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Get the flexibility you need to scale your business and achieve marketing success with advanced SEO tools from Wix.

Advanced SEO Tools from Wix

Bot Logs

Access your log files to analyze how search engines crawl your site and optimize for performance.

Robots.txt Editor

Wix automatically generates a robots.txt file for your site.

Edit this file to manage the way bots crawl your site pages.

Site Verification

Simplify site verification for search engines, like Google, Pinterest, Yandex and Bing. Start collecting and accessing data from your search console.

SEO Patterns

Customize SEO-friendly tags and URLs with advanced patterns. Edit a page type once and your custom pattern instantly updates across your site pages.

Bulk 301 Redirects

Save time and maintain link equity by creating permanent 301 redirects for multiple URLs. Upload a CSV file to import/export 500 URLs at once.

Structured Data

Wix automatically adds structured data for your product pages, events, blog posts and more. Add your own schema markups so content is eligible to appear with enhanced display.

Business and Marketing Tools

Strengthen your online marketing efforts and boost organic discoverability

Marketing and Customer Management

Take advantage of Ascend Business Tools to get traffic, drive conversions, build customer loyalty and manage your business online—all from your Wix dashboard.

Custom Events

Send tracking events to external analytics tools, like Google Analytics and Facebook pixel, using Velo’s trackEvent API. Understand how visitors interact with your site in real-time to optimize your online marketing strategies.

Marketing Tools and Integrations

Connect to industry-leading marketing tools and integrations, like Google Ads, Facebook Catalog, MailChimp, Yandex Metrica, and more to monitor visitor behaviors and gain actionable insights.


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"Since I moved my site from WordPress to Wix, I’m #1 for ‘SEO Speaker’ and ‘SEO Trainer’. I went from #100 to #10 for  ‘SEO Professional’.”

Mark Preston, Global SEO Speaker & Consultant

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