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Art & Photography \ FEB 8th 2018

20 Wedding Pictures That’ll Make You Fall in Love

Have you noticed a surprising number of engagement announcements on your social media feed? (No social media managers, we’re not talking about THAT kind of engagement). The time between November – February (Valentine’s Day being a peak) is commonly referred to as the engagement season, and in scientific terms, it’s when 1/3 of couples ‘put a ring on it’. 

When it comes to wedding planning, brides and grooms-to-be know that few decisions are as important as finding the right photographer. Wedding day memories might fade, but your photos will be there to keep your recollection strong for years to come. This is why we’ve browsed endless Wix photographers’ websites, and collected a stunning sample of wedding pictures that’ll make you say ‘Yes’:

Thai Pham

Is there anything more romantic than the natural beauty? Based in Vietnam, Thai Pham utilizes unique textures found in nature, combined with expert editing and lighting techniques, to craft wedding photos that are nothing short of works of art.

Thai Pham Wix Wedding Photographer TreesThai Pham Wix Wedding Photographer Tall Grass

Emily Olivia Photography

Emily Olivia is a creative wedding photographer whose photos look so perfectly coordinated, you’d think they fell straight out the pages of a magazine. 

Emily Olivia Wix Wedding Photographer Group Shot

Emily Olivia Wix Wedding Photographer

Kamron Khan

Ready for your close up? Kamron Khan’s beautiful HD wedding photos are so expertly executed, you can almost feel the goosebumps of the happy brides and grooms. Kamron Khan Wix Wedding Photographer Kamron Khan Wix Wedding Photography

David Rochas

When it comes to wedding pictures, timing really is everything. Thanks to his art of finding the perfect moment, David Rochas makes you feel as if each wedding was the most festive.
David Rochas Wix Wedding Photographer David Rochas Wix Wedding Photography

O’Ryan Empire

Jaclyn and Erik Ryan are a husband/wife photography team who sprinkle their own brand of romance and humor to create a wedding style that they call “light hearted luxury”. See for yourself.

O’Ryan Empire Wix Wedding Photography O’Ryan Empire Wix Wedding Photographers

Ben Mizrachi

By playing with different lighting techniques, Ben adds a granular touch to his wedding pictures that gives them the look and feel of flipping through a physical photo album. 

Ben Mizrachi Wix Wedding Photography

Ben Mizrachi Wix Wedding Photographer

The Time And You

Being the great wedding photographer that he is, Andy An knows that beauty can often be found in the most intimate and candid moments.

Andy An Wix Wedding Photography

Andy An Wix Wedding Photographer

Artway Studios

Proof that a smartly caught photo of the guests can be even more eloquent than hundreds of altar pics.

Artway Studios Wix Wedding Photography Artway Studios Wix Wedding Photographer

Siddhartha De

Love, like your wedding day, can come in a variety of shape, sizes and colors. Photographer Siddhartha De proudly showcases the colors and traditions that make Indian weddings so uniquely beautiful.

Siddhartha De Indian Wedding PhotographySiddhartha De Indian Wedding Photographer

Allie Miller

Allie Miller’s love affair with photography began from a young age – and it truly shows. Each of her moments capture the intimacy between not only her couples, but also the significant people around.

Allie Miller Wix Wedding Photographer Allie Miller Wix Wedding Photography

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By Nathaly Myers
Community & Social Media Manager, Wix - About the Wix Blog

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