sold online. Create an online portfolio to showcase your art and attract potential buyers. Collaborate with local printing companies for quality reproductions or learn to print at home.

Get inspiration from these portfolio websites and explore more art business ideas to monetize your art.


  • Host virtual art shows: Host a virtual art show to showcase your work and interact with viewers from the comfort of your own home.

  • Create limited editions: These create a sense of exclusivity and encourage customers to purchase before they're gone.

  • Reproduce your art: Formats like prints, cards, t-shirts and mugs can be made with a print on demand service or license your work to other eCommerce brands.

Poster art diy business website template homepage

17. Digital products and printables

Digital products are one of the best passive income ideas, as it’s a business to start with little money and there is no need for physical inventory. They can be sold countless times in any quantity and can become one of the types of businesses that run themselves. Create downloadable calendars, chore charts or planners that shoppers can buy and print at home. Digital products to sell online include Lightroom presets, font licenses and invitation templates that can be made and sold with just an internet connection.


  • Give freebies: Attract consumers by offering free digital products as a sample of your work, with the option to purchase full versions for more options and features.

  • Offer bundles: Bundle multiple digital products together to increase the value for buyers and encourage them to purchase more items at once.

Wix example to be inspired from: Not your kid's Coloring Books

18. DIY tutorials and online courses

Share your expertise by creating DIY tutorials or online courses. Selling online courses doesn't require a big upfront investment, just your time. Cover topics from crafting and cooking to business and marketing strategies. These can range from short tutorials and how-to guides to comprehensive courses with video lectures, assignments and quizzes. The more detailed your course, the more you can charge. Offer different levels of access, such as free introductory courses and paid advanced courses with more in-depth information.


  • Offer group discounts: Offer group discounts for families, friends or teams looking to learn together. This can also lead to more word-of-mouth marketing and potential future customers.

  • Create bite sized clips: Posting on platforms like TikTok help you build authority and grow an audience before you start selling content.

Wix examples to be inspired from: WireArtists, ilearn

iLearn website homepage

19. Software programs and applications

If you have coding skills, you might want to explore the option of developing and marketing software programs or applications. The software you create could cover a wide spectrum, including productivity tools, entertainment games, graphic design software or innovative mobile applications. Provide free trials or limited versions to enable prospective buyers to experience your product before committing to a purchase.


  • Provide free updates: Provide regular updates for your software to fix bugs and add new features, keeping customers satisfied and potentially attracting new ones.

  • Offer customization options: Allow buyers to customize their user experience with options such as colors, layouts or features for a more personalized product.

20. 3D printed products

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can create and sell unique products that shoppers won't find anywhere else. These can range from small trinkets and home decor to custom-made jewelry and tech accessories. Experiment with different materials and designs to stand out in the market. Offer customization options to create distinctive items.

Wix examples to be inspired from: 3DREW, 3D Printz

21. Stock photos

With the increasing demand for visual content in social media, websites and marketing materials, there is a constant need for new and specific images. Whether you are a seasoned professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast armed with just a smartphone, you can monetize your photography online. Offer prints of your work or license your images on stock photo sites like Shutterstock, Getty Images or Unsplash.


  • Offer different license options: Offer different levels of licensing for your stock photos, such as personal use, commercial use or exclusive rights for a higher fee.

  • Create themed collections: Create themed collections of your stock photos to cater to specific industries or niches, making it easier for businesses to find the perfect images for their needs.

22. eBooks and audiobooks

If you have a talent for writing, create digital books that can be sold online. You can write about any topic or genre, from fiction and non-fiction to self-help and instructional guides. Add value by offering audiobook versions for those who prefer listening over reading.


  • Offer exclusive content: Offer exclusive content, such as bonus chapters or behind-the-scenes insights, for customers who purchase your eBooks or audiobooks.

  • Collaborate with narrators: Collaborate with professional narrators to bring your books to life in the form of audiobooks. This can attract a wider audience and boost sales.

  • Host virtual book clubs: Host virtual book clubs where readers can discuss and interact with you as the author, creating a sense of community and loyalty.

23. Music and sound effects

If you have a passion for music or sound design, you can create and sell digital music tracks or sound effects. These are highly sought after by content creators, video producers and game developers. Offer a variety of genres and moods to cater to different needs. You can sell singles if you don’t have enough material to compile a whole album.


  • Collaborate with content creators: Collaborate with content creators and offer custom-made music or sound effects tailored to their specific projects. This can lead to ongoing partnerships and recurring income.

  • Create sample packs: Create sample packs of your music or sound effects for shoppers to preview before making a purchase.

24. Traditional handcrafted goods

Handmade and artisanal goods are gaining popularity as people seek unique and authentic craftsmanship instead of mass produced products.  With a resurgence of interest in traditional crafts like pottery, woodworking and weaving, individuals with these skills have a great opportunity to showcase their creations online. By providing customization options and offering limited edition pieces, artisans can not only attract a higher price point but also create a more exclusive and personalized experience for their consumers. 


  • Collaborate with interior designers: Collaborate with interior designers to have your handcrafted goods featured in their projects.

  • Partner with ethical companies: Partner with ethical companies that value sustainability and fair trade to sell your handcrafted goods, aligning with their values and reaching a more conscious shopper base.

ceramic studio website template homepage

25. Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes have become a popular trend, offering customers a curated selection of products delivered to their doorstep on a regular basis. By selling subscriptions, you can tap into this market and provide shoppers with an exciting and convenient way to discover new products. Since subscription boxes are usually packed all at once each month, the shipping process is simple. 


  • Offer themed boxes: Offer subscription boxes with a different theme each month, catering to various interests and seasons.

  • Include exclusive items: Include exclusive items in your subscription boxes that can only be found through your service, creating a sense of exclusivity and value for purchasers.

Wix examples to be inspired from: Apex Card Club, Collegiate Case

Collegiate case website homepage

26. Gift baskets and boxes

Gift baskets are a classic and versatile gift option that can be tailored to any occasion or recipient. Assemble your own curated gift baskets using products from various brands or create handmade items to include. Offer customization options for customers to add a personal touch, such as including a handwritten note or choosing specific items for the basket. 


  • Curate themed baskets: Create themed gift baskets for different occasions, such as holidays, birthdays or weddings.

  • Partner with corporate clients: Partner with corporate clients to offer customized gift basket options for their employees or clients, providing a unique and thoughtful gifting solution.

Wix examples to be inspired from: Gallo Goodie Baskets, Stuffers Gift Co.

27. Home decor

With the rise in popularity of home renovation and interior design shows, there's a growing interest in stylized home decor. There are many types of home decor like pillows, blankets, picture frames, artificial plants, planters, coasters and towels. Find a niche that you are interested in and specialize in that type of decor. Offer customization for a personal touch and let shoppers choose colors or materials for a personalized experience.


  • Collaborate with home influencers: Collaborate with home influencers on social media to showcase your products in real-life settings.

  • Create tutorials: Create tutorials or DIY projects using your home decor items to provide customers with ideas and inspire them to make a purchase.

Wix examples to be inspired from: Kessymee Home & Decor, My Home Decor