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Coming soon landing page examples and best practices

coming soon landing page example featuring a countdown timer

Developing a new product or service requires more than simply perfecting your product and deciding to create a website to sell it. When it comes to sales, a strategic marketing strategy is equally important.

The time before your big launch is crucial for advertising and developing your brand identity. Pre-launch campaign featuring a coming soon landing page can help you achieve both.

With a customizable, professional landing page builder, you can create a coming soon landing page that shares details about your brand’s upcoming products or services before they hit the market. Let’s dive into how and why a coming soon landing page can help you market your new releases and generate excitement around your brand.

Pro tip: Once you create your landing page, you can distribute it to your user base along with all of your online assets via a link in bio tool such as Hopp by Wix.

In this article, we’ll go over:

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What is a coming soon landing page?

Before diving into specifics, let’s discuss what a landing page is. A landing page is a website or web page dedicated to getting visitors to follow through on a call-to-action (CTA). When companies advertise online, they often use landing pages to convert new leads. Landing pages commonly aim for visitors to sign up for an email list or free trial, or make a purchase.

A coming soon landing page (also referred to as a product launch page) specifically allows businesses to market their products or services before they launch. These types of landing pages play an important role in pre-launch campaigns, as they are temporary online spaces entirely dedicated to building buzz around new products.

Why do you need a coming soon page?

Coming soon landing pages allow visitors to get more information about your product, stay updated on its launch, subscribe to your mailing list and contact your company.

The reasons to create a landing page before a new product release include:

Builds excitement and generates anticipation

Coming soon landing pages generate enthusiasm about your upcoming product launch—the same way movie trailers do for soon-to-be-released films. They can help build a customer base who eagerly anticipate your product's release and look forward to buying it.

Market your brand image

You also use the time before your product launches to build brand identity and recognition. Coming soon landing pages allow potential customers to familiarize themselves with your company, product and brand values—increasing the chance that they'll purchase from you in the future.

Create an email list

A subscription form on your coming soon landing page can help you build an email marketing list to communicate updates to interested customers. Beyond your launch, you can use the list to further engage customers and send them special offers.

Gain social media followers

Active engagement with targeted audiences on social media can help you get eyes on your brand. In fact, brands with a social media presence make an average of 32% more sales than those without. By adding links to your social accounts, you can gain more followers with your coming soon landing page.

Start building up your credibility with Google

Since Google bots will crawl your landing page as soon as you publish it, incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in its development. Include relevant keywords in your headers and metadata to help search engines identify your product.

What should be included in a coming soon landing page

Imagine you're hosting the party of the century. You must build up anticipation and get your guests excited before the big day. On the party invite, you would probably share basic logistics, such as the party’s date, location and theme. But to keep people on their toes, you wouldn’t give away all the details or party surprises. The invite would be short and sweet, yet captivating and alluring.

Think of your product launch as the party and your coming soon landing page as the invitation. To build intrigue and excitement, keep your landing page design concise with just enough information to capture interest.

Include the following components in your coming soon landing page to ensure your launch is a can't-miss event:

01. An attention-grabbing headline

A headline is a title or phrase that captures the attention of visitors: It should be short, catchy and contain just enough content. In addition to using enticing language, apply a large, easy-to-read font to inform and engage visitors.

Here are a few headline examples that you can make your own:

Coming Soon: [Product Name]: The Best Solution for [X] That Will Change the Way You [Task]

Introducing the [Product Name]: The [Benefit] Solution You've Been Waiting For

Get Ready for [X]: We Can Hardly Wait

Tip: Writer’s block got you down? Use our title generator to come up with a catchy headline for your coming soon landing page.

02. Strong CTA

This is a landing page best practice. Since you haven't launched your product yet, getting the word out is more important than making sales. Therefore, instead of CTAs that result in purchases, your coming soon landing page CTAs should encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list, follow your brand on social media or sign up for a free trial. You can also offer pre-orders for your product, but just know that many customers may want to wait until the release to purchase.

03. Countdown timer

A countdown timer is a design element that builds excitement and creates a sense of urgency around your upcoming launch. This can be especially effective if your promotion is time-sensitive or you have a limited supply of the product.

If you feel a countdown timer doesn't fit your branding, clearly highlight the launch date on the landing page so visitors know when your product or service will go on sale.

04. Contact information

The better you communicate with potential customers, the more likely they’ll return to your brand. Include your company address (or at least the city), email address and phone number (if applicable) on your coming soon landing page so visitors can easily reach out with questions.

05. Social media links

According to Statista, people spend one third of their time online on social media. Once you’ve built social media accounts for your brand, include links to each platform on your coming soon landing page to help strengthen your presence.

06. Email subscription form

Collect visitor email addresses and start building your mailing list with this crucial element. Ask for the minimum amount of necessary information, such as name and email address, to make filling out the form quick and easy.

07. Strong visual design

Coming soon landing pages need not be visually complex. In fact, minimizing distractions improves landing page conversion rates by 10%. Use simple words, short phrases and high-quality imagery to grab attention and communicate your point without distraction. Like all your marketing assets, your landing page must align with your branding. Don’t forget to optimize your coming soon landing page for mobile, too.

If you're not sure where to start, test drive a few of the best AI landing page builders.

10 examples of coming soon landing pages

These examples highlight some of the most strategic and well-designed coming soon landing pages today. Though some brands unpublished their pages after the product was released, you can still learn plenty from them.

Lemme’s coming soon landing page was straightforward and simple. Kourtney Kardashian’s vitamin gummy brand used a large headline and email subscription form to generate buzz and curiosity around her upcoming product launch. Subtle graphics and bright colors grabbed visitors’ attention without giving too much away.

coming soon landing page example by kourtney kardashian's

02. Disney+

Disney+ used its pre-launch landing page to offer pre-orders. The bright blue "Sign Up Now" CTA boldly contrasted with the black background. Designers chose five major movie categories to highlight on the top fold, which included Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar. Imagery of well-loved shows encouraged nostalgic visitors to pre-order the streaming service, and a large countdown clock built anticipation to the November 2019 launch date.

coming soon landing page example by disney

Jennifer Lopez introduces her 9th album, This is Me…Now, with an incredibly alluring coming soon landing page. It contains very little text, instead featuring a large video that showcases a young Lopez as she transforms into her present day self. In the clip, Lopez provides a voiceover of, “This was me then,” followed by “And this is me now.” The Musical Experience, 2023 appears across the screen, building excitement around Lopez’s newest album.

coming soon landing page example by jennifer lopez

On Hailey Bieber’s skincare pre-launch page, designers used the brand’s futuristic header font. The headline "coming soon" was written in large, lower case letters. Soft grays and pinks aligned with rhode skin’s branding, and an email subscriber form and social links invited visitors to get in touch. And while the page didn’t explicitly state the product description, the large image of Hailey Bieber built intrigue and curiosity.

coming soon landing page example by Haley Bieber's rhode skin brand

This coming soon landing page for Harry’s razors was clean and concise. It used conversational language to convey the brand’s laid back, down-to-earth tone. Along with the neutral colors and simple, sans serif typeface, a large image of a razor took center stage, conveying the product theme: shaving.

coming soon landing page example by harry's razors

This coming soon landing page truly builds up the excitement for Oppenheimer's July 21, 2023 release date. Visitors immediately see the movie's main character standing against a background of dramatic orange clouds and a to-the-second countdown clock. Buttons to view the trailer and movie announcement sit in the center—the colors, shapes and countdown imply a suspenseful, mysterious movie.

coming soon landing page example for oppenheimer movie

07. Ohko

The simplistic design of this page fits the bill of an upcoming NFT website. Uncentered text written in pixelated computer font and video game graphics against an all black background create an old-school vibe.

coming soon landing page example for Ohko video game content

Bossa is the newest London restaurant from Brazilian chef Alberto Landgraf, and is scheduled to open mid-February 2023. This simple page places the restaurant name in a large, trendy font atop a burnt orange background. The e-mail list subscription CTA is clear and direct, sitting right above the restaurant address.

coming soon landing page example for bossa restaurant

Brane Audio's coming soon landing page features its upcoming product: the Brane X wireless smart speaker. Parallax scrolling applied to the background of these sleek product images makes the interface move and transform as you make your way down the page. The polished, modern design along with the futuristic and techy-vibe relays sophistication and innovation.

coming soon landing page example for brane audio studio

Even beloved bands see value in creating a coming soon landing page to announce a new album release. Here, the bright pink colors, band logo design and Gorillaz-esque animation perfectly matches the band’s infamous brand image. A scrolling slideshow of buttons offer visitors pre-order options to kickstart sales. Visitors can also go straight to the band’s site or browse their official store if they'd rather wait for release day.

coming soon landing page for gorillaz band upcoming album

How to create a coming soon landing page on Wix

You can build a coming soon landing page on Wix using two methods: either using a blank website and creating one from scratch, or choosing a landing page template.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Create a Wix account and go into the Editor.

  2. Click Pages on the left side of the Editor.

  3. Click + Add Page at the bottom of the panel.

  4. Click + Blank Page to create a landing page from scratch or Add Page to choose a template.

  5. Type the page name. For example, this could be "coming soon" or your business name.

  6. Click Done.

  7. Click the Show More icon on the page in the list.

  8. Click Settings.

  9. Click the Layouts tab.

  10. Select No Header & Footer.

(Optional) Make the landing page your site's homepage:

a. Click the Page Info tab.

b. Click Set next to Make this your homepage?

4 tips for creating a coming soon landing page

Keep it simple

Your landing page should stick to the point and be easy to read. Don’t overwhelm visitors with too much content. Make your brand name stand out in an easy-to-read font and keep graphics and text to a minimum.

Engage visitors

Consider including a unique element to piques visitor interest, like Jennifer Lopez did for her upcoming album landing page. Designers maintained a clean and concise design featuring a video of Lopez transforming from her younger to older self. This visually appealing addition keeps visitors on the page for longer and ignites curiosity about how the new music will compare to her classics.

Include a clear CTA

Your landing page markets your upcoming product and prepares customers for the launch. When visitors subscribe to your email list, they become more invested in your product and are 40 times more likely to purchase. If not launching an email campaign, at least include a clear CTA so visitors will know what to do to stay informed.

Use a large header

8 out of 10 people will read your landing page header, so ensure it stands out. A large header helps grab people’s attention and hold it for as long as possible—an incredibly difficult feat on the internet.

Coming soon landing page templates

We've hand-picked five coming soon landing page templates from Wix to kickstart marketing your next product. Once you choose a template you like, you can customize it with your own brand colors, images, logo and more.

Bright colors, spinning shapes, clean, bold typeface and parallax scrolling make this an effective coming soon landing page. The graphic, confetti-style shapes add pizazz and excitement and make the page look like a party invite, building festive anticipation.

coming soon landing page example with festive design including confetti in the background

A black and white cityscape behind an office window conveys modern professionalism. This landing page template would fit new service businesses, such as accounting or law firms. The serif header font fit the accomplished branding style, too. The contrasting beige CTA button takes visitors to the email subscriber form so they can stay in-the-know with launch updates.

This completely customizable template features simplicity at its finest. A white background and minimal text are easily optimized to your specifications. Add a countdown timer or on-brand imagery to excite your audience.

coming soon landing page example featuring text on the left side of the screen and a placeholder for imagery on the right side

Bold and direct, this template showcases a slideshow as the background with a large header overlaid on top. The bottom fold offers space for contact information and an About Us section where you can share details of your upcoming launch.

coming soon landing page example featuring a slideshow background

Modern design and an ombré background make this template perfect for an innovative product launch—think: tech gadgets, contemporary house decor or skincare products. A bold, black “Subscribe" button sits underneath the central image so brands can collect email addresses. Social links lie vertically on the right side of the page, waiting for users to engage with them.

a sample of four wix coming soon landing page templates

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