How to Come Up With a Blog Name [+ 50 Creative Blog Name Ideas]

Blog name ideas

Words have meaning and names have power. So when you create a blog, make sure you come up with a name that represents you, your area of expertise and grabs the attention of potential readers. Additionally, your blog's name should be unique to your site and optimized for search engines so that new readers can find you.

To discover a memorable blog name, you'll first need to come up with enough creative ideas to choose from. The best way to do so is by pairing a blog name generator with the brainstorming strategies you'll find in this article.

Questions to ask yourself before coming up with blog names

When you start a blog, you should first decide what it will be about and which goals you wish to achieve by blogging. Begin by asking yourself the following questions, after which you will be best equipped to come up and sort through all your blog name ideas:

  • What type of blog will you create?

  • Who is your target market?

  • What are your goals for your blog?

  • Which writing style and tone of voice will you use?

  • Who are your competitors and how are they going about their blogging strategy?

To further help you define your blogging style and message, take a peek at our blog templates for inspiration. Knowing where you’re headed can better help you come up with blog name ideas.

How to come up with a blog name

Before we jump into our 15 blog naming methods, remember that naming your blog is a lot like naming a baby - you want it to “grow” with you. With this in mind, make sure the name you come up with is original and not too specific so that you can expand in your niche. This will allow you to scale your readership and expand your opportunities to make money blogging. Additionally, you’ll also want to make sure your blog name ideas are catchy, short and sweet. It should be easy to find you and effortless to remember you.

Let’s take a look at the most effective ways to come up with blog name ideas:

  1. Gather related keywords

  2. Plug your keywords into the Wix blog name generator

  3. Experiment with blog naming formulas

  4. Invent a portmanteau

  5. Use a thesaurus and special dictionaries

  6. Adapt a popular saying

  7. Incorporate another language

  8. Try an alliteration

  9. Use your own name or nickname

  10. Simplify with abbreviations

  11. Combine unrelated words

  12. Come up with puns

  13. Include the name of a city, country or region

  14. Make up words

  15. Be purely descriptive (and remember the rule of three)

01. Gather related keywords

As you do your research, you'll start noticing repeating words that are often used in your blogging category, whether it's food, fashion or travel. In this very first step, you should jot down as many of the words that come to mind that relate to your niche. In later steps, we can incorporate these phrases into our blog naming strategies and blog name generator.

To help you gather words, read articles, blog posts and books about your topic and jot them down. The greater the list of words, the more blog name ideas we can come up with.

02. Plug your keywords into the Wix blog name generator

Do you have a word in mind that you want to include in your blog name? Whether you have a starting direction or are at ground zero, you can find great blog name ideas with a blog name generator. This online tool suggests names by combining the text you enter with industry trends to come up with relevant ideas that can inspire you.

This platform automatically shows you the domain availability for each idea, so you can go ahead and easily secure your domain name before someone else takes it. Before you do so, make sure the name is also still available on social media, as you'll want to promote your blog on other channels.

blog name generator for how to come up with a blog name

03. Experiment with blog naming formulas

Luckily much simpler than calculus, these formulas make solving the blog name equation fun and easy. You can use the keywords you've already come up with that are related to your industry and make them sound catchy once they've been placed in the right order.

Try one of these 5 techniques to get the best blog names:

Blog name = [adjective] + [noun]


  • Parenting blog: Happy Mama

  • Cooking blog: The Experimental Chef

  • Travel blog: The Lonely Traveler

  • Baking blog: The Skinny Baker

  • Arts and crafts blog: The Colorful Canvas

Blog name = Simply + [word]


  • Food and diet blog: Simply Paleo

  • Fitness blog: Simply Cardio

  • Design blog: Simply Design

Blog name = [audience or topic] + [end goal or transformation]


  • Finance blog: Millennial Investors

  • Photography blog: The Photo Wiz

  • Health and fitness blog: Yoga for Inner Peace

Blog name = [noun] + [noun]


  • Writing blog: Pen and Paper

  • Baking blog: Pink Cupcakes

  • Fitness blog: King of the Gym

Blog name = [topic] + Hacks


  • Business blog: Small Business Hacks

  • Personal finance blog: Loans and Saving Hacks

  • Parenting blog: Parenting Hacks

04. Invent a portmanteau

Portmanteau is the process of combining two different words to create an entirely new one. There are many blog name ideas you can form when joining two familiar words into one.

The benefit of portmanteaus blog names is that they can clearly describe your blog niche and are original since you create a unique combination. To help you come up with effective keyword combinations, you can use a generator tool such as the Port Manteaux Word Maker.

Examples include:

  • Travel blog: Footrip = foot + trip

  • Food blog: Appetizertime = appetizers + time

  • Music blog: Discritic = disc + critic

  • Travel blog: Flightescapes = flight + escapes

  • Photography blog: Shutterclick = shutter + click

05. Use a thesaurus and special dictionaries

Dust off your thesaurus, or should we more accurately say bookmark a new tab, because this method can help you find just the right blog names you're searching for. How will it help you? A thesaurus lists words in groups of synonyms and finds related concepts that can spark a lot of new name ideas.

For example, if you've noticed a certain word such as travel is too often used, a thesaurus will suggest words like voyage, wanderlust and globe-trotting instead. There are more types of dictionaries that can help you find the right blog name.

Here are some options to explore:

  • Thesaurus - Synonyms and related words.

  • RhymeZone - Rhymes, descriptive words, similar sounding words and homophones.

  • OneLook - Describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. Tap into special abilities such as choosing the number of letters and the letter the word should start with.

  • OneLook Dictionary Search - Gives you words that often appear near your word.

  • Reverse Dictionary - Search for words by their definition.

  • Word Hippo - Find words ending with a specific word.

06. Adapt a popular saying

Sometimes familiar phrases just sound right to the ear. You can use this to your advantage by modifying a saying you’ve heard before and tweak it to fit your blog name. Not only will coming up with a blog name be easier since you have a starting point, but it will also be memorable since it relates to a known phrase.

To help you think of common sayings, turn to Pinterest for quotes or even articles such as this one that lists the most common English proverbs. Let’s show you what we’ve come up with:

  • Food blog: Bake the Cake and Eat It Too

  • Book blog: Been There Read That

  • Fashion blog: [Insert name] Wears Prada

  • Finance blog: More Money, Less Problems

  • Home decor blog: Honey, I’m Home

07. Incorporate another language

Want to instantly sound more exotic, international and interesting? Consider including a foreign language in your blog name. Don’t worry, there is no need to sign up for a language course. A simple Google Translate search can help you find a blog name you agree with.

Try to choose a language that relates to your niche. For example, if you're starting a cooking blog, use a language from a country where your cuisine originates. If pizza and pasta are your specialties, using an Italian phrase in your food blog name is a no-brainer.

We've taken some general industry words and translated them into another language so you can see the magical effect they can have. Take any of these words and plug them into your own blog name.

Fashion blog: À la Mode = The Fashion in French

  • Example: À la Mode by [your name here]

Food blog: Cucina = Kitchen in Italian

  • Example: Welcome to My Cucina

Travel blog: Adiós = Goodbye in Spanish

  • Example: Adiós I’m on the Next Flight

08. Try an alliteration

Alliteration is when the same letter or sound appears at the beginning of an adjacent or closely connected word. These word pairings tend to roll smoothly off the tongue and help with our memory as they can be quite catchy. This can be useful for users when they want to look you up again later.

To come up with an alliteration, make a list of as many words you can think of that also start with the same letter of the word you’re set on using. Remember, you can go back to strategy number 5 and get the help of one of the special dictionaries.

Here are some alliterations to get you started:

  • Lifestyle blog: My Luscious Lifestyle

  • Music blog: Music Minute

  • Fitness blog: The Weightlifting Writer

  • Arts and crafts blog: Crafting Creatively

  • Finance blog: Frugal Finance

09. Use your own name or nickname

What better way to claim something yours than putting your name on it? Using your name or nickname allows people to immediately know the person behind the blog. This is very common in personal blogs. There are two main ways to include your name in your blog: using your full name or combining it with other keywords.

Using your full name will allow you to have a straightforward domain name that continuously reminds readers who you are. For example:




The other popular way is to use your name and incorporate adjectives, nouns, or blogging niche keywords before or after your name or nickname:

  • Movie blog: Katy’s Movie Addiction

  • Art and design blog: Ella the Painter

  • Poetry blog: Poetry by Andrew

  • Fitness blog: Crossfit With Chris

Personal blog name ideas

10. Simplify with abbreviations

"Less is more" can easily explain why people use abbreviations to come up with a blog name. A shortened form of a sentence or phrase can still allow you to have a longer message behind your name but makes it short and simple to write and remember.

Often abbreviations are used in blog logos. When making a logo you can use your abbreviated letters in big and write the full sentence below in smaller font.

See our examples:

  • Beauty blog: MBH = Make-up and Beauty Hacks

  • Fashion blog: DOI = Daily Outfit Inspo

  • Parenting blog: MPD = My Pregnant Diary

  • Love and relationship blog: LRA = Love and Relationship Advice

  • Fitness blog: WWM = Workout With Me

11. Combine unrelated words

We are not completely out of our minds by suggesting you use random unrelated words together. People use this method to come up with a distinguished blog name because it often results in some of the most memorable names.

You should have at least one of the words relate to your blog’s function, but the others can be a color, an adjective or a noun. Let's take a look:

  • Interior design blog: The Dancing Furniture

  • Photography blog: The Laughing Camera

  • Travel blog: The Lazy Suitcase

  • Food blog: The Green Kitchen

12. Come up with puns

Time to get punny. To help explain, a pun exploits the different possible meanings of a word or combines words that sound alike but have different meanings. Consider adding a pun to your blog name to help you show your quirky and creative side. After all, people want to read a blog that's authored by someone with personality and using a pun can show this side of you off the bat.

If you can't think of a pun, try to use slang or humor in your blog name to achieve the same effect.

  • Photography blog: Oh Snap!

  • Book and writing blog: Never Wrong Always Write

  • Travel blog: Love at First Flight

  • Baking blog: Baking the World a Better Place

  • Lifestyle blog: Extra Fries and Exercise

13. Include the name of a city, country or region

When blogging in a competitive industry, it can be good to differentiate yourself by becoming a regional expert in your topic. To help highlight your geographic presence, you can include a city or country name in your blog name.

Using a region in your blog name is also good because it can help your blog SEO. Suppose people are searching for travel bloggers that are experts in a specific destination they are planning to visit, that's when your blog can show up.


  • Lifestyle blog: Alice in Paris

  • Travel blog: Adventures in the Middle East

  • Personal blog: Katarina From Korea

  • Lifestyle blog: A Vegan in Portland

  • Fashion blog: Tel Aviv Fashionista

  • Food blog: Tastebuds of Tokyo

City, region, country blog names example such as Australia Way

14. Make up words

Let's begin by saying that we've followed our own advice when inventing the word Wix as our company name. Need more proof that random words can make a breakthrough? Google, Häagen-Dazs and Sony all don't mean anything but with great products, good marketing and branding, we all know who they are and what they offer. Try to come up with some random words and ask your friends and family which sound like the best fit for a blog name.

15. Be purely descriptive (and remember the rule of three)

Describing the content of your blog in the name might seem obvious. However, it helps your readers instantly understand what you're all about. Being straightforward and to the point in a blog name is often appreciated by people who quickly need to find a specific type of blog.


  • Pet blog: All About Cats

  • Blogging blog: Blogging For Beginners

  • Religion blog: Daily Prayers and Passages

  • Music blog: Nashville Country Music Lovers

To simplify things further, you can list three words that describe what you’ll write about in your blog. A great example of this technique can be found in the book title Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Let’s apply this rule of three to some blog name ideas:


  • Health and wellness blog: Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Fitness blog: Gym, Sleep, Repeat

  • DIY craft blog: Sewing, Knitting and Other Crafts

  • Writing blog: Short Stories, Poems and Creative Writing

  • News blog: News, Gossip and Pop Culture

  • Lifestyle blog: Coffee, Clothes and My Camera

50 Creative blog names

Let’s get less theoretical and more practical by looking at blog names we’ve come up with. Below you can explore 50 blog name ideas by blog niche to spark your creativity. If you see one you like, go get ownership of the domain, choose the best blog template for your site and begin writing your first blog post.

Food blog name ideas

1. Put Your Best Food Forward

2. Living the Food Life

3. The Real Happy Meal

Travel blogs

4. Explore to See More

5. Destination Seeker

6. Travel Hacker

7. Journey of a Thousand Miles

Health and fitness blogs

8. Ready, Set, Squat

9. Simply Yoga

10. Marathons Made Easy

Lifestyle blogs

11. Cookin’ and Good Lookin’

12. Food, Fashion, Fabulous

13. The Time of My Life

Fashion blog name ideas

14. The Retail Therapist

15. A Walk in [insert name]’s Shoes

16. Oh So Stylish

Beauty blogs name ideas

17. Beauty Hacks by [insert name]

18. Glamour Girl Blog

19. The Makeover

Photography blogs

20. The Photo Spotlight

21. Over Exposure

22. Life Through a Viewfinder

Personal blogs

23. A Girl/Boy [ or description of you ] With a Blog

24. You Heard It From Me

25. Confessions of a [name of city] Guy/Girl [ or description of you ]. Example: Confessions of a LA Girl

DIY craft blogs

26. Crafting Queen

27. Make Art Not War

28. The Sewing Wiz

Parenting and mom blog name ideas

29. LFYP (Lessons From Young Parents)

30. If Only I’d Known, Parenting Blog

31. Sleepless in [your city name]

Movie blogs

32. The Show Must Go On

33. Don’t Be Salty Movie Reviews

34. Spoiler Alert

Book blogs

35. Books Over Looks

36. The Secret Book Club

37. Pen, Paper and the Imagination

Personal finance blogs name ideas

38. If Money Could Talk

39. The Savvy Saver

40. Resting and Vesting

Sports blogs

41. Games in Review

42. What's the Score?

43. Sports, Sports and More Sports

News blogs name ideas

44. News Flash

45. In the Know

46. Did You Hear?

Interior design blogs

47. MI Casa ES Tu Casa

48. YDH (Your Dream Home)

49. Home Decor Hacks

50. No Place Like Home

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