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20 Beautiful Nature Photos That Will Leave You Speechless

Yann Arthus-Bertrand once said that “The Earth is art, the photographer is only a witness.” There’s no denying the breathtaking beauty of our planet. From the lowest beaches to the highest peaks, every part of it is unique and worth celebrating. This is the reason Nature Photography Day was born. A date to honor our environment and share its precious moments with the rest of the world.

We encourage you to celebrate this day by getting out there and capturing your most beautiful nature photo to date. Don’t think about which image will get more likes or look better on your photography website. Simply enjoy your time in nature and let it guide your work. To inspire you, we have put together 20 beautiful nature photos that perfectly capture all this planet has to offer.

Silhouettes of the savanna, by Mario Moreno

There’s no lion present on Mario Moreno’s photos, yet is it hard not to think about The Lion King’s opening scenes when looking at them. He has spent nearly two decades roaming Africa searching for what he calls the perfect moment. The moment when everything comes together and a forever lasting scene is captured.

And that’s exactly what his portfolio feels like. A collection of unique images taken at the right moment. The milky way over the Okavango Delta in Botswana. A storm on Mara North Conservancy. Wild animal silhouettes at sunset in Kenya. The sun shining through the forest in Cape Town. Every single shot perfectly shows the unique beauty of this magnificent continent.

Delicate beauty, by Harald Wittig

Flowers might be the most common element in nature. Not in absolute numbers, but in the variety of locations they are found. Valleys, forest, mountain peaks… even your living room! Because they are so popular, they are also one of the hardest elements to photograph. How do you capture such a well-known subject in a completely new way?

Harald Wittig has mastered this skill to capture images that will make you feel as if you were seeing flowers for the first time. He achieves this through a flawless bokeh control that transforms trees into a painting-like background. The combination of this technique with an amazing color treatment results in beautiful eye-catching images.

Saltwater cures everything, by Michelle Drevlow

Based in Maui, over 4,000km from mainland, Michelle Drevlow’s work revolves around the sea. Whether she is shooting a wedding, family portraits, or landscapes, sea water always finds a way into her photoshoots. The other main characteristic of her work is the treatment of light. She describes herself as a natural light photographer, and so the scene atmosphere is directly determined by time and weather.

On top of her work as a wedding and portrait photographer, Michelle dedicates most of her portfolio to underwater photography. Fish, turtles, people, and waves all become subjects of her beautiful compositions. The unique treatment of natural light immerses the viewer on the scene, making them feel as if they were actually part of the scenery.

Reach for the top, by Oliver Beneš

At only 17 years old, Oliver Beneš has already developed a unique eye and technique for landscape photography. His work goes hand in hand with breathtaking mountain scenes, as he ventures further and higher than others to capture outstanding shots.

Regardless of season, scenery, and time, Oliver manages to capture each scenery in a manner that highlights its individuality. Further, his astrophotography compositions emphasize just how small we are when compared to the universe that surrounds us. Essentially, Oliver’s portfolio will make you feel like you are on top of the world, but also infinitely small at the same time.

Spirit animal, by Robert Irwin

Few people in the world know animals better than Robert Irwin. Son of the legendary “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, Robert has spent his whole life surrounded by wildlife. So it is no wonder that his wildlife portraits seem to reflect the animals’ personality, rather than simply just their looks.

Robert uses his photography talent to contribute to his family’s wildlife conservation efforts. From spiders and snakes to crocodiles and whales, including birds and felines, all species have a place in his work. Despite his young age (he’s only 14!), Robert has already won several photography contents. On top of that, his photos have been featured in many galleries and publications.

Make a change, by Chase Dekker

Chase Dekker travels around the world to document the wildlife of each region and the land they call home. His goal, he says, is to inspire people to make a change that will allow the subjects of his photos to last for generations to come. And believe us when we say that it’s impossible to remain apathetic for our environment after taking a look at his work.

His eye for composition allows him to create outstanding images that represent our land and wildlife as you’ve never seen before. His work not only captures the beauty of Earth but also tells a story on how wildlife and land relate to each other.

What does the fox say?, by Shane Kalyn

On his website, Shane Kalyn states that he hopes his photos “show that the beauty of the natural world is absolutely worth protecting.” And, honestly, if his fox portraits don’t convince you this planet is worth protection, nothing will. Whether is cubs playing on the grass or an adult carrying his latest catch, Shane is able to press the shutter at the ideal moment.

His work is driven by the four natural elements: earth, air, fire, and water. On his images, Shane tries to focus on a specific element to see how it connects to each scene. By doing so, he manages to create eye-catching compositions that simply cannot be ignored.

Piece by piece, by Stew Nolan

In a world where hundreds of millions of people are taking and sharing photos, it may seem difficult to create images that stand out from the crowd. Stew Nolan manages to do so by capturing beautiful shots that defy the general idea of proper composition. In most of his pictures, he chooses daring frames that are used to highlight specific characteristics of each animal. This results in stunning images that make it impossible to look away.

His portfolio showcases outstanding, colorful photos of the African wildlife. Stew uses his passion for photography and his knowledge of Southern Africa to offer guided safaris and share his love for the continent with others.

The call of the forest, by Yuichi Yokota

Completely surrounding yourself by nature is something you can only do in a forest. It’s impossible to describe the feeling of exploring a forest by yourself, but Yuichi Yokota’s photos come close enough to doing so. The delicate way the sun hits the growing moss. The incomparable beauty of autumn-colored trees. And most especially the unique connection that one feels with the land when admiring its beauty without any interruptions.

His unique talent in capturing such a demanding scenery results in a breathtaking portfolio that will make you realize how much everyone needs a city break. Forget white-noise playlists – next time you’re feeling overwhelmed just take a look at Yuichi’s galleries.

Eye to eye, by Ingo Gerlach

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… but also in the eye of the subject. Ingo Gerlach’s work shows just how powerful a close-up composition can be. In an era where drone shots and ultra angular angles are the latest trends, these images are a stunning reminder of the importance of staying true to your style.

Ingo’s eye for detail (see what I did there?), paired with his skills to capture each shot at the perfect moment, results in an outstanding wildlife portfolio that you’ll find yourself browsing over and over again. We recommend taking a look at his Spot the Animal series, which will put your attention to detail to the ultimate test.

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By Judit Ruiz Ricart

Photography Expert for the Wix Blog & Social Media Team

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