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24 construction websites: examples to inspire

construction website example featuring bold, blue text and an illustration of a modern apartment building

Deciding to build a website can help any business accomplish even the most ambitious goals. And for those currently running a construction company or starting a business in the industry, now's the perfect time to solidify your online presence. Industry data suggests that contractors can anticipate steady business growth in the near future: According to Finances Online, the global construction market will grow to $8 trillion by 2030.

From increasing your visibility online to connecting with more customers, a well-designed construction website will amplify your company’s construction marketing efforts and with the right construction business name, content, professional bio and testimonials, set you up for success. In this article, we’ll show you 24 of the best construction websites, providing you with inspiration and actionable ideas to create your own.

24 best construction websites and how they work

Like any business website, your construction website should include the right design and marketing elements to promote your brand. An online presence helps to establish credibility and authority, plus it serves as a powerful asset for getting your name out there and drawing in new clients both for your professional site, and personal sites like a hobby website. But you need to take the right approach to how to make a construction website to see results.

What better way to learn how to make a business website for your construction company than by example? The 24 construction websites below establish a solid online presence, while also guiding visitors who want to learn more and book services.

We’ll point out the best practices each uses, so you can implement in your own construction company website design efforts:

01. Milestone Construction Renovations

Milestone focuses on construction and renovation projects for both residential and business properties. Their website is a powerful marketing tool that showcases the diversity of their services and clients. Muted tones, polished image and a sleek construction logo enhance their established brand image. This easy-to-navigate construction company web design allows potential clients to easily find what they need and reach out if they're interested.

construction website example by Milestone company with image of glasses shop in background

02. Alunique Construction Corp

Alunique’s construction website features a red, white and black color scheme, matching the hues in their company logo. As your mouse hovers over each black and white link in the horizontal menu, the element highlights in red—an animated design feature that helps encourage potential clients to click through for more information.

construction website example by alunique construction corp  with full screen background image and red typography on top

03. T&A Construction

Parallax scrolling immediately engages users landing on T&A’s construction website. As visitors scroll past the company’s name at the top fold and learn more about the service, the site reveals more of the hero image. This design element increases the chances that visitors will spend more time on the page.

construction website example by alunique construction corp with logo against black website header and large featured image of staircase

04. ANJ Construction

A business's website can show potential customers its brand values. ANJ Construction’s website does this by greeting visitors with the construction slogan “Quality Comes First,” establishing trust from the first glance.

For potential clients curious how the business lives up this motto, they can scroll down to read more about “What Separates ANJ Construction from its Competitors?” Here, ANJ lays out the pillars of their company’s mission: honesty, quality and innovation.

construction website example by ANJ construction with large photo of construction workers at work

05. A Matthews American Roofing and Gutters

This construction website's top fold features a large version of the A Matthew’s logo: a house intertwined with the company name. This spot-on construction logo design serves its purpose, directly indicating the type of service this business provides.

Continue scrolling and you'll see a bright orange About section highlighting the company's familial nature. This page also contains a slideshow of positive customer reviews. Both of these construction company website design elements convey the company’s trustworthiness and credibility to potential customers.

construction website example by A Matthews American Roofing and Gutters  with split screen featuring photo of house on the left and and "About" text with orange background on the right

06. Home Again Design and Construction

The homely, comfy cursive font of Home Again’s website title correlates with the business's name. But design isn't the only element that communicates Home Again’s relaxed brand. By including a dedicated “Meet the Team” page with professional bios and openly displaying pricing options, the construction company signals trust and transparency to potential customers.

construction website example by Home again design and construction

07. In the Deets

This construction website highlights the customer experience. A self-proclaimed “design and construction concierge,” In the Deets wants customers to trust their service. Owners Gita Jacobson and Priyam Sawhney even include a blog to provide visitors with related content.

With detailed pages describing their construction company design processes as well as the company values and workflow, In the Deets lives up to their name.

construction website example by In The Deets featuring full screen hero image with dining room renovation

08. M Creative Construction

M Creative’s black and white construction web design sets the tone for a modern, sleek and professional feel. On top of the monotone foundation, a contrasting yellow font helps facilitate a vibrant browsing experience.

The site is rich with patterned backgrounds, home decor imagery and informative (and concise) written content. Scroll down to the website footer, and you'll find a contact form for interested visitors to get in touch.

construction website example by M creative with black and white image of building  on homepage

09. Memosand General Construction

Memosand General Construction show us that the best business websites make quality imagery go a long way. The hero image displayed on the top fold of the homepage makes a strong first impression, representing the company’s services and contrasting the white font and bright orange logo.

In addition, this construction website design displays before and after renovation photos as well as an image gallery showcasing completed products. These visual examples strategically preview the company's work for potential customers

Memosand General construction company website featuring black background and image of man sanding floor

10. Advantage

Advantage’s website spotlights the company's professionalism, dependability and high work quality with a colorful display including awards from Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor. The construction website’s About section also features complete ratings and reviews from former clients, assuring new visitors they’ll receive the same positive experience.

construction website example by Advantage LLC featuring tan background and picture of a front yard

11. E&L Home Renovations

Clean, crisp and easy to navigate, E&L's one-page website simply showcases the construction company's work, services and contact information. A Google Map at the bottom of the page shows the business's location as well. This classic construction company website design provides an up-to-date and relevant online presence.

construction website example by E & L renovations featuring image of kitchen with a black border

12. Joshua Stanley Construction

Joshua Stanley’s website uses a header and hero image to get right to the point. On the top fold, visitors see calls-to-action and contact details, along with a photo representing the company’s craftsmanship.

Featuring a consistent color scheme, the construction website repeats the same bright yellow and turquoise hues in Stanley’s logo. This upbeat palette provides brand consistency while also invoking feelings of happiness and warmth.

construction website example by Joshua Stanley featuring image of home with sky in the background

13. JDE Remodeling Homes

A full-screen photo background exemplifies the quality work of JDE’s remodeling services. This top fold's blue and white color scheme remains visually consistent with the rest of the construction website, which includes a gallery of work samples and descriptions of JDE’s services.

While the site provides contact details throughout the site—including a phone number, email and physical address—the CTA button in the header entices potential clients to “Get In Touch.”

construction website example featuring full screen image of white kitchen cabinets

14. LBR Partners

Of the best construction company websites on our list, LBR Partners stands out for their incredibly detailed site. Pages dedicated to their service and competitive advantages make it clear the company wants to assure potential clients of their reliability.

LBR partners place a clear and enticing offer at the top of their page: Free renovations quotes. Customers who are already considering LBR will be even more likely to hire the company when they know the cost of their project upfront.

construction website example by LBR partners featuring hero image with home renovation and a white header that includes their logo

15. Notch Artisan Builders

The Notch construction website has an impressive, clean and modern construction web design, comprising sans serif fonts, an abstract logo design and black and white color scheme. Their high-quality hero image highlights a recently completed project, visually conveying Notch's contemporary and professional style.

construction website by Notch Builders featuring full screen image of kitchen with green tiles and white cabinets

16. Legacy Innovative Builders

Legacy uses cool tones, large text and plenty of white space to create a readable and easy-to-navigate construction website. Yet the site’s symmetrical layout and sans serif font give it corporate feel.

A live chat box pinned to the bottom of the homepage allows Legacy’s visitors to get in touch at any time, communicating to users that the company values customer service.

Tip: You can set up your Wix Chat to automatically respond to messages.

construction website example by legacy builders with black and blue logo in the website header

17. TMA Contractors

A video background can immediately grab the attention of those who visit your construction website. We love how TMA placed a video of a contractor carefully sanding a piece of wood at their top fold, catching visitor's focus and showcasing their highly skilled work.

Whether you use a video maker or hire a professional, quality videos can be a valuable marketing asset. You can post them on your social accounts as well.

construction website example for TMA contractors featuring video background with man sanding wood

18. Tri State America

Tri State America’s website uses large, sleek and minimalistic construction company web design elements on each page to set a modern tone. In addition to the site’s header menu and footer, the homepage includes three important sections that encourage visitors to discover more about the company: a “services” section, a portfolio gallery and a slideshow of testimonials.

Testimonials can help attract new customers—whether displayed on your website, social media accounts, case studies or more. As your business grows, maintain healthy client relationships and ask your loyal customers for official reviews of your services.

construction website example by tri state america featuring full screen image of a home's exterior

19. Cortes Contractors

Cortes Contractors makes it easy for visitors to contact the company. With a large Call Now! button in the upper right corner and another one beneath the header on the top fold, visitors won’t have any trouble reaching out for quotes or new projects. Additionally, the homepage’s footer includes another “Contact” button, a link to the company’s Facebook page and phone numbers for both the office and Sales departments.

construction website example for cortes contractors featuring image of kitchen with a dark filter and company text in foreground

20. CJ’s Construction

CJ’s Construction has all of the winning construction website design elements but we want to highlight the privacy policy on their homepage. When you’re running a business, privacy policies show new visitors that you’re honest, value their business and care about protecting customers’ personal information.

construction website example for cj construction

21. Firsthand Construction

Firsthand Construction knows that renovations can be expensive—that’s why they’ve gone the extra step to include a financing option on their homepage. A large button pinned to the bottom of the brings visitors to Hearth, a loan company. If cost stops potential clients from becoming loyal customers, displaying financing options can help you hold on to business.

construction website example by firsthand construction featuring black background and large image of two story home

22. Adkins Construction Services

Adkins’ website sells their services through imagery, including a gallery of previous projects representing their areas of expertise. Visitors browsing this site from a mobile device will not lose out on any content. Adkins adapts the size, layout and organization of their image galleries to foster a seamless mobile browsing experience.

construction website for adkins construction services featuring full screen image of a home's exterior

23. Builderstar

When you offer services in more than one language, you can use your website to market to that audience demographic. Builderstar’s website, for example, includes an option to view a Chinese version of the site with translated content. While this may seem like a large task, there are many tools to help make a multilingual website.

construction website example for builderstar featuring full screen image of a living room with wooden window blinds

24. A&K General Contractor

A&K Contractor's contrasting color scheme uses a black background and bright, orange text to ensure their content (including text, imagery and logo) pops. Their portfolio gallery features both images and videos to demonstrate their work. A&K often links their visual content to their social accounts, a strategic way to attract new followers who may eventually convert into customers

construction website example by A & K contractors feautring image of construction workers on left and the company's name in a yellow text on right

Construction company website design templates for inspiration

Use a professional, customizable website templates to create a ready-to-use construction website. The design is already done for you—all you have to do is fill in the content.

Here are 5 of the best construction website templates available on Wix:

01. Cityscape construction template

Perfect for larger companies working in urban environments, this cityscape construction template features intricate construction projects in a city setting. The design also includes a bar where companies can list the number of projects completed and contractors appointed. When creating your own site, you can customize or delete these categories.

construction website template with full screen photo in background and orange CTA buttons

02. Sleek & modern construction template

A black background with light brown buttons and icons sets a modern tone on this modern construction template. The simple, sans serif font is clean, and there’s plenty of white space to frame your images. The use of parallax scrolling on the top fold adds to the construction company web design template's contemporary vibe.

construction website template example with night sky and construction site in background

03. Video background construction template

A video background construction template conveys professionalism and appeal, while remaining muted enough so that visitors can easily read the header. This template uses white space to maintain a sophisticated look while allowing guests to skim the content. Pops of orange (which can be changed to suit your own brand colors) stand out while a simple horizontal line above each homepage category guides the eye.

construction website template with video background

04. Architecture firm construction template

Best for construction businesses that specialize in modern architecture, this architecture construction template conveys professionalism and trustworthiness. The spacing between the image descriptions and the use of a small arrow icon after each category presents a trendy vibe.

construction website template example featuring white background and image of modern building

05. Corporate firm construction template

The serif title font and images of senior team members make this corporate firm construction template ideal for larger construction and renovation companies. Display your most impressive projects to show the range of your work on the "Projects" page. Utilize the minimalistic grid format to share your services.

construction website template example with orange sign up form in the foreground

What's the best website builder for a construction website?

When it comes to choosing a website builder to create your construction website you'll want to consider the following:

  • Templates: Choose industry-specific designs. Get started with this construction company website template.

  • Mobile friendly design: Guarantee optimal viewing on various devices.

  • SEO Tools: Support visibility on search engines.

  • Gallery/portfolio: Showcase completed projects with an online portfolio.

  • Contact forms: Facilitate client communication.

  • Integration with apps: Seamlessly incorporate construction-specific plugins or tools, like these from the Wix app market.

  • Performance: Prioritize speed and reliability, as well as website security.

  • Scalability: Allow for future growth and additional features.

  • User-friendly interface: Simplify content updates for non-technical users.

  • Cost: Align with your budget and offer value for construction-specific needs. You can create a website with Wix for free.

How to make a construction website of your own

Now that you have some web design inspiration from the best construction company websites, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to make a construction website. Opt for a website builder like Wix and you'll get powerful site infrastructure, in-built marketing tools and fully-managed website security.

how to make a construction website
Cortes Contractors

  • Create a Wix account. Go to and click on "Get Started" in the upper right corner.

  • Answer the prompts: Click on "Create new site," which will lead you through a series of questions to better understand the type of website you want. When it asks you, "What kind of website do you want to create?" Type "Construction Company," the prompt will autofill. However, feel free to type in a more general category to see other templates that you might like to customize.

  • Select a construction themed template: To create a website without the help of a designer, click on "Select a template." This will lead you to a gallery of all the construction website templates Wix offers. When you find one you like, click "Edit."

  • Design your website: Each template is completely customizable, so feel free to move around elements and add new pages, such as: services offered, contact page, image gallery or a blog.

  • Create a domain name: Your domain name is your site’s URL and personal address on the web. Make sure it includes your company name and reflects your brand accordingly.

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