How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?

This post was last updated on June 22, 2020.

In the great words of Sam Smith you got money on your mind. And the likelihoods are, you’ve found yourself here because you also have creating a website on your mind. In this spirit, let’s try to get to the bottom of the important question: how much does a website cost?

While you may feel apprehensive about the expenses involved in building a website, enough research and knowledge can help bring the price down significantly. To start off, you’ll need to figure out basic details like how many pages your website needs, what features you’d like your site to have and what kind of domain name you need. These details will help you gather a better idea of the final cost of your site.

In order to help you along the way, we’ve broken down the different elements of a website and their associated prices, so that you can build a powerful online presence.

What does a website consist of?

The first thing to understand when thinking about your website is exactly what components are necessary. Whether you’re creating a blog or an online store, all websites have three key features: the website design and interface, web hosting and a domain name. Since each of these components can independently contribute to the total website cost, it’s important to understand the specifics of each one.

Website design & interface

Arguably the most essential part of any website is how it looks. Its visual content and interface are what visitors see and interact with when they arrive at your site. Much like any first impression, a website’s design can have a huge impact on how visitors feel about your product or service. A successful interface will enable your visitors to fluidly navigate your site and provide them with an all-around positive user experience.

Web hosting

Web hosting is basically what enables your site to go live online. In order to be visible on the internet, websites need to be hosted on a server. In other words, you need to choose a service that will make sure that your website is being stored, granting online visitors access to your site.

Domain names

Just as you need an address to arrive at a physical location, you also need an address to arrive at a website. This web address is called a domain name. While there are many factors that go into choosing a domain name, a successful one will make your website easily identifiable and is vital for standing out in the crowd of websites on the world wide web.

How much does a website actually cost?

Now that we understand the basic components of each and every website, let’s dive a bit deeper into their costs. There are a few main factors to consider when thinking of pricing.

Firstly, consider whether you want to use a website builder like Wix that provides you with templates and intuitive tools to create your own website. Alternatively, you can always hire a web designer to create your website for you, which of course comes at an additional cost.

Also, what you ultimately pay for your website will vary depending on your specific site needs. Therefore, we have created a breakdown per website type so you can easily discern what your website might cost using Wix.

Types of Websites and Their Costs

In order to better understand the information in the chart above, let’s break down each website type:


So you’ve decided to create a blog and start sharing your experiences online. Lucky for you, you don’t have to break the bank to do that. A standard blog, created on your own shouldn’t cost you anything with Wix’s tools. What can cost money is if you want to buy a customized domain name, add advanced features or have a lot of storage to upload as many posts and images as you like. Of course, if you choose to hire a web designer, that can also cost you. But all in all, a blog should be one of the cheapest websites to create.

eCommerce website

With close to 2 billion online shoppers out there, the world seems to be moving to digital business models. That’s why starting your eCommerce business is a great option for making money online.

In order to start your site and have it go live, you won’t need to pay anything. But in order to connect your own domain, accept payments online and truly grow your business, you’ll end up paying a small monthly fee. As mentioned above, this will cost you anywhere between $23.00 and $49.00 a month depending on how dynamic you want your site to be.

You might have also noticed that there is a very large price range to hire a designer for an eCommerce website. That’s mainly because many eCom sites have a lot of moving parts and can get a bit complicated. Having said that, a pre-made eCommerce website template will also help you navigate the labyrinth that is online stores.

Event website

Whether you’re planning a wedding, hosting a webinar or anything in between, an event website can help you get organized. Event websites are unique because they are often short term in nature. This means many of you that are looking to create an event website are probably not looking to put a lot of money into your site.

The good news is that you can definitely create your site and have it hosted online for free. The less good news is that if you’re looking to give your site a personalized name, you’ll have to pay a bit for that domain name. All in all, you should only have to pay $14.00 per month to have your own domain. With a monthly payment option, you’ll only pay for the relevant time that you want your event site up and running.

Design portfolio

In order to show off your work online, you’ll need a design portfolio website. This will help employers, potential clients or even distant cousins to easily view your work.

In order to create the bones of your site and get it live online you won’t have to pay anything. However, because the nature of portfolio websites is that of many images, videos and text, you’ll likely need a good deal of storage on your portfolio site. In order to satisfy this need, you’ll probably be looking at a $18.00 per month plan. This gives you 10 GB of storage and enables you to keep an hour of video on your site.

Other types of websites

There are many other types of websites that you might be looking to build. From music promotion sites to video hosting sites, there are endless possibilities when it comes to websites. With Wix, all basic websites can be created for free. However, if you want to add custom domains and advanced features, on average with Wix, you’ll probably end up spending around $22.00 per month for your site.

Should you hire someone to build your website for you?

Now that you know how much it costs to build a website, you still have a tough decision to make. Should you hire someone to create your site for you or should you do it yourself?

This ultimately depends on your budget and free time. If you’re on a budget, DIYing a site is certainly a good option. There are tons of available designer-made templates out there that can help you create a professional site, with little effort. However, keep in mind that tweaking your site to look exactly the way you want it could take some time, so make sure that you have the free time to take that task on.

On the other hand, you can always hire a web designer to build your site for you. This, of course, will be more costly and depending on the complexity of your site, could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Assuming you have a relatively simple site request, a designer shouldn’t set you back too much. Hiring someone also frees up your time and lessens the burden if you already have a busy schedule. All-in-all, hiring someone is a good route to get a professional website, but is not entirely necessary in this day and age.

By Amanda Weiner

Content Optimization Specialist

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