Wix SEO at Work: How This User Got to Page One on Google

Wix SEO at Work: How This User Got to Page One on Google

Put the flags out! Wix has the best SEO, and we’ve got the ultimate proof. Google themselves have said: “For the Wix users, this [Wix SEO Wiz] is a pretty cool experience because they can see their page in the search results immediately after they have created it.” But, before we get to the juicy stuff, i.e. how Wix user Kelby Twyman and his team from House of Flags got their website to Google’s Page #1, let’s jog your memory about Search Engine Optimization. SEO refers to the actions one needs to take for their site to appear in a higher position in Google’s, Bing’s, Yahoo’s (and other search engines’) ranking. You might be thinking to yourself, who cares?! Well, you should because your position on Google’s results is the main factor for your success on the Internet. Think about it: the more easily people find you online, the more people are able to convert into paying customers (Ca-Chiiiing!).

The only problem with SEO? It sounds somehow technical and complicated. This is why we developed an insanely intuitive, efficient and free tool to help our users improve their SEO, one simple step at a time: Wix SEO Wiz. Already 1M Wix users have benefited from it since the launch earlier this year, with tremendous results. We took the time to speak with one of them, House of Flags, a Britain-based company which sells flags and other signage online. An extremely competitive market, for which SEO is nothing but a matter of life and death. They trusted Wix SEO Wiz, and with the right investment of time and planning, they quickly found their website on Google’s first page for the most important keywords of the industry! As a result, their traffic was boosted by more than 40%, and their conversion-rate more than doubled.

We warn you: this interview will make you wonder why you didn’t use Wix SEO Wiz before.

Succeeding in a competitive market

Hi Kelby. Glad to meet you and welcome to the Wix Blog. Can you please introduce yourself and your company?

I am Kelby Twyman, Marketing Executive at House of Flags. We are the UK’s premier supplier for custom flags, custom bunting, giant flags, flagpoles, banners and other forms of soft signage. We supply our clients (from the Olympic Games in London to Selfridges and more) with a wide range of different products for all their marketing needs. The company was incorporated in 1988 and was set up to manufacture flags for local businesses and events.

Besides selling your flags online, do you have a physical store?

We have three offices across the UK, our Head Office in Cambridgeshire and our offices in Birmingham and Taunton. We do not have a physical store but we do have showrooms for our customers to view and buy our products.

How competitive is your business within your market?

Our market is very competitive as it isn’t just custom flags, it is nearly all forms of soft signage. We are constantly looking to improve our business as to not fall behind and to remain ahead of all of our competitors. We now operate in a global market, service and quality is critical to set us apart from the competition.

House of Flags

Why we happily chose Wix for our website

What are the challenges you face as a small business owner on the Internet?

Our industry is very competitive and there is always a constant battle for the top position, in the market and on Google, so trying to remain at the top is always a difficult task. It is also critical for us to ensure we have a professional image online and easily accessible 24/7.

Concretely, how does a strong online presence reflect in sales?

Our website is very important to our business, it is where potential customers can see our vast array of products, our quality and use it to contact us. A potential client is highly likely to use our website to find our products and our contact number or to enquire about our goods. Around 20% of all our enquiries are through our website.

Talking about websites, why did you choose Wix to build yours?

We started building our website in November 2016. It has only been a short while but so far, so good. We decided to use Wix as it was an open platform that allowed us to be more creatively flexible with our website design. This meant that our graphic designers in-house could get hands on with Wix and help us maximize our visual impact to our customers, as we are a very visual company.

House of Flags

When the Wiz shows the flag

What did you know about SEO when you first started building your website?

We had a basic knowledge regarding SEO, like meta data, title tags and the importance of fresh content. We had a reasonable understanding so we knew where to start with SEO but it is an ever changing process. The main challenge for us was knowing what we were doing was right, as the subject is broad and complicated. We have always worked on the SEO ourselves before Wix but it was difficult to coordinate all of our SEO efforts and achieve the success we desired.

This is where you encountered Wix SEO Wiz…

The first time we encountered the Wix SEO Wiz was just after we had published our site and it was being promoted as a new feature. We have had a great experience with Wix SEO Wiz and found it very easy to use. The list structure was simple to navigate and helped us make necessary changes to all of our pages. It was good to see all changes that need to be addressed in their page order so you could work through each page.

How did you adapt your site accordingly?

We adapted our content and metadata according to Wix SEO Wiz to ensure that all the keywords we wanted could be found by Google bots. We ended up changing quite a few pages to ensure that they met with Wix SEO Wiz’ guidelines.

On the 1st page of Google

For which keywords did you want to rank?

We wanted to rank for keywords like flags, custom flags, flagpoles, custom bunting, feather flags. Thanks to Wix SEO Wiz, most of the time we appear on the 1st page of Google, normally within the first few results as well. So we have been doing very well regarding our Google page ranking.

Impressive! And in terms of traffic, what improvements have you seen since using the Wix SEO Wiz?

After, using Wix SEO Wiz, we have seen our website traffic increase from 5,000 visitors per month to 7,000, which is a 40% increase in only a month! Our visitors have continued to increase continuously since then. On top of this, our conversion rate [ratio of users who made inquiries through the website] has more than doubled since using Wix SEO Wiz, which means that we have a lot more meaningful requests – and it has resulted in additional sale conversions.

What did you learn from using Wix SEO Wiz?

We learned that there is a lot more than you think regarding SEO, there are so many areas which we didn’t know about prior to us using Wix SEO Wiz. We discovered that even though we are a national business and have been operating both nationally and internationally for a number of years, we should ensure that we use location tags to ensure those who are local to us can still find us easily as well.

“Most of the time we appear on the 1st page of Google, normally within the first few results as well.”

The last (key-)words

Now that you’ve completed your Wix SEO Wiz checklist, what do you do in order to keep on improving your SEO in the long run?

We are always looking ahead, so we are keeping our content fresh, we are continually looking at how we can improve our content for our customers and Google. We are also looking at how we can improve our SEO further by developing lots of links to our site.

Which tips would you give to our readers to help them improve their own websites?

The reason we all have a website is to reach the customer quicker and easier. They are the focal point, so always think of their journey through your website. Their experience is the most important part of a website. A customer who finds it difficult to find what they’re looking for will just go elsewhere – just as you would if you entered a physical shop.

Something to share with our readers? A last word? Inspiration? Quote? You have “carte blanche”.

Ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere, but especially your customers and employees; these ideas could make a big difference to your website. Always welcome any idea that is presented to you as it could be the next way forward to greater success.

By Ruth Eschenheimer

SEO Content Specialist

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