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Free landing page templates: 15 effective designs

Free landing page templates

Once your business is up-and-running, it’s time to make your company flourish. While there are many ways to do so, creating a landing page (a.k.a. LP) is a tried-and-tested method in the marketing world, and an integral part of many brands’ marketing strategies.

Using a powerful landing page builder, you can create an effective landing page that boosts your chances of conversion and draws in more customers. In marketing, conversion is the moment at which your site visitor performs a desired action, whether that be subscribe to your newsletter, book an appointment with your service, or purchase a product.

While your company’s main website undoubtedly plays a part in generating leads and impacting conversion rates, its structure and aim is different to that of a landing page. A traditional website generally contains many pages and information, whereas a landing page is built to promote just one specified goal. For example, it could be announcing a new service, spreading the word on a current sale, or notifying your audience of an event you’re holding.

Generally, successful types of landing pages share three main characteristics: their design is simple, they’re built on a single page, and they include a clear CTA (call to action). To get you started in the right direction, we’ve gathered 15 free landing page templates that will provide you with a nudge in the right direction when it comes to your landing page design and optimization:

create a landing page CTA

Here’s a simple one-pager for promoting professional events. The overall design is clean and organized, with plenty of space for each element to breathe. Grab your visitors’ attention with a catchy sentence that will entice them to reserve their spot. Make sure you’re appealing to your target audience by adapting the full screen image in the background to your needs. The CTA button is just asking to be clicked, being prominent while also blending in with the overall design.

Webinar landing page template

This free landing page template combines playful illustrations with an organized website layout. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to spread the word on your educational children’s app or initiative. There’s plenty of white space so that you can put the focus on what matters, while creating a fitting atmosphere with the relevant imagery dotted around. The soft, pastel website color scheme ties in to the overall theme, evoking a sense of fun and creativity.

Kids app free landing page template

Here’s a chic design that is ideal for promoting a new product or online sale, especially if your brand has a futuristic tech vibe. This free landing page template is split up into strips, providing a comfortable scrolling experience and clear differentiation between sections. Add an impressive image of your products on the top fold, along with a header that encapsulates the tone of your brand.

Headphones free landing page template

Are you currently creating a website for your brand? While doing so, keep your customers up-to-date and expand your client base with this coming soon landing page template. The simple website design is ideal for a small business, professional agency or marketing firm. Your site visitors will be able to message you via Wix Chat, so you can maintain communication even while building your new site.

Pro tip: You can also decide to use one of the best landing page builders to design your page from scratch.

Marketing launch page free template

This template will set you on the way to creating a striking landing page for a professional conference or summit. Use the full screen image on the top fold to make an impact and set the tone for your event. Two CTA buttons are already in place, made to stand out thanks to the high color contrast. Further down the page, get your audience excited about the event by adding details on the speakers, complete with subtle animations.

Tech conference free landing page template

Holding a creative conference, tour or party? This stylish event landing page template might be the one for you. It merges an edgy look with intuitive navigation and an emphasis on all the important details. Set the right tone with a background video and play around with Wix’s selection of media features to add unique effects, filters and more. Include info about the speakers, itinerary and workshops, while maintaining a trendy design throughout.

Digital conference free landing page template

A landing page is a powerful way of generating leads - especially when it’s built like this template. If you’re a small business, or are running a marketing campaign, this landing page template includes multiple online forms through which you can grow your client base. It also offers plenty of opportunities to show off your brand, its services and products. Adapt the text and images to suit your business, implement these key landing page best practices, and you’ll be all set for driving conversions.

Lead gen free landing page template

If you’re currently creating or updating your website, notify your audience with this template. Whether you’re a small business or a creative professional, this simple web page will give you a head start on your marketing efforts by collecting potential customers’ contact details. You’ll be able to announce your website launch as soon as it’s up and running. Make this template your own by playing around with the colors or adding a background image.

Website under construction free template

This free landing page template is perfect for any kind of conference, workshop or corporate event. Its unique design combines the traditional elements of a landing page (such as clear copy and an attention-grabbing CTA) with trendy effects, from a geometric web animation to a full-width video. The layout changes as you scroll, from a grid of photos to a combination of text and images, ensuring that visitors stay hooked throughout.

Marketing conference free landing page template

This brightly colored landing page template is full of life and energy. Use it to promote products from your online store, whether they be health-oriented, edible goods or anything else that suits this refreshing design. Site visitors will be able to start purchasing your items straight away, as well as get in touch with your directly via the chat option. Add your own enticing product photos and edit the text for a professional and eye-catching result.

Product free landing page template

Undergoing a website revamp? This stylish coming soon landing page boasts a trendy split screen and a simple design that is perfect for creative professionals of all kinds, from web designers, to fashion experts and more. Draw in your audience with intriguing visuals and text that will get them excited about your new site. Until your new website goes live, offer them the chance to sign up to be notified of any updates.

Site coming soon free template

This simple website template will help you spread the word on your high tech company’s app or other type of software. The design is crisp and clear, placing an image of your product on the top fold to give it the introduction and attention it deserves. You have all the space you need to showcase your app’s features and unique selling points, using both text and images. Add links to your social accounts and main website, and place any awards and positive user reviews that you’ve received in the spotlight.

App free landing page template

While your company’s main website is under way, entice visitors with an eye-catching ‘coming soon’ page. Set the tone for your business with a full screen video in the background and your unique logo design in the top corner. Add a powerful statement introducing your brand, so that visitors will gauge what you’re all about. You can aso invite them to subscribe to your newsletter, ensuring they’ll be the first to know about your new website launch.

Coming soon free landing page template

Show off your properties in their best light in this landing page template for real estate agents and property management groups. Add your most impressive photos using the Wix Pro Gallery to ensure a sharp, high-quality display. The top fold includes a contact form, encouraging your site visitors to get in touch. Edit the Google Maps widget to enable your audience to easily locate your business.

Real estate free landing page template

Spread the word on your startup, app or high tech company with this free landing page template. All the sections you’ll need are already included, from an explanation of your concept and business, to your contact details and an online form for visitors, enabling you to collect their email addresses. The contemporary design includes parallax scrolling and a vibrant color palette to create a fresh, youthful vibe.

Startup free landing page template

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