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25 best blog templates for 2023

25 Best Blog Templates of 2023

As a professional blogger, I can tell you that a beautiful layout is just as important as the text itself. A big part of creating a blog involves thinking carefully about how to display your content. Will you put your articles or your images front and center? What about including videos or podcasts? And how will you encourage readers to subscribe?

With all these considerations to think about, you may find yourself overwhelmed at the prospect of deciding how to make a website and blog entirely from scratch. Often, the best route to take is to use blog templates that are created by design professionals to suit your particular niche. This gives you a helpful starting point for your blog design and lets you direct most of your energy toward crafting the content, including your blog titles, itself.

Below, we’ll show you the best blog templates for 2023. All of them are completely customizable, providing you with valuable inspiration across a range of blog and website types while letting you adjust the colors and layout as you see fit.

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01. Life Blog Template

If you don’t have a blog idea in mind just yet, opt for a flexible template like this one. One of the best blog templates around, the Life Blog template is ideal for lifestyle bloggers, vloggers and anyone else seeking to build an online presence. Blog posts are visible directly from the homepage, while the blog category in the navigation bar takes readers to the complete blog feed.

Best blog templates: Lifestyle blog template

02. Personal Blog Template

These days, starting a personal blog is both a hobby and a way to build a portfolio online. This on-trend, modern template is the perfect framework for sharing your perspectives and ideas with the online world. Effective for both hobby bloggers and entrepreneurs, this design can be easily customized to suit your blog niche.

Best blog templates: Personal blog template

03. Food Blog Template

If you’re looking to start a food blog, you can highlight your work using this tastefully designed food blog template. The clean, minimal design ensures that all your images are front and center, drawing customers into your site and making them hungry for more.

Food blog template

04. Travel Blog Template

When starting a travel blog, you’ll need a blog template that’s easy to customize on the go. Use this template to reflect on your most exciting adventures and to share images of your favorite destinations with family, friends and followers.

Best blog templates: Travel blog template

05. Baking Blog Template

The next best thing after a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie? A baking blog template that lets you share your recipes and mouthwatering photos with the world. If you enjoy writing blog posts about your culinary creations, this template makes it easy for your readers to access all your recipes, and even includes a separate section for selling your own cookbook through your site.

Best blog templates: Baking blog template

06. Literature Blog Template

What better way to show your love of writing than by writing about books you love? Whether you’re a bookworm, book reviewer, or cultural blogger, this layout puts your blog post feed directly on the homepage, making it perfect for expressing your literary ideas.

Best blog templates: Literature blog template

07. Fashion Blog Template

If you’re looking to start a fashion blog, this is one of the best blog templates out there. The timeless layout features large-scale images above each article—helping you capture your fans’ attention with your fashion photos.

Best blog templates: Fashion blog template

08. News Blog Template

Whether you’re a journalist or simply love expressing your ideas about politics and news, this news blog template gives you a professional platform for analyzing current events. The highly organized layout will help you—and your readers—stay informed about breaking news.

Best blog templates: News blog template

09. Influencer Blog Template

Both current and aspiring influencers, know that building an online friendship with your audience is one of the best ways to get fans. Give your followers a glimpse into your life that goes beyond your social media feeds by creating a blog. To enrich your online presence even further, include a photo gallery accompanied by articles on the latest trends.

Best blog template: Influencer blog template

10. Style & Design Blog Template

If we had to pick an example of a blog with a stunning layout, it would be this design blog template. The attractive design of this template makes it an effective tool for professional design bloggers and gallery managers. Not only does the template include a blog post feed and photo gallery, but it also includes a podcast page—offering a unique way for you to discuss local artists and trends.

Best blog templates: Style blog template

11. Marketing Blog Template

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking to share your marketing tips with other professionals? This blog template includes a highly visible subscribe section directly on the homepage—helping you get subscribers and build an online community.

Best blog templates: Marketing blog template

12. Arts & Culture Blog Template

With a boxed layout and minimalist design, this template boasts a sleek, modern aesthetic. If you’re an artist, art critic or cultural blogger, this is a great platform to leave your mark on the arts and culture scene. It even lets you take your blogging efforts a step further with a podcast section, which is a great tactic for engaging with your audience and building your authority in the field.

Best blog templates: Art blog template

13. Family Blog Template

This template is well-suited for busy moms looking to advise and connect with other parents. Not only does it provide you with a platform for sharing your skills, but it also includes a discussion forum. A valuable blogging tool, a forum lets readers ask questions and exchange ideas amongst themselves, helping build a community around your brand.

Best blog templates: Family blog template

14. Business Blog Template

One of the biggest blogging mistakes is to create a blog that doesn’t accurately reflect your brand. With this template, you won’t have to worry. The design is simultaneously stylish and corporate, making it one of the best blog templates for business bloggers, consultants and analysts. With a modern look and parallax scrolling, you’ll be able to highlight your ideas in a way that looks sophisticated and professional.

Best blog templates: Business blog template

15. Nutrition Blog Template

This nutrition blog template is rich with different types of content, making it the ideal place to not only share your ideas but also to make money blogging. The homepage highlights your latest blog articles, while separate Recipes and Lifestyle tabs let you divide your content into recipes and nutrition advice. On top of that, the Meal Plans tab gives you the option to monetize your blog by selling weekly and monthly meal plans to your followers.

Best blog templates: Nutrition blog template

16. Education Blog Template

Whether you’re a teacher, academic or educational researcher, this bright and engaging template design makes it excellent for discussing your ideas, sharing your teaching experience, and providing useful information for peers, parents and professionals in your field (see how to start a teacher blog). The layout and blog format includes a featured post prominently on the homepage, letting you use your most compelling piece to draw in readers.

Best blog templates: Education blog template

17. Mindfulness Blog Template

Bloggers writing about mindfulness, alternative medicine or a balanced lifestyle will love the soothing simplicity of this blog template. The cool colors exude a sense of calm, while the contact and subscription forms make it easy to promote your blog and build your fanbase.

Best blog templates: Mindfulness blog template

18. Movie Blog Template

Everyone loves movies, so why not blog about them? Whether you’re a film critic, movie aficionado or celebrity fan, this movie blog template is the perfect platform for sharing your thoughts on TV shows, movies and actors. With its image-centric design, black background, and rich, contrasting colors, this layout is sure to appeal to your highly visual audience.

Best blog templates: Movie blog template

19. Music Blog Template

Conveying qualities of good music, this expressive template blends tradition, improvisation and individuality. It has special features that make it unique, including pages dedicated to album reviews, upcoming performances, interactive forums and, of course, your blog posts themselves.

Best blog templates: Music blog template

20. Photography Blog Template

This photography blog template is suitable for professional and freelance photographers. Not only does it showcase your photographs and videos, it also provides you with a platform for explaining the context behind your work. This is a great way to connect with your followers and, ultimately, obtain new clients.

Best blog templates: Photography blog template

21. Makeup Blog Template

Whether you’re looking to provide makeup reviews or share your personal style journey, this beautiful blog template is a great fit for bloggers and reviewers interested in beauty, skin care, style and wellness. It offers an effective layout for sharing your ideas, and even includes social media buttons that help your fans navigate between your website and social pages. This is an effective way to promote your blog on Facebook, Instagram and more.

Best blog templates: Makeup blog template

22. Sports Blog Template

This sports blog template greets visitors with an image gallery on the homepage that automatically slides through a selection of your most striking photos. Not only is the design stunning, but it also draws visitors straight into the action, letting your images do most of the talking.

Best blog templates: Sports blog template

23. Fitness Blog Template

Immediately setting the tone for exercise and fitness, this blog template is energetic and dynamic. Using this template, you can share workout, nutrition and lifestyle tips to inspire fitness professionals and trainees alike.

Best blog templates: Fitness blog template

24. Beauty Blog Template

Beauty blogging has become increasingly popular, and this gorgeous blog template will help you stand out. The fun, colorful design lets you share both blog posts and vlog content, providing a visual flair that engages your fans and supplements your written work.

Best blog templates: Beauty blog template

25. Professional Designer Blog Template

If you’re a professional designer, this is one of the best blog templates for gaining online exposure. Thanks to its editorial feel, the layout highlights your design know-how, helping you build authority and expertise in the field.

Best blog templates: Professional designer blog template

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