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The 17 best fitness websites for 2024

The 17 Best Fitness Websites of 2022

Your fitness website is where you introduce yourself, your certifications and your specialty. It’s also where you convey the values of your business, highlight your offerings and show off your physical space if you have one.

But a fitness website can be so much more than a resume or a visual hub that represents your brand. In fact, the best fitness websites double as business tools, helping you manage your class schedule, bookings and payments, while engaging with clients and fostering a sense of community.

It sounds like a lot, but trust us, that’s a good thing. If you need some inspo to get started, check out the best fitness websites built with Wix. Each website is unique to the specialization it supports, but they all have one thing in common: successfully managing a fitness business.

What is a fitness website?

A fitness website is an online platform dedicated to promoting physical well-being and health. It typically offers workout routines, exercise videos, nutrition advice and wellness tips. Users can find information on fitness programs, track their progress and access resources for a healthy lifestyle. Many fitness websites also provide community features, allowing users to connect, share experiences and support each other on their fitness journeys, usually through forums and membership features.

The best fitness websites to manage a business

These fitness websites, all chosen by experts at Wix Fit, prove that your digital presence can serve multiple business functions.

01. Best branded bookings experience: Sweat FXBG

Sweat FXBG offers HIIT, indoor cycling, barre, rowing and yoga at their Virginia-based boutique fitness studio. Owners Carrick and Robin wanted to create a cohesive brand experience—not just a gym—complete with murals on the walls and community-building instructors, which are clearly displayed on their website. That’s also why they used the Wix Branded App to offer their clients a mobile app experience that’s aligned with their brand identity. Clients download the Sweat FXBG app for a cohesive brand experience even before stepping into the studio itself.

Sweat FXBG fitness website and mobile app

02. Best selection of digital offerings: Aly Gray Fitness

Personal trainer Aly Gray knows what her customers want: a selection of online fitness challenges, live sessions via Zoom, a robust video library, a group chat and an app clients can use to book sessions on the go (she uses Fit by Wix). Importantly, these offerings are clearly listed in both her desktop and mobile site menus, so members instantly know their options.

Aly Gray fitness website

03. Best hybrid fitness website: The Limit

Hybrid fitness is the blend of in-person and online workouts, and it’s the future (and present) of exercise. The Limit embraces this industry shift by listing their in-person, Zoom (including live Saturday dance parties) and on-demand workouts prominently on their homepage. Consider this approach if you have multiple locations or platforms.

The Limit fitness website

04. Best barre-inspired business: Stacy Lel Fitness

This digital fitness business has over 200 workouts in their video library, which subscribers can access with a paid membership. The barre-inspired brand promises a "strong mind, lean muscles and a fierce attitude," and the no-nonsense website imagery (see: all-black outfit and industrial space) paired with a soft color scheme (see: different shades of soft blues) drive the message home.

Stacy Lel Fitness website

05. Best pricing page: My Fitness Suites

This Cincinnati-based gym offers a few different pricing plans, ranging from a single-class to unlimited memberships. They clearly spell out exactly what you get for the price, whether it’s a fitness assessment, a personalized diet plan from a dietitian or childcare. When determining the pricing plans for your own fitness business, make sure to streamline your options so you don’t overwhelm potential clients with decision fatigue.

My Fitness Suites fitness website

06. Best wellness-focused fitness website: Activ Balance

Trainer Ashley Glen works with women to strengthen their mind-body connection and encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Glen clearly conveys this mission with her logo, brand name, and the calming, yet motivating, imagery on her website. Glen also created a blog, with a blog maker, filled with recipes, how-tos and motivation articles to showcase her expertise and share her voice with her clients.

Activ Balance fitness website

07. Best fun-meets-function website: Jolly Bodies

Thanks to bright colors and high-energy videos, this website conveys exactly what the brand is about: good vibes. But from a business perspective, this website is much more than a fun time. People can also book classes, buy memberships and shop branded merch from their online store. On that note, we highly recommend checking out their sweatshirts.

Jolly Bodies also successfully highlights their customer testimonials right in the first fold of their site, an effective way to gain credibility and build trust with prospective clients. You can check out these sports and fitness website templates, many of which include ready-made layouts, perfect for showcasing similar testimonials. Also take a look at the best fitness website templates to find some inspo.

Jolly bodies fitness website

08. Best influencer site: Body by Emily

You may know Body by Emily from her approachable, do-anywhere Instagram workouts. She uses her website to highlight testimonials, share recipes and sell merchandise (a kit of resistance bands, sliders and a jump rope). And true to her goal of engaging clients on every platform, she also has a chat feature on her site to answer any questions. Read our interview with Emily Samuel here.

Body by Emily fitness website

09. Best pivot to digital: Stax Cycle Club

This indoor cycling studio in Canada closed their doors during the pandemic, then grew their audience by over 600 members around the world. How? By live-streaming free classes to the community, building a robust video library of over 500 videos and creating fitness challenges that keep people engaged. You can see how this shift paid off in the testimonials featured on their homepage. One woman describes the business as “the light [they] needed during some dark times in quarantine,” and others say the videos are high-quality, fun and uplifting.

Stax Cycle Club fitness website

10. Best brand bio: Baha Yogi

Start with one question when building your fitness website (and overall business): what do you stand for? Alex Kaufmann, aka Baha Yogi, answers this question on her homepage. Kaufmann explains that body positivity is one of her core values and that she adds a modern flair to her teaching. She clearly highlights her business offerings—private sessions, workshops and retreats—and keeps it concise. No small task. Also check out the tranquil element of movement on the homepage that reinforces her brand.

Baha Yogi fitness website

11. Best chat experience: CaliFlo Yoga

The CaliFlo Yoga Collective, based in Florida, instantly greets site visitors with an informative chat pop-up that explains how to best book a class, along with an invite code to download the Fit by Wix mobile-booking app. Their clear pricing plan page makes it easy for potential clients to find the package that suits their needs without any guesswork. But just in case anything is unclear, potential customers can ask questions via chat to reduce the barriers between business and client, important when it comes to encouraging new-member sign-ups.

CaliFlo Yoga fitness website

12. Best visuals: The Fighters Club

If you have a space as on-brand and beautiful as The Fighter’s Club in Hong Kong, show it off with large images and branded videos. Notice how each visual has a similar aesthetic for a cohesive look and feel, whether it’s an image of the boxing ring or headshots of the coaches. Keep your visuals similarly consistent and aligned with your overall brand message when you build a fitness website. FYI: Your social channels should maintain the same visual identity, too.

The Fighters Club fitness website

13. Best one-page website: Berlin Athletic

One-page websites, like, offer visitors a seamless user experience since all the content fits onto one long-scrolling page. Oftentimes, one-page website layouts are minimal and showcase more imagery than text. In this example, Berlin Athletic welcomes visitors with a full-width photo and a centrally located logo. Right below the logo, visitors can navigate to a branded video that explains what to expect from a training session. Then, they’ll learn more about the workout and location as they continue to scroll, and the site appropriately ends with a button for a free trial and info on how to purchase classes. Consider a one-page design for your fitness website if you want visitors to experience your content in a linear way.

Pro tip: Make sure you have a logo that represents your brand and attracts new customers. Use a Fitness Logo Maker to give you inspiration and create your own. Learn how to make a fitness logo that stands out.

Berlin Athletic fitness website

14. Best call-to-action (CTA): Octopus Academy

A clear and actionable CTA on the right side of the screen (a free week!) stays fixed as potential members scroll. That means visitors of this multilingual website can join at any point while browsing. The website also encourages clients to download the Fit by Wix app, where they can book sessions from their mobile devices.

Octopus Academy fitness website

15. Best golf and tennis website: Albany Academy

Black and white pages with full-color photographs and videos create an elevated look for this website. (The location in The Bahamas doesn’t hurt.) To make the content more accessible, the text is broken down into shorter chunks, tailored to keep visitors engaged. Albany Academy also uses their blog to highlight news and announcements—both within the school and the industry at large.

Albany Academy fitness website

16. Best outdoor fitness website: Paddle Upright

This paddleboard instruction website uses parallax scrolling effects to transition from one section of the page to the next in a smooth and elegant manner. But this site is more than a pretty face. Potential members can easily book classes and will find two website menus to navigate the site: a classic menu at the website’s header or a floating anchor menu to the right. The latter also tells visitors where they are on the long-scrolling homepage.

Paddle Upright paddle board instruction website

17. Best trailer video: Practice Shraddha

A trailer video is a great way to quickly establish the feeling of your brand and instantly let potential clients know what your business has to offer with the help of a well designed website. This one from Practice Shraddha creates a Zen vibe with a beach, meditation and yoga flow, ideal for their brand. Once potential clients are interested, they can RSVP for events and retreats right on the website.

Practise Shradda fitness website

Best fitness websites FAQ

What should a fitness website look like?

A fitness website should be visually appealing and easy to navigate. It should also be informative and provide value to visitors. Here are some specific design tips:

  • Use high-quality images and videos: Images and videos can help to capture attention and make your website more engaging. Make sure to use high-quality images that are relevant to your fitness niche.

  • Use a clear and easy-to-read font: The font you use on your website should be easy to read and not too distracting.

  • Use a consistent color scheme: The colors you use on your website should be consistent with your brand identity.

  • Use a simple and organized layout: The layout of your website should be simple and easy to follow. Visitors should be able to quickly find the information they are looking for.

How do I find my fitness niche?

How do I make my fitness website successful?

What's the purpose of a fitness website?

What's a fitness vs gym website?

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