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6 fun and safe websites for kids

safe websites for kids

Ever search for something seemingly innocent only to discover the Google algorithm flooded you with X-rated content? Let’s just hope you weren’t at the office or sitting in a crowded café with your computer screen in full view. But when it comes to children, an accident like this can be a parent’s nightmare. Luckily, some pretty smart developers had children of their own and recognized the need for online safety and protection when building an online community. They decided to sprinkle in some kid-friendly edutainment as well.

Check out these brilliant and safe websites created just for kids.

6 fun and safe websites for kids

01. Kiddle

Say hello to Kiddle, the newest search engine that’s about to help your kids’ online exploration stay rated G. While not directly associated with Google, Kiddle uses a Google custom search bar to filter out adult content. This includes inappropriate language and imagery, as well as a handful of celebrities deemed too racy for the little ones. Some are saying that this might just be the start of safe surfing for kids.

Kiddle safe websites for kids

“Gaming” sure means something different than it did back in elementary school. With more and more violent and mature gaming options these days, a simple online children’s activity can be hard to filter. It seems like now we’ve got to watch closer than ever to figure out what they’re up to and on what type of website.

Here’s where the website idea behind Zoodles can help. This site offers games, videos and books just for kids as well as features that allow you to follow your child’s user history and set time limits.

Zoodles safe websites for kids

03. NASA

With the first commercial mission to Mars scheduled for 2024, it seems like your children might be going there for vacation one day - so what better time than now for them to start learning about the universe?

With puzzles and coloring sheets as well as educational content, you could stay busy for lightyears. NASA has also mastered helpful tips for parents and teachers to keep your youngster on the right track.

NASA safe websites for kids

Follow your favorite athletes and learn all about the game with kid exclusives and inspiring stories of young people overcoming obstacles.

Sports Illustrated safe websites for kids

National Geographic is among the best school websites available. With its endless offer of quizzes and games, your kids won’t stop nagging you with fun animal facts. Not only will they be learning about the planet and all of the amazing creatures in it, there’s even a Homework Help section encouraging getting good grades and having fun at the same time.

National Geographic safe websites for kids

Raising a smart, confident and courageous child is the goal of any parent. With body shaming and bullying running rampant online, it’s hard to shield young women from these pressures and allow them to develop a sense of self. A Mighty Girl is combating just that by creating an empowering space full to the brim with resources and activities to make a girl feel great. From movies to craft projects, music to clothing, girls have everything they need to learn and play.

A Mighty Girl safe websites for kids

Learn more about how to make your own website with this complete guide.

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