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80+ travel blog names

travel blog names

Starting a travel blog is a great way for individuals to share their wanderlust, adventures and globetrotting experiences with a wide audience. Whether it's exploring exotic destinations, trying local cuisines or embarking on thrilling escapades, a travel blog serves as a virtual travelogue, allowing bloggers to express themselves and connect with fellow travel enthusiasts across the blogosphere. It's also an effective way to make money as a travel blogger.

Because of this the importance of your travel blog name cannot be overstated. It's the first impression visitors receive, setting the tone for the exciting journeys and discoveries they can expect when exploring your blog. A compelling travel blog name can be used for branding, encapsulating the essence of your travel experiences and attracting readers. It's what makes your blog memorable and distinguishes it from the multitude of travel content available.

Starting a blog? Choosing the right name is crucial. It should mirror your identity, values and the unique perspective you offer to your audience. Let's delve into the steps you can take to pick the perfect name that resonates with both you and your future travel-hungry readers.

80+ travel blog names

To inspire your creativity, here's a compilation of travel blog name examples, ranging from professional to quirky and funny to unique. Each name has been carefully chosen to reflect different travel blogging styles and personalities.

Professional travel blog names

1. GlobalVoyageJournals

2. WanderlustWondersHub

3. ExpeditionExplorerDiaries

4. The NomadicNavigator

5. JourneyChroniclesHub

6. JetsetterJournals

7. OdysseyOverviews

8. TrekTriumphsBlog

9. RoamingRhapsodies

10. AdventureArchitect

11. VagabondVentures

12. OdysseyOrator

13. OdysseyOverviews

14. GlobeTrotterTales

15. PassagePioneer

16. NomadNarrativesBlog

17. ExpeditionEssentials

18. TrekTalesTeller

19. GlobalGazetteer

20. VentureVistaBlog

Quirky travel blog names

1. WhimsicalWanderlust

2. AdventureAlchemy

3. NomadicNebula

4. WanderWhimsy

5. RoamRiddles

6. PeculiarPassage

7. VagabondVortex

8. QuizzicalQuests

9. OddityOdyssey

10. Trekker'sTrifle

11. WhackyWanderer

12. BizarreBackroads

13. EccentricExpedition

14. UnchartedUtopia

15. FunkyFrontiers

16. QuirkQuotientQuest

17. CuriousCartographer

18. WhimsyWayfarer

19. OffbeatOdysseys

20. KaleidoKrazeJourneys

Funny travel blog names

1. LaughterLodges

2. Chuckles&Continents

3. GigglesGlobeGazette

4. The SassySojourner

5. ChuckleChaseChronicles

6. HahaHabitatHikes

7. GuffawGlobeGlam

8. SnickerSojournSerenade

9. JestJunctionJourneys

10. WittyWanderWhimsy

11. LaughLagoonLandmarks

12. HumorHighwayHavens

13. QuipQuestQuarters

14. SassySnickerSojourns

15. JestfulJiveJourneys

16. PunnyPassportPulse

17. GrinGroveGetaways

18. HilariousHorizonHops

19. ChuckleChaseChronicles

20. ComicCrazeCompass

Unique travel blog names

1. OdysseyOpulence

2. WanderingWhispers

3. SereneSojournSequences

4. VelvetVagabondVistas

5. KaleidoVoyages

6. SatoriSojourns

7. VelvetVistaVagabond

8. QuillQuestQuintessence

9. LyricalLandscape

10. EmberExpeditions

11. ZenithZoneJourneys

12. PonderPilgrimage

13. EtherealExplorerEssence

14. VerdantVagabondVoyage

15. EnigmaEscapes

16. WhimsyWanderWave

17. MystiqueMingleMaps

18. CelestialCompass

19. EclipticEscapades

20. NebulaNomadNectar

How to choose a travel blog name

Naming your travel blog involves considering several factors to ensure that your chosen name authentically represents your brand and resonates with your target audience.

01. Decide on your blog niche

Cement your blog's niche, focusing on the specific aspect of travel you'll be highlighting, whether it's luxury travel, budget backpacking or cultural exploration. This will have a great deal of influence on the type of blog name you choose.

02. Understand your target audience

Identify your target audience and tailor your blog name to resonate with their travel interests. Consider whether they are adventure seekers, luxury travelers or culture enthusiasts. This will help inspire your initial brainstorming and once you've chosen your name, it's a good idea to run it past family, friends or readers within your target audience to see if it resonates with them as it should.

03. Use a blog name generator

Using a blog name generator can help if you're stuck for inspiration with your name. It's also a fast and efficient way to come up with a variety of names to choose from.

04. Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm

Take the time to brainstorming words, phrases, and concepts related to your travel blog's theme. Don't limit yourself as the goal is to generate a wide array of ideas. You can then work from a longer list as you narrow down to the right one. Do't be afraid to mix and match works, for unique combinations and pairings. These often make the most interesting and memorable travel blog names.

05. Don't forget your branding

Next you'll need to check that you chosen travel blog name is available across various social media platforms so that you can make sure you're consistent with your branding. Using the same name across all your social media handles and channels makes your brand more recognizable.

If your preferred name is unavailable you might want to consider variations of it, to keep the essence of your original choice.

06. Register your travel blog name

Once you've decided on the perfect name, register it to establish your online presence. Check domain availability and register your domain through a reputable domain registrar for when you start making a website for your blog.

If you create your blog with the Wix blog maker, you can secure a domain name, get hosting provided and start a blog for free.

Travel blog name examples (all built on Wix)

We love this travel blog name instantly invokes feelings of wanderlust and adventure, associated with travel. This blog specializes in travel and hiking itineraries.

This travel blog name perfectly sums up the vibe of this blog and the younger audience it's geared towards.

Travel blog names FAQ

How to choose a travel blog name for Instagram?

The same way you'd choose a name for your website. Select a catchy, memorable name that reflects your travel style or destination focus. Ensure it's unique, easy to spell and not too long. Incorporate travel-related keywords for discoverability and to reinforce your branding. You can use the same travel blog name across multiple platforms and channels, in fact for branding and easy recognition, it's recommended.

What are some potential travel blog names for Instagram?

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