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8 blog logo types (and 25 striking logos) for your inspiration

Blog Logo

Blog owners update their content all the time. In doing so, they constantly provide fresh insights in order to stay relevant. But even in this ever-changing environment, one important factor should stay consistent: your blog logo.

This crucial little asset can help your blog stand out as one that’s both unique and memorable, tying your online presence together into one professional and recognizable look when you plan how to make your website. Whether you’re creating a logo with the help of a designer or using a free logo maker tool, we’ve compiled 25 beautiful blog logo examples for your inspiration, with creative ideas from across all major blog industries and website types:

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What are blog logos and why they matter

A logo is an identifying graphic symbol or mark that’s used in association with a brand, entity, product, or service. In blogs, logos are used the same way, increasing the blog’s recognizability and contributing to its brand identity and blog design.

Blog logos are most commonly used on the website’s homepage design, and are often repeated in inner article pages (usually in the website’s header). However, they can also be used across different channels, making for an even more memorable brand. Some examples include the website’s favicon image, visuals for social media, and business card ideas, to name a few.

Furthermore, creating a blog logo is especially valuable if you're aiming to brand your content and make money blogging.

8 blog logo types (and 25 logos) to inspire

01. Food blog logos

If you're thinking about how to start a food blog, it doesn't matter if you're sharing elaborate recipes for the perfect tarte tatin or tips for embracing a healthier lifestyle— the logo you design should encapsulate the essence of your blog and overall brand. Place your theme front and center using vector art that’s relevant to your blog, such as herbs and vegetables for a vegan blog, or rolling pins and oven mitts for a baking blog.

Keeping color psychology principles in mind, you might opt for warm colors such as red and orange to evoke appetite, or green to bring up notions of a nutritious meal. Another option is black, which can represent elegance and sophistication. Think about what you want the food logo you design to represent, and follow this guide to learn how to make a food logo.

Blog logos: food blogs

02. Fashion blog logos

Fashion and beauty blog logos range from handwritten, giving off a softer and personal feel, to minimalistic wordmarks, which also happen to be a major logo design trend. For both types of logos, invest time in picking the right logo font that speaks to your blog’s sense of style, be it haute couture or street fashion.

If you're going to start a fashion blog, an important logo design for fashion tip here is to note the different statement of a serif font versus that of a sans-serif one. Generally speaking, serif fonts (fonts that have small lines at the end of the letters) are classy and sophisticated, while sans-serif ones (without said small lines) are usually sleeker and more modern. Learn more about how to make a text logo, or a modern logo for your blog.

Blog logos: fashion blogs

03. Sports blog logos

When creating a blog that’s all about sports, you can use your logo to convey values such as motion and speed. Adapt your style of logo to the type of athletic field you’ll be writing about. A bouldering blog logo, for example, can probably feel outdoorsy, whereas a track and field blog logo can be more dynamic.

If you’d like your sports logo to express an energetic vibe, italics can help the letters appear to be on-the-go. Another option to consider is the use of symbols that resemble action, such as arrows and lines. You can also use an icon to represent your fitness business, such as a ball, helmet, or anything else.

Blog logos: sports blogs

04. Parenting blog logos

Parenting blogs guide readers through everything from the early days of pregnancy, all the way up to teenage angst. It’s a wide range of topics, so make sure to reflect your niche within this field by crafting a cohesive brand identity.

In order to determine how to design a logo for your parenting blog, consider the color scheme that would best fit your content and audience. For pregnancy and baby blogs, you could go for soft pastel colors, while parents of older children would probably relate with more vibrant, saturated hues. For more inspiration, you can always browse a few of our favorite blog examples.

Blog logos: parenting blogs

05. Business blog logos

Business blogs should look trustworthy and knowledgeable. Whether writing for entrepreneurs or small business owners, you’ll want readers to be able to take your word on important topics that matter to their success, such as writing a business plan.

For a credible and professional logo, employ elements such as geometric shapes or icons as part of your design. Craft a palette that matches your brand colors, preferably using colors that are most associated with the business world like blue, purple, orange and black.

Blog logos: business blogs

06. Travel blog logos

From digital nomads to office workers on vacation, we all appreciate a good travel blog for helping us plan out our next adventure. Here too, the blog logo plays a big role in the blog’s recognizability, with icons that conjure up faraway destinations such as a globe, an airplane, or a dreamy landscape.

Your blog logo could also include a tagline or a catchy slogan. This short line of text can further explain what you do and showcase your personal style, be it fun and cheeky or knowledgeable and authoritative.

Blog logos: travel blogs

07. Wellness blog logos

If you ever pondered the question of how to start a blog with a blog maker in the wellness industry, one good place to start is your blog logo. Wellness blogs tend to go for a soothing and natural look, and their logos are of no exception.

Icons from the natural world are commonly used in wellness blog logos, with anything from plants and trees to the sun or moon. As for color palette ideas, some options to consider are green, blue, purple, and orange, symbolizing wholesomeness and rejuvenation.

Blog logos: wellness blogs

08. Photography blog logos

Whether starting a blog as part of your personal photography website or for showcasing other creatives’ works, every photography blog should have a unique logo design of its own. There are many photography logo ideas that are a great fit for blogs, such as incorporating gear like a camera or a lens.

Other options include depicting the subject of your work, like nature for landscape photographers. A different route you could take is to focus on typography alone, by using a handwritten logo or a beautiful font for a wordmark logo.

Blog logos: photography blogs

Blog logos FAQ

How do I choose a logo for my blog?

  1. Define your brand

  2. Determine logo type

  3. Consider your colors

  4. Select the right typography

  5. Ask for feedback

  6. Trademark your logo

How are blog logos different from other logo types?

What is a blog logo generator?

Can I create a blog logo with AI?

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