Wix Staff Reveal: Our Favorite Editor Hacks

The magic of the Wix editor lies in its simplicity. We designed it to be a friendly website builder that anyone could work with, no prior experience in web design required. When we look at the awesome websites that Wix users are making all on their own we’re proud to see that our goal is being fulfilled.

The Wix editor allows maximum ease of use in creating a site, but it also includes many features and tools for users who require more advanced design options. Curious to know more? Want to get an insider’s tip? Then you will love this list of editor hacks and tricks, hand-picked by Wix employees with a passion for websites.

Customizing the Full Layout

When you pick a website template from Wix, the layout of the site is already defined. Does this mean that you can’t customize the actual layout, to make it more appropriate for your needs? Of course not! Even when you work with a template, you can choose a whole new layout by following these steps.

Sharing Entire Photo Albums

You know how to share the link to individual site pages, but did you know that you can also share direct links to photo albums? It’s a great feature for promoting your products, artwork or designs on social media, in emails or on landing pages.

Integrating Cinemagraphs

If you’re looking to add a fresh feel to your site design, cinemagraphs may be just the thing you need. Cinemagraphs are a type of graphic that combines video with image, or motion with stillness. They create a dynamic atmosphere of action and movement but they do it subtly, without stirring too much commotion, and they are HOT right now in the web design world.

Using X & Y Fields for Precision

The Drag & Drop capabilities of the Wix editor make the design process so simple and convenient, but they are not always the best solution for precise positioning of elements on the website. This is where the X & Y fields come in, providing the highest measures of accuracy in your design scheme.

Saving Multiple Versions of Your Site

You can never be too safe when working on a web design project. That’s why we recommend that you save additional versions of your website to the account so that you can experiment freely. All you need to do is to save the site several times, with different names to denote different versions.

Defining the Page Order

Your site’s page order is not set in stone. You have the freedom to move pages around, up and down, according to your preferences. It is a simple Drag & Drop process, easy peasy.

Scheduling Blog Post for Publication

You’re a professional, you’re on the go, you need maximum control of your time – perfectly understandable! This is why we added a scheduling option to the Wix Blog platform, allowing you to pre-schedule posts for publication. All you need to do is set the time.

Grouping Elements

Often in designing your site you’ll find that you need elements to stick together and act as one unit. Instead of treating each of them separately, save yourself a lot of time and effort and use this life-saving feature that groups elements together so you can move them around as one element and apply changes to all in one step.

Hiding Elements from Mobile View

It is absolutely crucial to create a mobile version of your website, yet this mobile version should not replicate your full site entirely. Some elements are significant for full-screen browsing but are unnecessary when browsing on the go. Luckily, you can easily hide such elements from your mobile site version.

Getting Feedback on Your Unpublished Site from Peers

Turn your website design into a collaborative process, or ask colleagues and friends for constructive input to help you refine your work. This feature generates a link to the unpublished version of your site, allowing you to share it and solicit comments right on the draft itself before the website is made live.

Improving the Scrolling Experience

In a nutshell, parallax scrolling adds a layer of dimensionality and a gradual visual revealing of your site’s background. It’s an impressive effect that really enhances the scrolling experience as well as the overall site design. Check out the full impact of parallax scrolling here.

Controlling Objects’ Alignment

This alignment tool is supremely helpful for perfectly aligning elements across your entire site. In the editor, you’ll notice purple lines that show the centers and endpoints of elements on your page. When you decide to drop the element you are dragging, it will snap to the alignment markers within a 5 pixel range. Here’s how you can enable this feature.

Adding Video to Site Strips

Strips are a magnificent way to split content on a page, create a visual hierarchy and improve the look of the entire site. You can use them for multiple goals, and one of the most creative options is to play a video strip, which you can locate at the top, center or bottom of your page to create a spectacular and dynamic design.

By The Wix Team

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