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Wix Education is now Wix Tomorrow! Read more about the change here


The future needs creative thinkers and innovative problem solvers to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. Wix Tomorrow offers meaningful learning and creating experiences at every stage of a young learner’s web creation journey, from creating a first website, to learning industry-standard skills, to making real-world impact with hands-on projects.

AGES 13-18


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Tomorrow Classroom (formerly Wix Education) is a platform created for classroom educators and their students to nurture web creation skills, be creative, and make student ideas come to life. The Tomorrow Classroom platform includes a classroom management solution, a suite of free lesson plans and activities, student-friendly templates, and a student-safe version of the Wix Editor specifically formatted for classroom environments.

AGES 16-21


The Creators of Tomorrow Challenge gives young innovators the opportunity to make real-world impact, learn powerful entrepreneurial tools, and cultivate innovative mindsets to be trailblazers of tomorrow. The Challenge covers everything from creating a website from scratch, to using Wix to market and manage a business, to the chance of working with Wix experts to transform ideas from dreams to reality.

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  • What’s the difference between Tomorrow Classroom and Creators of Tomorrow?
    The biggest difference is age groups and learning methods. Tomorrow Classroom is created for students ages 13-18 in in-school learning environments. Tomorrow Classroom courses are teacher-led, and requires a teacher to sign up students to use the platform, where students will explore a student-friendly version of the Wix Editor that is consistent with FERPA regulations. Tomorrow Classroom students are most often creating their first website, or beginning to learn about web design, creation, and development (though learners of all kinds are welcome!). Creators of Tomorrow is designed for ages 16-21, where learners can participate in self-paced workshops to learn about the Wix Editor and Wix Products. Creators of Tomorrow participants are invited to submit a project to participate in the Creators of Tomorrow Challenge.
  • Is there a cost associated with Wix Tomorrow?
    Wix Tomorrow is completely free for learners to use and participate. Though not required, Creators of Tomorrow students may choose to upgrade their websites to access Premium features. Tomorrow Classroom utilizes the free tier of Wix sites, and students do not have access to upgrading to paid Premium accounts.
  • What can learners build with Wix Tomorrow?
    Tomorrow Classroom students most often build portfolio sites, special interest sites, final project and capstone sites, and everything in-between! Creators of Tomorrow students learn how to build a robust social impact site powered by Wix business and marketing tools.
  • Who can participate in Wix Tomorrow?
    Wix Tomorrow is designed for students ages 13-21: Tomorrow Classroom is intended for Educators teaching web creation to middle school or high school students in the U.S., Canada, or the UK. Creators of Tomorrow learners are either learning on their own, with the guidance of a guardian, and/or in informal learning environments.
  • What topics are covered in Wix Tomorrow?
    Tomorrow Classroom courses cover the basics of the Wix editor, UX principles, visual design principles, and coding with Velo. Creators of Tomorrow covers basic and advanced web creation principles, as well as using Wix business and marketing solutions.
  • What are the Technical Requirements to participate?
    Students and teachers will need access to a computer (not a mobile device) with an updated Chrome browser which can be downloaded here, and an internet connection.
  • Does Wix Tomorrow offer discounted Premium Plans?
    Wix Tomorrow does not offer discounted Premium Plans for students, and you do not need to use a Wix Premium Plan to participate in the Challenge. If you are a University student, you can learn more about student discounts here.
  • How do I sign up?
    First, make sure you are eligible to participate. Then, fill out Sign Up form and submit it. Once you're approved, you'll get an email with next steps on how to create your account.
  • Which standards are covered by the curriculum?
    The Wix Tomorrow Classroom curriculum is aligned with ISTE standards for students and has been awarded the ISTE Seal of Alignment. The Web Development curriculum is also aligned with CSTA and CSforAll standards.
  • Is the platform aligned with FERPA regulations?
    Yes. We take the privacy of your students seriously and that’s why we have made sure that our education platform and curriculum meet FERPA regulations. Additionally, all student work can be moderated by the teacher, and students will be working with a specialized version of the Wix Editor, which helps keep them safe.
  • What topics are covered in the courses?
    Wix Tomorrow Classroom offers four courses: Intro to Wix and the Web, Web Creation, Web Design, and Web Development. In the first course, Intro to Wix and the Web, students learn how to build simple sites, personalize images, text, layout, and more. In Web Creation, students will explore User Experience processes like research, website structure planning, content creation, and testing. With the Web Design course, students will explore topics like color theory, typography, layout, branding and inclusive design. In Web Development, students learn how to take their websites to the next level with Velo, Wix’s JavaScript-based coding platform.
  • Are there any prerequisites?
    No prior knowledge is assumed. The courses in Tomorrow Classroom are designed so that anyone can teach and learn website creation with Wix.
  • What do the courses cost?
    Nothing. Wix Tomorrow Classroom is free.
  • What are the technical requirements for students?
    Students and educators will need access to: A computer (not a mobile device or tablet) with an updated Chrome browser which can be downloaded here. An internet connection.
  • Who is eligible to use Wix Tomorrow Classroom?
    Educators teaching at schools or learning environments in the U.S., Canada, or UK can use Wix Tomorrow Classroom with students ages 13+. Educators and students must have access to computers (rather than tablets) to use the platform.
  • Who is Wix Tomorrow Classroom for?
    The Tomorrow Classroom platform is intended for educators teaching website creation, design, and development to students ages 13+ in the U.S., Canada, or the UK.
  • Where can I read and learn more about the platform?
    Visit our help center for more information. For specific questions and troubleshoots, feel free to contact us.
  • Do I have to participate in the workshops to be part of the Challenge?
    No! Participants in the Workshop Series are not required to submit a project to be considered for The Challenge (though we’d love to see your ideas!).
  • How do I submit a Challenge idea?
    Submissions will open in February, 2024. Stay tuned for more information on how to submit an idea then!
  • Are there technical requirements for participation?
    Yes; participants in the workshop must have access to a computer and an internet connection that allows streaming and video playback. To participate in the Challenge and/or build a site, participants will need access to a computer (not a tablet) with an updated Chrome browser which can be downloaded here.
  • How does Creators of Tomorrow work?
    The Creators of Tomorrow experience begins with a workshop series led by Wix professionals. You can choose among a series of pre-recorded workshops to get inspired and learn real, marketable skills for creating, managing, and growing your ideas. The workshops are designed to prepare you to submit an impact website to The Challenge. The Challenge is an exclusive hands-on creation challenge where you will build a website with Wix in one of four impact spaces: Sustainable Well Being, Lifelong Learning, Equitable Futures, or Climate Action. All websites should center around creating real-world impact in your local communities. A select number of website submissions will be accepted to participate in a Mentorship Camp, where you will advance your ideas and website designs under the guidance of Wix professionals. At the end of the cohort, you will be invited to present your website to a panel of judges for a chance of winning a prize.
  • Who can participate in Creators of Tomorrow?
    Creators of Tomorrow is designed for young learners, about ages 16-21, and is open to youth from many countries. Anyone can participate in the Workshop Series and submit a website, but participation in the Mentorship Camp is invitation-only. No prior experience with website creation is required.
  • What will I learn in the workshops?
    Creators of Tomorrow covers basic and advanced web creation principles, as well as using Wix business and marketing solutions. You’ll learn everything from building a website from scratch, to the latest design trends, to making your website engaging, to adding robust solutions to grow and manage your ideas. Along the way, we’ll cover 21st century skills like design thinking, communication, inclusive & equitable design, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and more. We’ll also hear from experts in the field with chances to ask questions and get inspired by their stories and work.
  • What kinds of website ideas will be considered for submission to the Challenge?
    We are looking for websites that