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21 great social media content ideas to inspire you

21 Smart Content Ideas for Your Blog or Website

Building an online presence does not end when you've finished making a website. Excellent content, for example, is one of the pillars of successful branding. With online platforms like social media, blogs and forums, there’s an abundance of information and many options—so the significance of high quality content is even greater. Producing superb content for your blog and website puts you at a clear advantage within your field.

Content marketing is hugely important for your branding as well as for establishing yourself as a trustworthy voice online. Plus, your content can impact your site’s search engine rankings and traffic. Whether you run a blog, a business website or a combination of the two – online content should be on your radar.

Since it’s one of the most vital aspects of running a website, it’s essential to do it right. Here’s a list of interesting, entertaining and fun ideas for a blog post or news updates to inspire you. Keep this list bookmarked in order to implement them into your brand's copywriting and content strategy, so you won’t have to worry about writer’s block for a long time.

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21 content ideas for your social media or blog

01. The big reveal

This is for posts where you share an exciting announcement. You’re launching a new product, sealing a new partnership, setting up a new location or any similar update that you can share with your audience. You’ll have a stronger impact if you present these reveals as a significant development and market it as a real milestone for your brand or organization.

Be sure to build hype by teasing at what’s to come, or counting down to a big reveal. Take a look at the SKIMS, the body shapewear brand created by Kim Kardashian. In one of the brand’s latest collaborations, SKIMS has been named the official underwear partner of the NBA, WNBA and USA Basketball. This was an exciting announcement for both SKIMS and the NBA, which was revealed together in a series of social posts and articles. 

02. Step-by-step tutorials

Short, detailed texts that guide readers from point A to point Z are always useful. You can create a tutorial that touches on your own products directly (“how to style your mustache like Dali’s using our facial hair products”). Or you could write one that is related to your field or inspired by your interests (“how to repurpose your old jeans into a wearable handbag”).

It’s clear that users are searching terms like “how to” and “tutorial” on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. According to Google, “Users are three times more likely to prefer watching a YouTube tutorial video than reading a product’s instructions”. What’s more, YouTube Shorts are dominating, with quick, digestible videos that users can watch in no time.


You can even take it one step further and start a series. You could offer weekly guides on areas of your expertise. Everything from recipes to clothes styling tricks, people love to learn from those they trust. 

03. Success stories and testimonials

Your happy customers and collaborators are your best marketing agents. Give them the spotlight so they can sing your praises and tell everyone just how wonderful your product is, or just how helpful you’ve been for them on their path to success. These varied types of infographics also work for success stories and testimonials.

Take it one step further and ask your followers or audience to provide feedback. User generated content (USG) is often more effective and trustworthy than other forms of content and offers social proof.

21 Smart Content Ideas for Your Blog or Website - Success Stories and Testimonials

04. Nostalgia and look back posts

Nostalgia is very effective for marketing efforts. Get on the # throwback train and share some blasts from your past with your readership. It could be your very first live concert, an old newspaper report covering your work or just a cute photo of yourself as a kid, connecting it somehow with your present day. Honing in on the nostalgic emotions of the past, or simpler times (think, pre-pandemic, for example), can be very powerful and engaging for your audience.

05. Survey or poll

Show your audience you care about their opinion. Solicit their input using a poll or a survey related to your industry or your expertise. You can learn a lot from what they have to offer, and ignite an eye-level conversation with them. Surveys and interactive polls are also a great way to engage with your audience and curate content based on their feedback. 

Alternatively, you could run a contest and offer a prize incentive. This gets users to opt in and engage with your content. Contests can generate likes, shares and better engagement. 

06. News coverage and buzz

Don’t hesitate to show off if you’re getting some great news coverage, whether online or offline. Round up a bunch of reviews or references for one post, or give special attention to a particularly great piece. This is a wonderful opportunity to thank the author and publication as well. You might even consider a Press page to your website, or a dedicated place where you can consolidate all your news mentions or coverage in one place. 

21 Smart Content Ideas for Your Blog or Website - The Fruits of Your Buzz

07. Top ten list

Curated lists are popular reading items online because of their concise, to-the-point presentation of relevant information. The trick is to choose a topic that will be of interest to your audience. “Top 10 wine experts to be aware of” may be too niche, while “Top 10 white wines to bring to a Labor Day picnic” is more appropriate.

08. Guest posts and blogs

It's not uncommon for blog admins to host a guest author for a special post or article. You can approach professionals in your field that you think can write a valuable text for your website visitors. What’s more, if your guest author has a site or blog of their own, you can certainly ask to be featured there in return. This type of collaboration can grow into something even more exciting once you choose to share it across your social media accounts.

09. Video content

Experimenting with different types of media is always a good idea. It keeps followers alert and engaged with your work. For bloggers, business owners and artists of all kinds, video is an effective way to communicate and share aspects of your work that don’t translate as well into text. You can create a webinar, film an interview, a live performance or a presentation of one of your products. 

Always be sure to keep your audience in mind and create video content that is relevant and engaging. Short form video content continues to dominate as a preferred way of consuming content. 73% of consumers prefer to watch a short-form video to learn about a product or service.

10. Meet the team

Introduce yourself and your colleagues in a special post that fosters familiarity and a sense of community. Additionally, you can also use this content in your ‘About Us’ page. This is a wonderful opportunity to share how you got involved in your work, what passions drive you and what is the expertise you bring to the table.

11. Event updates and schedules

Launching a tour of your band? Scheduled to speak at a webinar? Planning a big sale? All these special dates are a great reason to add a news update or blog post to your site, and then post it to social media. You can invite readers (if the event is public), give them a glimpse of what is expected, and give a shout-out to venues and collaborators. Don’t forget, you can always send out video recordings of events to your audience after the fact, in case they couldn’t attend. 

21 Smart Content Ideas for Your Blog or Website - Event Announcements

12. Trending topics

It’s always good to keep a finger on the pulse and know what people are talking about. Tapping into these current conversations will allow you to produce content that is easily “shareable” on social media and reach new audiences. For instance, if you’re in the hairstyling business, and you notice everyone online is talking about a specific celebrity's style, it might be a good idea to write an article on how to copy their look.

There are many online tools you can use to keep on top of the ever-changing trends. Check out Google Trends, AnswerThePublic or BuzzSumo to gauge what people are searching for or specific niche questions they might be asking. You can also check trending hashtags. 

Wix predicts short form content will be trending in 2023.

13. Sources of inspiration

Who are the people that have influenced your artistic sensibilities? What was the life lesson you learned from your family that inspired you to start your own business? Share these inspiring details with your readership or visitors and show them they can find motivation everywhere in life.

People love to hear origin stories, or heartwarming humble beginnings. Being open and honest about your own experiences may inspire others. 

14. Most popular list

People love to see popular items because they signal something like a tested and proven quality assurance. Highlight your best-selling products, highest-ranked services, most downloaded songs or items with the most mentions on social media.

15. Problem solving use cases

Overcoming obstacles is a regular component of every professional’s routine. You can take a positive spin on these problems and share them with your followers to display your creativity, innovation and resourcefulness. Share instances in which you and your team successfully addressed a challenge, or show your clientele how your product can solve their own challenges.

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16. Myth busting

Crushing common misconceptions is a great way to attract audiences. Since you know your field better than anyone, you definitely have some funny yet educational myth busters to share with your readers. For example, if you own a skincare line, you could share how a certain ingredient that was touted as clearing skin has actually been damaging it for years. Then include research or proof to back up your claims.

17. Social media lists

Prepare a list of the social media personalities that you most respect and admire in your field and share it on your site. Your curated list can help site visitors with getting to know your industry better, plus it will show them how well-informed you are.

18. Feedback and testimonials

When you receive particularly helpful feedback, dazzling praise or a question that could be of interest to many people, you could share this along with your response and gratitude. You will be providing your readers with valuable or inspiring information while signaling that you are listening to what they are saying.

19. Life hack tips

People are always eager to learn new ways to simplify their life. Based on your work experience and on how you want to brand your services, you can offer tips to shorten their morning prep, make dishwashing easier or improve their computer’s performance. If you can provide any other benefit that they’ll be forever grateful for.

20. End of year summaries and predictions

As a calendar year approaches its end, share your thoughts about your company’s achievements and highlights, or review the most prominent trends that influenced your field at that time. Alternatively, you can focus your text on the upcoming year, expressing your plans for growth and musing on what could be the significant developments in your industry.

21. Case studies and industry research

Provide your visitors with unique content that will boost credibility and emphasize the added value of your product. Case studies can also be used as great SEO boosters when they have relevant keywords. Showcasing research and data you’ve collected through the years will offer users important information while highlighting your experience.

Tip: Once you’ve created enough content and you know what the most interesting topics for your visitors and readers are, you can even consider writing an eBook to showcase your collected knowledge. People always appreciate intriguing reading they can download for free, and you’ll display both your generosity and expertise. 

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