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20+ innovative Wix apps for your website and business

Wix apps

Starting a business, launching a brand online, personal blog or figuring out how to make a website requires constant planning and assessment. With consistent hard work, eventually your efforts will pay off.

However, as your venture grows, you might consider bringing in reinforcement for the most crucial and busiest areas of running a website. For example, adding an app to your website that can help with getting more site visitors and in turn, convert those visitors into paying customers or subscribers.

More importantly, you need apps which can easily integrate with your business and your Wix website. While you can find hundreds of marketing, sales and traffic solutions for your website on the Wix app market, we’ve narrowed down the top categories of apps created to resolve our users’ common pain points. That way, you can build your website from scratch and then customize it accordingly with Wix apps and realize your full potential online.

01. Apps to increase traffic to your website

When you increase website traffic, you can generate more sales and paying customers. Even the smallest uptick in traffic may positively impact your website.

There are plenty of ways to drive traffic to your website, requiring research, analysis, strategy and implementation. From AdScale and Deepcrawl to LeadDyno, these marketing tools from the Wix app market are designed to help you reach more people and expand your online presence.

AdScale’s focus is paid search ads which works on a pay-per-click-advertising model and gets your ad campaigns spread across multiple channels. Designed with ecommerce websites in mind, AdScale lets you create and optimize ads on Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Display as well as Facebook and Instagram. Once your ad is built on the AdScale app, with BI Analysis insights, you can evaluate the success of these ads vis-à-vis key performance indicators, such as store orders and revenue.

Also check out AdRoll: Marketing & Ads for similar features.

AdScale Wix app

Apart from online advertising, people also find new websites through organic search, a subset of search engine marketing (SEM) which refers to unpaid results. To get your website or business ranking on the first page of search results, you need to know how to create a search engine optimization plan, or SEO, which requires a lot of factors and effort in the face of strong competition.

Deepcrawl is a website app that offers SEO analytics and insights, helping you increase search engine performance, revenue and run a technical health check of your site. The app scans and flags important issues that could determine your site’s SEO, including broken pages, links and detrimental content not meeting Google’s best practices—all of which can be hard to identify with an untrained eye.

Deepcrawl Wix app market

Affiliate marketing is another type of marketing that can drive quality traffic to your website since the focus is on targeted traffic rather than numbers alone. Hence, by directing this type of traffic to your online platform, you could see higher conversion rates and boost overall sales down the line.

Yet, for most site owners, starting an affiliate program isn’t nearly as intuitive as one would hope. LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing from the Wix app market provides the tools you need to start, manage and grow an affiliate program from scratch. As for your affiliates, they’ll receive easy link sharing options and a downloadable app to track their own sales, content and overall performance.

LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing Wix app

02. Apps to convert more visitors into paying customers

With so many businesses and brands available, getting a new customer to commit to your product or service can be a feat. A sales funnel allows you to bring people closer to your offer by guiding them through a series of marketing efforts. Defined by four stages from top to bottom—awareness, interest, decision and action—the best way to optimize a sales funnel is by understanding your audience and engaging meaningfully with them. With this in mind, adding website features that strengthen your funnel can also improve your customer experience.

The app helps create a sense of urgency, or ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO), around your business through social proof sales pop up notifications. Social proof improves brand awareness by validating customer’s buying decisions and building trust.

Integrating Popify into your service website or online store can increase engagement through a series of effective notifications triggers. Customers feel they are a part of something when they see customer feedback, how many other visitors are on the site and real-time recent purchases.

Popify Wix app market

Continuing the line of social proof as a sales method, the Kudobuzz Reviews app automates the entire process. With this app, you can generate customer reviews with ease and request feedback from customers.

Furthermore, the app lets you centralize all existing social reviews from Facebook, Yelp, Amazon, Etsy and more, showcasing them on your website. Like Twitter, you can label reviews with a ‘trust badge’ so people see that they can rely on what they’re reading, helping you build up credibility and authenticity around your brand.

Kudobuzz Reviews Wix app market

When you decrease cart abandonment, you inadvertently improve your conversion rate and revenue. With the MarketPush Cart Recovery app, you can recover lost sales using text messaging and Facebook messages, containing direct payment links to previously lost orders, straight from your website.

Since FB messages and text messages have a higher opening rate than emails, this app lets you reach customers more effectively. You can also customize the time of day that customers receive the messages, leading to more impactful communication.

Similarly to the aforementioned app, Coupon X offers a solution of its own to reducing cart abandonment. As the name suggests, this app creates highly targeted coupon pop ups and promo codes meant to keep visitors’ on your site, thereby moving them an inch forward to convert.

With the addition of Coupon X to your business, you’ll also be able to create effective pop ups to capture more leads based on the unique behavior of your target audience. Thereafter, you have an option in the app to build a simple A/B test to compare the most effective versions of your coupon pop ups.

Coupon X Discount Code Pop Up Wix app market

Building brand loyalty is about keeping customers close to your business. The Tolstoy Interactive Video app lets you produce interactive branching videos. The style of video attempts to help brands create face-to-face conversations with their customers on their own website.

Thus, viewers are encouraged to participate in each “Tolstoy” video, accompanied by surveys and messaging options. In turn, brands can take that feedback to improve the ways in which they interact with consumers. Essentially, branching videos are a great alternative to not only talk to your clients on a regular basis, but also focus on the customer experience through the interactive component.

Tolstoy Interactive Video Wix app

03. Apps to strengthen your site content and blog

Starting a blog or website is the first step toward establishing an online presence. Once you have a functional and well-designed platform, the second step is to strengthen your site content. Doing so can help increase your readership, customer base and even lead to monetization opportunities for your blog.

Good content on your website, online store or blog helps you convey the right message to your audience. However, writing effective copy, whether its product descriptions, blog posts, ad banners or anything else, takes time and effort.

If you lean on a bit of technology to improve and elevate your site content, Wordtune is a helpful word app to have by your side. AI-powered, this website app works like a word generator. Simply type your content in Wordtune so that the algorithm can enhance the tone of your text, fix spelling mistakes and check for grammatical errors.

Wordtune Wix app market

04. Apps to customize your site’s design and visual effects

A well-designed website leaves an impactful first impression on potential customers or site visitors. While good web design helps you nurture leads and get more conversions, it also provides a positive user experience tailored to people’s wants, needs and values. There are a couple of website apps that will upgrade your website design when you're planning how to create a professional website:

The all-seasons app allows you to add special effects and customized design to your website for special events and holidays. For example, you can decorate your site with colorful light strings, fireworks, hanging logos and holiday symbols.

The benefits of seasonal design on your site are multifold. If you own a business, you can make your holiday-inspired sales more effective against the backdrop of a festive web page. Essentially, adding seasonal elements to your site makes it easier for your target audience to resonate with what you’re offering on the most crucial days of the year.

3D Seasonal Effects WIx app

You can create over 60 engaging image animations for a website slideshow, welcome bar, site menu, and more. This app also allows you to custom design your own interactive buttons unique to your target audience. This Is another great way to enhance the user experience and meet their every web need.

Impressive Effects Wix app

05. Apps to help scale product offering

Managing a growing business involves expanding your product offering. In other words, you need to create a scalable strategy without impacting the customer experience, production quality or setting you back financially. You can do this through dropshipping and print-on-demand, which is also one of the 15 ways to monetize your blog.

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method that lets business owners sell products to customers without having to stock the items themselves. That means if a product doesn’t sell, you’re not stuck with the inventory, thereby giving you the freedom to test new and different products on your target market in a flexible way.

Print-on-demand is an order fulfillment method where white-label products, such as mugs, tote bags and t-shirts, are printed with your design once an order is made. It’s another low-risk option to sell products online and help businesses expand their creative offering.

Modalyst is an app that has helped over 350,000 online businesses manage, sell and automate product inventory, according to the company’s statistics. Modalyst also works with a range of U.S. and European distributors and multiple AliExpress suppliers, making it one of the most diverse dropshipping options available.

Modalyst Wix app market

For the more creative businesses, Printful is a print-on-demand app that lets you “turn your ideas into premium products.” The website app requires no subscription fee and has over 300 types of products on offer—from t-shirts and tank tops to mugs and hats. Printful also offers same-day fulfillment for certain warehouse items, as well as a free designer maker to stamp your brand wherever and however you see fit.

Printful Wix app market

06. Apps to analyze visitor data

By knowing your site visitors’ demographics and interests, you can create targeted content, which can also rank higher on search engine results for relevant keywords. These insights also help you better understand how people interact with your site and take action.

With this app, you can watch visitors interact with your website in real-time. This type of behavioral data helps you improve your overall online presence. You'll learn how long a visitor stayed on the page, where they came from geographically, what kind of device they used to reach your website, and more through reports made on the app.

WEB-STAT Wix app market

Sometimes there are unwanted visitors to your website. More specifically, these are bots and spammers who can wreak havoc on your online presence. To prevent visitors, of certain IP addresses or even countries, from accessing your website, you can use the Blocky app as an added layer of protection against fraud.

Blocky Wix app

07. Apps that simplify shipping, delivery and returns

In the ecommerce world, one of the best time-saving tools for retailers is one that can automate the entire fulfillment journey, from shipping and delivery to returns. While there’s a range of website apps available on the Wix app market created to expedite this arduous process, you still need to know how to pick the right one.

That depends on your business needs. For example, if you have international customers, you want an app that helps you ship products across the globe.

In the age of online shopping and Amazon Prime, consumers really care about the efficiency of shipping. Shippo is a fulfillment platform that gives businesses fast shipping support to grow. With the app, users will gain access to the best rates from top carriers, like USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL, and provide customers with track shipment notifications.

Also check out ShipBob for similar features.

Shippo Wix app market

Some ecommerce stores need to improve their own in-house printing solutions for making barcodes and labels. With this in mind, Barcode man from the Wix app market has a feature that lets you print labels for all types of products.

Furthermore, the app tries to solve online retailers’ many pain points by offering a customizable label editor, letting you rotate and resize any of your labels. Then, you can print labels and barcodes using any type of printer, which is especially useful for home-based businesses.

Barcode Man Wix app

08. Apps to boost social media marketing

Social media gives businesses and brands alike the chance to meet and connect with potential customers exactly where they are: on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—just to name a few.

With a strong social media marketing plan, you can engage with your audience by creating content that’s relatable and memorable. Here are two apps from the Wix app market that will not only help boost marketing on social media, but also automate some of the process for you.

This website app provides you with access to a library of auto-generated videos and images based on your product catalog. That way, you can get started with a marketing plan based on some tried and tested social media methods. Once you’re ready with your post, the app will share it.

Minta Wix app market

Simple Social Auto Post helps you schedule social posting for new blog posts, store products and event reminders. It also lets you create sales campaigns and send push notifications to existing customers. With mobile notifications, you can gently remind users to return to their abandoned shopping carts, let subscribers know when a new blog post is available and bring back users who haven’t visited your site in more than 2 weeks.

Simple Social Auto Post Wix app

At the end of the day, finding the right app on the Wix app market depends on what you and your business need to succeed. While those needs might change over time, the app marketplace anticipates nearly every possible pain point and counters it with a working solution to improve the functionality and design of your website.

Looking to turn your website into an app? Start with these app names for inspiration.

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