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How to make money as a travel blogger in 14 ways

make money as a travel blogger

The allure of turning a passion for travel into a sustainable livelihood has captivated many adventurous spirits. Making money as a travel blogger not only offers the opportunity to share your experiences with a global audience but also provides a potential income stream to fund further escapades.

The motivations for starting a travel blog and business are as varied as the destinations awaiting exploration, from the desire for a nomadic lifestyle and the love of storytelling to the pursuit of financial freedom and the need to build a personal brand.

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How to make money as a travel blogger: getting started

There are things you can do to increase your chances success as a travel blogger:

Understanding your audience

A deep understanding of your readership is paramount. Identifying who your audience is, what they seek and how they engage with content will guide your blog's direction and the monetization strategies you adopt. Tailoring your content to meet their preferences, answering their questions and inspiring their travel dreams can foster a loyal following that is essential for generating a steady travel blogger income.

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Quality content

The cornerstone of a successful travel blog is high-quality content that resonates with readers and ranks well on search engines. By optimizing your posts for SEO, you increase the visibility of your blog, attracting more visitors and potential revenue. Using AI to write your blog posts? Make sure to always edit well for quality and originality.

Consistency and branding

Consistency in posting and maintaining a cohesive brand image helps in building trust and recognition among your audience. A consistent content schedule keeps readers returning, while a strong branding strategy ensures your travel blog stands out in a crowded online space. This can lead to increased opportunities for monetization through brand partnerships and other travel blog business ideas.

Diversifying income streams

Relying on a single source of income is risky, especially in the competitive world of travel blogging. Diversifying your income streams can provide financial stability and maximize your earning potential. From affiliate marketing to selling digital products, there are numerous ways to monetize a travel blog. By exploring different revenue channels, you can create a resilient business model that withstands the ebbs and flows of the travel industry.

14 ways to make money as a travel blogger

Creating a profitable travel blog requires a strategic approach to monetization. Here are fourteen diverse methods to generate income as a travel blogger, each with its own potential and approach.

01. Affiliate marketing

Partner with companies by featuring their products or services on your travel blog and earn a commission for every sale made through the referral links you place in your content. Travel-related affiliate programs you can join can include bookings for accommodations, flights, gear and insurance.

For example, if you’re writing a blog guide to a specific city, you can partner with hotels, mention them in your article, encourage your reader to then click through to an affiliate link to book the hotel and earn a commission for completed bookings.

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to make money as a travel blogger, just be sure to only endorse services that fit your readers' needs and ensure quality. They need to trust your suggestions and recommendations.

02. Sponsored posts

Collaborate with brands that align with your travel niche to create content that promotes their offerings. Sponsored posts must be disclosed to your audience but they can be a significant source of travel blogger income when done authentically.

Work with brands that align with your travel and business values, first and foremost. If you believe in a product or travel service and use it yourself, so even better.

You can create this content on your blog and share on social media.

Learn more:

03. Sell digital products

Make money as a travel blogger by creating and selling digital products such as e-books, travel guides or photography presets. These products can provide a passive income stream, as they require no inventory and can be sold indefinitely. You create once and sell forever, with updates along the way to make sure the travel content is relevant.

04. Travel consulting

Leverage your expertise to offer personalized travel planning and consulting services beyond just starting a blog. You can help others craft their dream trips for a fee, drawing on your extensive travel experience and use your blog to promote your consulting services. This is a great way to take a blog and turn it into a way to promote your travel business even further while diversifying the ways in which you can make money as a travel blogger.

05. Online courses and workshops

Develop and sell online courses or conduct workshops on topics like travel photography, blogging or destination-specific insights. This can attract an audience willing to invest in learning from a seasoned travel blogger. You can earn money from ticket sales, or use the events to promote your blog or other travel services. You could also look to be hired to speak at other people's workshops and to lead their courses on travel or blogging.

06. Advertising

A common and well-known way to make money as a blogger is by displaying ads on your blog through networks like Google AdSense or by securing direct ad placements with relevant brands. Advertising can provide a steady income, especially as your blog's traffic grows. Once set up it’s also relatively easy to manage and it makes for a good investment of time vs income ratio.

07. Freelance travel writing

Use your writing skills to contribute articles to other travel publications or blogs as another option for making money as a travel expert. Freelance writing can not only supplement your income but also increase your blog's exposure as you might be able to include links to it.

08. Selling merchandise

Make money as a travel blogger, on top of your blog, by designing and selling branded merchandise such as apparel, travel accessories or souvenirs. This can turn your brand's fans into customers and promote your blog offline as well as generate extra income.

To sell merchandise you’ll need to use an eCommerce website builder to make a site to sell.

09. Paid partnerships and collaborations

Engage in paid partnerships with tourism boards, travel companies or other brands. You can offer to promote their services or products on your travel blog, either through sponsored content or guest blogging - where they write content for you to publish on your site. You can combine the sharing of blog posts, with social media posts and videos too in order to reach as many people as possible.

10. Host travel tours

Consider making money as a travel blogger cum travel guide by organizing and leading travel tours to your favorite destinations. This immersive experience can be lucrative and provide more content to write about and publish for your blog. It takes a lot of organization and time to host travel tours, so make sure you understand the investment and risk involved before initiating.

11. Crowdfunding

Consider crowdfunding, through platforms like Patreon to receive recurring financial support from your audience. You can then offer exclusive blog content or deals on travel services in return for their patronage. This can be a great way to bootstrap your travel blog in the beginning but is not necessarily a scalable way to make money as a travel blogger.

12. YouTube channel

Expand how you make money as a travel blogger by also planning video content and creating a YouTube channel. This can then be monetized in much the same way a travel blog can - ad revenue, sponsorships and affiliate links within your video content.

Check out the following travel bloggers making an impact on YouTube:

13. Podcasting

Beyond making money with a travel blog you can consider starting a travel podcast to share stories, interviews and advice. Monetization of it can come from sponsorships, affiliate marketing or premium content for subscribers.

14. Blog flipping

If you grow a travel blog to a point where it's profitable it can then be sold for a profit. This requires a deep understanding of building and scaling online businesses, specifically a blog and it can take time and resources but can result in a significant one-time payout.

How to get started with making money as a travel blogger

Embarking on the journey of starting a travel business around a blog involves several key steps. From setting up the blog to building an audience and implementing monetization strategies, here's how to lay the groundwork for a successful venture.

Setting up your travel blog

Begin by choosing a memorable name that reflects your travel niche and registering a domain - website builders, like Wix, include a free domain name. Select a reliable hosting provider (Wix sites come with free, reliable web hosting) and design your blog with a user-friendly interface. Ensure that the blog's aesthetics align with your branding and that it’s optimized for mobile users. Focus on your site’s SEO, website performance and website security.

Building an audience

Focus on creating valuable content that resonates with your target audience. Use social media platforms to promote your blog and engage with your followers. Network with other travel bloggers and participate in online communities to increase your visibility. Implement SEO best practices to drive organic traffic to your blog, utilizing keywords like "travel blogging business" and "travel blog business ideas." You might also consider writing blog posts in multiple languages based on your audience. Learn how to start a multilingual blog and exapnd your reach.

Implementing monetization strategies

Once you have a steady stream of traffic and an engaged audience, start implementing monetization strategies. Begin with methods that align with your audience's interests and your blog's strengths. For example, if you have compelling travel photography, consider selling prints or offering photography services. Monitor the performance of each income stream and adjust your strategies accordingly. Always be transparent with your audience about sponsored content and affiliate links to maintain trust.

By methodically setting up, growing and monetizing your travel blog, you can establish a robust online presence that not only shares your passion for travel but also supports your entrepreneurial aspirations and money-making goals.

How to make money as a travel blogger FAQ

How much can I realistically make as a travel blogger?

The income of a travel blogger can vary widely based on factors like niche, audience size, engagement and monetization methods. Some bloggers make a few hundred dollars a month, while others earn six-figure incomes. Success typically comes from diversifying income streams and steadily growing your audience.

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